Do you like smart girls, or dumb girls Sup Forums?

Do you like smart girls, or dumb girls Sup Forums?

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To be fair, you need a very high IQ to drink Dr Pepper

Smart girls that are not as smart as me.

Dumb smart girls.

What about smart girls who turn into dumb girls?

so dumb girls then?

Smart girls for me.


I like girls with big tiddies

I like crazy girls

Dumb girls are like toys for kids. Looks awesome on the ad, but are boring as fuck after 5 minutes. Also enjoy listening to the looping track of silence echoed by the hollowness of their shallow being.

we only ever saw Kurisu and Okabe drinking Dr Pepper, and they both invented time machines, you might be on to something

>dumb smart girls

>make an anime disguised as a giant dr pepper ad
>its actually good

Interesting girls. Smart and dumb can both be boring.


Smarter than average but not genius. Smart enough to hold reasonable views and have an interesting conversation, but not enough that her intelligence overshadows her feminine traits.


Dumb girls are cute but I don't think I would want to actually date one.

Smart girls that lack common sense.

You mean top performing university students?

This. Bonus points if she's smart enough to understand that being feminine is different from being a slut.


Dumb girls are cute to teach about stuff

i like both really, but smart girls win by a margin.

aho gals

Fun Girls

I like mean bitches with fat titties but a cat is fine too.

Smart girls. Intelligence is extremely attractive.

Living ones

Bakas with high IQ

>killer body
>untouched virgin maiden
>wears leather hot pants and stockings, even in the summer because she is a pervert
>willing to sacrifice herself
>is a total lightweight, drinks one can of beer and wants to hug
>travels back in time to kiss shota okabe
literally how can any girl compete

I don't like girls.

Are you gay?

They can't.


>0% on a test
You can't do this by accident, she knows her shit. It's merely an act, everyone is her pawn.