Yuru Camp

Holy shit this show is amazing after a long day. What does Sup Forums think about it?

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Is this your first CGDCT?
It's great. Having Akio Otsuka is a real treat.

Not even close to being my first. I guess the camping atmosphere was too overwhelming.
ALMOST makes me want to do the same thing.

Do it user. I believe in you.

She's a moe blob.

Going outside is too scary.

That's the thing on top of her head.

As a closet /out/, I love it.

it's not too bad after a short day either, or even before a long day

I want Snake to teach me how to camp.

I think the directors got a bright future ahead of him if he's doing this well for his first work.

Can Rin's bun be stopped? Find out next time.

Is there a UBW version of it yet?

Everything from the soundtrack to the backdrops is maximum comfy. I love this kind of shit.

Also cute girls I guess

I would make one if I wasn't a shitter. Maybe this weekend if I'm motivated.

PSA: This show is not yuri.


>>> related

Unlimited Bun Works?

>the forehead
>the sweater
>the glasses
>the being older sister

Is this perfection?

Her hair is greatly improved by pulling it back like that

Really good, but gnomekino is comfier.



Wow, look at these four cuties, each with their unique style and traits. Each of the four girls in Yuru Camp are what make it such a great and comfy anime.

I want to f*** Rin against a tree and be watched by random hikers!

Now crop out the disgusting skin fang girl too and we might be able to save this show.

You mean like this?

You want to find Rin against a tree? Was she lost?


Will they continue to product-placement other campsites?

Surprised looking Rin!

do not

There are glossaries for all campsite in Manga, user.

But does that equate product placement? BTW, the Kikyo Shingen Mochi mentioned at the end is one without question.

>Show with the main cast being one gender
its shit.

Here's one

lmao what are you, a gay man or something? stfu

Those are added by the translator, they're not part of the official manga

That's Gate of Bunbylon

It gets lonely outside in the woods at night!

what the hell

I actually experienced this once while hiking, it was fucking gross.

You were fucked against a tree while hiking? Sorry to hear about that.

getting fucked against a tree sounds pretty nice though

I knew someone would respond like this due to my vague reply.

Did they know you were watching? What happened next?

We should go camping together user.

o-oh sure that sounds nice

...then why is anybody even watching it?

It is a show for children.
It is a patronising introduction to the most basic of camping, and the creator gets a lot of things wrong.
The bicycle touring aspect is cool, but unrealistic and they don't go into it at all. By ep 2, most of the girls are being dropped off there by their family, with heavy equipment that could not possibly be taken on a bicycle. If they were older and driving themselves it would be less of a fucking emasculated children's show.
The only thing more banal than paying to camp at a private campground, is watching cute girls do it.
You're supposed to have learnt all this stuff and more when you were a child and moved on. This is so obviously not a show for adults. It is clearly to teach children the basics of camping.
I would want to see cute girls shitting in holes they dug and actually cooking over their fire, hunting, fishing, cycling offroad trails to isolated spots, swimming, etc. Not boiling water for cup noodles with no lid and complaining about soot, walking to a block of toilets and monologueing about how expensive buying firewood is, all complete with some handy tips of the most basic basic info.
This is exciting stuff for 13 year olds to be doing. It is not exciting stuff for adults to be doing. It is not exciting stuff for adults to be watching 13 year olds doing.

You have to not know anything about the outdoors and enjoy handholding and being spoken to like a child to enjoy this show.
>b-but the girls are cute
>b-but its comfy
jesus christ you people disgust me


I can feel your autism from here m8. You must be great fun.

>By ep 2, most of the girls are being dropped off there by their family
By episode 2 only two of the girls have visited a campsite. You pretended to watch a show called Casual Camping and got upset it's casual.


camping for fun != going survival mode innawoods

>Y U R U

fuck off autist
please do not shit up our comfy threads with your baseless criticism that has nothing to do with the actual content of the show

>show about camping
>bun doesn't wake up every morning with 400 spiders and their assorted webs draped over every inch of her tent's frame
This show is unrealistic.

>400 spiders
Have you?

>dont have to fuck wit spiders and insects
thats like the main reason to camp in winter

I live in -20c weather and 2 feet of snow. Can I still winter camp?

so she uses public restrooms and just sits there and reads.
is camping this boring or is there actually some shit to do?

Why we not have it in Russia... our campsites is just flat places marked on the maps, with signs about dangers of the wood fires...

It's relaxing, like SOL anime.

