Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

Episode 3 aired. What did you like most about it?
stop replying to the shitposter

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Hinata's big fat tits.

Yuzuki's so fucking thirsty for the Kimari dick. When are they gonna fuck?

I liked the part where Shirase got aroused at the prospect of meeting live penguins.



Who wore it better?

Hinata, no contest.


The girls are alright.

That's not how you spell hugs.

What's with the tanuki, incidentally? Do they mean something?

This is Shirase. Say something nice about her!

gimme kiss


I want to rape Shirase.

Anyone got a webm of Yuzuki squirming in bed?

I just realized, pic related would be Shirase carrying Shirase

Yuzuki's Mari's property though.

Why does the best girl always get bullied?

>"this is not a drama" user said
This was quite heavy-handed in terms of drama clich├ęs. And the "humor" actually gave me second-hand embarrassment with the girls screaming like this (I know they are girls but still).
That episode 3 didn't satisfy me.


>the "humor" actually gave me second-hand embarrassment with the girls screaming
Nice blog. Subscribed!


is this the lost mom? Hiding from her daughter because of shamefur dispray?

user we've already talked about this last week
It's an Adventure

No, don't be dumb.

Stop trying to fit in so fucking hard, you stupid newfag. You don't even know what you're talking about.

Yuzuki's drama was pretty low key and resolved pretty fucking quick and easily. It honestly doesn't even qualify as actual drama.

Shirase's mom's eyes are red this one's are blue

Hinata's big, bouncy, sweaty, lovely fat tits!

Ugliest girl of the season.
Gimme that stacked wageslave any day.

Just because the drama is handled well doesn't make it not a drama story. Keep in mind the entire thing is about a teenage girl trying to come to terms with her dead mom.

Friend of the dead mother who feels guilty for the death.

Too cute. Thanks.

That body is a truly abhorrent sight.

New rule: Bullying the girls is NOT allowed.

I want her to sit on my face

I was exactly how cleanly it was resolved. Like there was no "YOU WHERE ONLY PRETENDING OT LIKE ME TO USE ME" Shit. The antarctic team was honest and upfront with her

Get in line.

>Keep in mind the entire thing is about a teenage girl trying to come to terms with her dead mom.
Not at all. Even the OP is all about "make the most out of your seishun".
The mother is basically just an excuse at this point. In a sense, it's quite interesting to see such a dramatic motivation in a coming-of-age story.

No matter what you say, it won't change the fact that we just had 3 episodes out of 3 who had lots of character drama.

I can already see how this will turn out
>episode 11
>abandoned and left to die on the frozen wasteland
>suddenly sees aurora
>"I could just die right now!"


yes yes yes


Stop posting Hinata, you fatty.

Yeah, I have to agree with this.


What's that octopus trying to do

How do we stop this dork?

Post pengies

And she will reincarnate as a pengin.

If Shirase is attractive but can't perform and Hinata can perform but isn't attractivewhich is a fucking LIE! you must be blind to believe this, what do we get if we combine the two?

No bra can hold Hinata's hope and dreams!

Large breasts and autism.


>it's quite interesting to see such a dramatic motivation in a coming-of-age story.
It's nothing rare. You can have coming of age stories ranging from sol to action or drama.

You'd think she's quite elegant with her hime look and all but she's probably the dorkiest out of them all.


What food item is she going to have on her shirt next week?

My bets are on dango or sushi.

Fake news, Hinata is attractive and Shirase is beyond repair. There's a reason her mom abandoned her for a penguin.

You would get the best sex of your life.

This is spooky!

Can't you see she has a mole under her eye while the mother doesn't?
It's like they put it in on purpose to help retards, but you're apparently beyond retarded.

She's gonna sink the ship when she gets onboard.

my dick can't wait for this character to show up

>similar shirt posts 5 seconds apart

Damn Hinata-mind.

>Dat soothing acoustic guitar montage music

God I wish that were me

Sure, but if I were to write it in some other way
>After months of lost contact with her mother who embarked in an expedition to Antarctica months ago, young high school girl Shirase decides to go to Antarctica herself in order to uncover the whereabouts of her mother.
it would sound pretty different that what the show is doing, even though the facts are the same.

It's their way of saying that the girls are a complete idiot.

never heard of permanent tattoos and plastic surgery?

anal hmanga when

Shirase on Shirase action

which one?



The rest of the girls can just grab onto her for floatation.


How do the Nips feel about this show?

I'm pretty sure they're ignoring it

it's made with love and care so of course japan doesn't give a fuck about it

Those that watched it like it.

The only way to truly love Shirase is to become her househusband. It's the natural law.

many semen demons

You mean become her captain

was this really necessary?

yes, my dick likes it


I want to commandeer Shirase all the way to my Southern Ocean

I want to do naughty things to these lovely girls.


>when you see it
Nice detail.

This episode kind of hit me hard.

What? Her dreaming of plummeting to her death right before agreeing to go to the frozen wasteland called Antarctica? Yes. Absolutely.

Ah, I love this show. Finally sitting down to watch the new episode. I've been saving something special just for Hinata-chan.

You mean you grew up famous and never got to make friends?

>I've been saving something special just for Hinata-chan.

Do you not have any friends user?

>I've been saving something special just for Hinata-chan.
I bet it's food.