Overlord 2

>Lizard Sex

>that show where an episode is completely different, yet only has a short scene to remind viewers what anime it is

>entire episode without the protagonist
How is this an MMO isekai if i don't even have the opportunity to self insert?

Gotta say, watching two lizard people obviously go in heat and flirt to each other via mating calls was quite surreal. I'm not sure what the author was thinking.

Seconded, that was odd.

Maybe he wasn't. S2 is trash.

If he wanted to give me a boner, he succeeded.

i wanted to see more of mr skeletan wild ride
But i also like lizardmens (skins master race) so i think i am ok

Watching these episodes makes me wonder...what did I even like about season 1 and why did I want more?

This is nothing like S1 though.

Fucking lovin it. It's so rare for an isekai to surprise me, and that did.
The author is taking a risk by trying to turn this story into something of an actual fantasy, rather than just a power-fantasy, and I think it's working so far. Simply the fact that someone other than the MC is getting some tail is refreshing.

>Check out the /r/anime discussion on the episode
>It's just people Reeeeeing over a lack of Ainz, everyone being to goddamn stupid to remember what show they're watching if they don't see MC-kun every 14 seconds.
>Decide to go to Sup Forums, surely that'll be better

but those sections that move focus away from Ainz and his underlings are the worst parts of the story. watching the adventure of people like lizards and Climb are frustrating because they themselves are weak and worthless to the story, so any time spent on them is a waste.

>tumblr image

Yeah, nice going fag

>discussing anime
>Sup Forums

whats the matter with you

You got what you deserved, dumbass.

How do lizard people have sex?
Do they detach their tails and stick them up the partners ass?

Since I assume you've read the spoilers, what actually is the story here? What does Ainz need to do? What challenge does he need to overcome?
The far more interesting story, for me, are the struggles of the people who have to overcome the all-powerful threat momonga poses.

Literally episode of the season already. Anime is starting to get interesting again.

>climb will be beheaded by renner and turned into an undead
>possibly a dullahan with guardian fighter classes

I'm not sure how to feel about this season.

I don't think I've been this confused ever, is this good or bad? What the fuck man

The main story is about Ainz's internal struggle, not an external one. For example, although volume 12 was set in a foreign warzone, the real conflict happened in Ainz's heart at the end. Therefore all the side stories where the actors have no impact on Ainz also have zero relevance to the story, and are at best a distraction that may contribute to its main theme.

I feel like I'm watching some kind of really bad spin off OVA or something.

Sounds more like the author was tired of the main story and just wanted to write about something else. Your reasoning is not very convincing either.

if you actually lurked in the Overlord threads you could have easily predicted this

>all these anime-only plebs

What's funny is Ainz wont have a roll until the last few episodes this season.

We outnumber you, deal with it.

I bet this is how cheese experts feel.

>ywn have a barbaric lizard husbando

>that belly shape
this lizard is fucking FAT

Joke's on you I've been ERPing with scalies for years.

I can understand frustrations about the section being too long, but what you said just sounds really boring and limiting. Like, "don't even bother to try any worldbuilding, just obsessively focus on this one thing".

her eggs are ready for fertilizing

where the scalies at? japan want them to come home

r you surprised?
Its a druid, and a chieftain.
Also a albino -so she mostly sit there in a hut on her ass, eat meat of other lizerds and getting fatter.
Sometimes she walk a bit in the night to collect some plants for spell ingredients

why would they fuck up Crusches design so much, Im praying they fix this in the Bluray.
everything about this episode screamed low budget, I hope they at least get the battle animations right

I knew it was going to be weird when they animated the lizards, and it was weird.

>animating a filler arc

Is English your third language?

Her eggs know that they need some fertilizing, even if she doesn't know it yet.

>that one tribe portrayed with a slingshot

I heard they pretty much copied the whole volume 4 from WN as is, is it true? It could explain a lot.

What Ainz does makes absolutely no sense in this arc. He sets out to conquer and goes to great lengths to flaunt his power in front of some literally who lizards in the middle of nowhere, who become completely irrelevant immediately after? And most of the volume is some side characters you give literally zero fucks about doing something you know for sure is bound to fail miserably?
What the fuck really?

>furries are actually getting off on this

Wow they're adapting this arc so truthfully that I'm as disinterested in the anime than I was in the LN.
I just want to see Evileye crushing some bugs.

>source material animated

So in the LN doesn't ainz have the lizard people, some dwarves, and one of the human kingdoms, under his control?

Meanwhile LNfags are desperately defending this shite

try to guess?
its not hard

btw why everybody is asking me about that?

judging from the opening with demiurge in his demon king disguise, they will probably be rushing the filler and then get to the good stuff in the second half

Maruyama is such an inovator he made filler content in a light novel.