Reading isn't boring.

theres not much to do when youre alone
you need other people for real fun like doing lewd stuff in the tent

I only camped once in my life and it was in the winter. I was in my backyard. When the DVD I was watching on the TV connected to the extension cord running from the house ended I decided I was too cold and the ground was too hard to deal with. I don't understand how people can enjoy this, I assume they don't have any real hobbies.

I'm pretty sure they didn't give a shit if people were watching cause they were doing it in a relatively high traffic trail.
They kept at it even though some hikers told them to fuck off.
Didn't know what happened next cause it was an awkward situation and I just ran the fuck out of there.

>not hiding in the bushes and recording it on your smartphone

Maybe closer to 20. But they really do enjoy setting up shop in the small gaps between the flysheet and inner tent walls. The worst is when they stow away after you've packed things up and the next time you're setting it up a bunch of corpses or baby spiders fall out of the rucksack

>too cold and the ground was too hard
You need a proper clothes and gear to deal with it.

yep, with the right gear
it's hard on a bicycle, but quite easy car camping
comfy infact if you have a personal tent heater (gf) or a fire

kind of pointless unless you go to an isolated scenic place. camping in your backyard doesn't count at all.
she's tired from cycling there
irl any touring cyclist would swim in that lake, no matter how cold, to wash off the sweat.
reading is nice
sitting by a fire in a scenic place is the most comfy thing imaginable
i'd probably smoke some weed too or drink a bit

What's the correlation between these two?

>this exists
>Can I eat it?
>You can't eat it

>swimming in the winter and having to deal with the wind chill on that beach even if you vigorously towel down right after getting out
probably get sick anyway

Well that's good then right? Free? She's paying like $20 a night for the privilege of having a man staff the office, cuck her out of lighting a fire and some scummy blocks of facilities.

Nice, I've been considering it for a while now. I go camping occasionally in the fall but have never gone in the winter. Unfortunately there are no girls at my university, so I'll have to settle with a fire and renting some equipment from a local shop. I don't really want to car camp, so I'll just bring a warm sleeping bag and sturdy tent.

>They kept at it even though some hikers told them to fuck off.
Sounds like they were following directions.

Just in and right out. If you're covered in dried sweat from cycling all day it's so nice
Put on clothes and make some hot food/ drink right after to raise core temp
Then you actually feel fresh and can relax.

Harden up

>irl any touring cyclist would swim in that lake, no matter how cold, to wash off the sweat.
If you don't learn to embrace the sweat, you will suffer.

t. touring cyclist


I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. Good mix of snappy comedy and slow introspective moments.

The guy in the explanations in Yuru camp voices Snake.
This is a perfect fit for Naked Snake/Big Boss because of Snake Eater.

>show for kids can't be fun
Look at this faggot.

Where can I get one of these samurai hatchets?

Threadly reminder that Pine-kun died for your kindling.

>theres no girls at my university
haha what?
>theres no girls at all
err, ? ?
by car camp i mean driving there, and camping near your car, not sleeping in the car. If you can do that, you don't need expensive gear.

A nice day in winter is lovely, still, quiet. If you can manage to stay warm it is incredibly comfy.

is this K-on?

If alone, there's really not much to do once you settle in and set up camp. I don't go camping frequently, but when I do I often just sit back with the fire and listen to the woods or river. I normally go to camp sites instead of hiking innawoods like some do, so I'll sometimes bring beer or weed and just relax while out in nature. Conveniences like a bathroom are nice so you don't have to shit in a hole, or worse, bring a portable toilet and carry your shit out with you.

If you're out with people taking and playing games is really common, so is fishing if you're out on the river or lake it something. Usually it's just my friends and I drinking and bullshitting.

yeah, but, if there's a nice lake/ river right fucking there and you don't swim after a day riding you're a pussy faggot

t. touring cyclist

It's an engineering school, so it's 80% guys. And yeah, I didn't plan on biking through 2 feet of snow, although it would feel pretty freeing to bike to your campsite. Too bad I don't have a car, I'll have to find someone to go with or take an Uber. I plan on at least going hiking over the next few days.

>no episode where the girls set up their tent after finishing a 10 hour leg of driving and then just as they're sitting down to relax they get told by the camp managers that they've been assigned the wrong spot and have to move so they end up picking up the assembled tent and carrying it on foot 1km away to the new spot and then later finding that they're next to group of loud drunks and so leave the campsite entirely and just sleep in the car

just get a boy then, silly

They're all gross


Kiefer Sutherland is on this show?

very sad, user

there's one for sale on a site called Garret Wade, seems like low quality mall ninja shit though.

Crossover when?

I'll accept that you have a larger penis than me if you willingly swim in sub-zero temperatures, although I have serious doubts about its size after you finish.