Do you think Shinju no Nectar will be getting anime?

Do you think Shinju no Nectar will be getting anime?

It's probably the least horrible isekai right now. Not being LN helps I guess.

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You know what we need? A full anime remake of the Aseliaverse, now that's good Isekai.

Just give me faraway paladin done by kyoani so we can have THE best isekai anime

The what?

aselia is a vn

user please.


Yea i'm sure, seikon no qwaser was much worse and did

And they'll still end finding a new pair of tits.
Just smaller this time.

Multi part VN with a terrific setting, starts with the MC transported to another world.
First two VNs are translated.

Eien Shinken 3 fucking when.

ES 1 remake when?

I like this manga but I can't remember anyone's name for shit (except Grey/Kai).

>author shoehorns his breastfeeding fetish into all of his works

same honestly


Bones or bust


Depends. How is Hoods doing?

Just remember the tits

Elf is best girl

She's kind of shit though. She's supposed to be a military officer but has demonstrated zero competence so far. Call me edgy if you want but if I were in Grey's shoe's I'd just stand there and watch as she got raped. I'd do nothing, pretend the whole thing never happened. She has done NOTHING of use so far. Her only role is that of eyecandy, and even then equally hot girls have shown themselves to be more capable up to this point.

actually they're all best, dorf is just a bit bester than the rest

Very cute small ones.

That is indeed pretty edgy.