>I heard they pretty much copied the whole volume 4 from WN as is, is it true? It could explain a lot.
the lizard arc is pretty much unchanged. the whole purpose of lizards and climb is to show how shitty new world standards are.

b-b-but worldbuilding!

dirty images do not open

you mean thicc

Cocytus development and the lizards are relevant in vol 11, they will also be a good military asset once the go through training and generations of superior upbringing.

it make prefect sense if you remember that this is his fist encounter with demi humans. Aniz is still experimenting at this point and they are nothing more than lab rats on his march to world conquest. they are the bata test for ruling the world

Because it's broken as fuck


That's something that can be done in a single chapter, not an entire volume.

>that fucking gecko is in the ED
Come on guys


How can anyone find female lizard attractive?

You have no right to complain about this garbage inviting furfags. Fucking disgusting.

I was, well pleasantly isn't the right word, surprised, it definitely cements the lizards as non-human, which is sort of refreshing. But that's one of the draws of the series, a lot of the non-human characters really do think and act in non-human ways.

I want to fuck that lizard


She's super important to the story.

Get in line, friend.

When I saw this page, I heard the sound of cracking glass when I looked at the bottom of it.

They're secretly a reptilian. Overlord 2 is a secret scheme to reveal the reptilian illuminati with lizardman porn disguised as shitty isekai wish fulfillment.


im well aware of that - and i dont give ONE fuck about it
Why you care tho? why you asking rhetoric questions?
autistic much?

what happens next? does he slaughter them mid-sex?

I don't understand.
Why is Ainz going to war with scalefags? What will he gain from it?
Also why is entire season dedicated to said scalefags when it's pretty clear they will lose anyway? To show that Ainz is evil?

What happens next will surprise you.

iI's all a keikkau to teach Cocytus a lesson. Seriously.

what the fuck man, you sound like the fat kid in school nobody liked

....i am spech less

Alright everyone asks this. Did nobody watch the last episode for season one? They fucking explain why lizards.



They need a design that translates to 3d well, or it'll be too jarring for those distance shots done in 3d to save time & money. But I agree, Crusche was cute in the manga and less cute now.

yes, and later he bone her


damn, I got the biggest why boner right now.

What are the chances of them finishing the entire lizard arc next episode?

It makes perfect sense. You don't go strait for the UK. You have to hit Poland first.

so does the lizard girl betray the guy or something?
pls answer

>Let me just post on an english tea drinking forum when I can barely string a sentence together and get defensive when called out on it

zero. Another two or three episodes.

it dosent work if you rush it. imagine how boring all sebas fights would be without flashbacks.

Basically yes. There can be only one lizard chief. He kills all of the adult fighters and raises them as undead. Then intends to use the remaining lizards as sex machines to fuel his armies with new blood.

Masterful in quality. tumblr file name is the true cherry on top. Excellent bait.

On the face of it, these scenes serve the purpose of worldbuilding, but that is not their actual function. Their actual function is to introduce doubt into the story.

We would never accept Ainz losing to someone unless we had heard of them and knew them intimately. By introducing us to the opposition and deeply familiarizing the reader with them, it becomes much more believable that Ainz could actually lose and that defeat is possible. If we only had Ainz's perspective the entire time, we would be a bit too secure with his safety and the series would lose much of its entertainment value.

For their part, I found that the Lizardman chapters and the intrigues with Climb/other heroes, were interesting and made returning to Ainz chapters more worthwhile. They also help to show Ainz's deliberate and measured approach to his conquest. He takes extremely small steps and treats everything as a very serious threat-- this shows his level of awareness of the precariousness of his position. Once the serious challengers are introduced, their perspectives will be interesting. Especially because since we have seen the other perspective characters fail, when they succeed it will be more surprising.

Honestly, Ainz fucking Crusche as a show of dominance while the guy was made to watch like a cuck was a bit much. Not sure it was necessary to the plot.

what? the girl or the guy, cause it looks like the girl is the one who betrayed the guy chief. also thanks for reply

>tfw Ainz is the ultimate alpha male

in reality im lost twin brother of Daria (im not sure if you even know who she is, one from Mtv cartoon)
so no, im not with cool kids
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i know its broken us fuck
i also know that americunts understand the message, so:
its not going to change anytime soon, i refuse to study grammar

>being this autistic
whatever fag

Crusche doujinshi when?

I want to feed that gecko

So, do they ever explain what happened to Ainz IRL?

Like, in .hack they fell into a coma or some shit... but what about Overlord?