Aikatsu Stars

What do you think will happen in the airing episode this thursday?

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Aria will cook some Finnish Fairy Food that may or may not have Eggs in it.

Venus Ark disbands! Kirara can slip into one of the loser classes and join S4 in march.

I am very intrigued and interested in what will occur in the next episode of this currently airing anime.

Oh no, someone found photos of Shuuka's past!

I hope that Elza will fall off the boat and drown in her mommy issue tears.

If V-Ark disbands all the fuck ton of brands affiliated to it might lose their contracts, the market will crash really hard.

>90: Venus Crisis!
Because of Elza's important announcement, the Aikatsu World is in great shock. Rei and the rest of the girls are astonished and want to question Elza, but she is unwilling to listen to them, saying, "I'm the one who determines the route." They want to know what Elza's true feelings are... What will Rei & co. decide to do in order to find out!?

>91: Hustle~ Idol Training
Mahiru decides to participate in a certain concert, with this being her final chance before the final tournament to make progress in mind. On the other hand, Aria begins to take an interest in the word "earnestness" after watching Mahiru work hard. And so those two, out of all duos, seclude themselves in the mountains to train together!

>92: Our Episode Solo
At long last, the top four to advance into "Aikatsu! Ranking Final Tournament" are announced. The many idols hold various feelings when they take in their results. Meanwhile, a meeting is being held for Yuzu's suggestion for the 26th Gen S4 to hold an "Aikatsu! Budoukan Live". While Yume & co. are surprised over this sudden suggestion, a certain idol appears before them!

>93: Sword of Light
A restless mood is in the air at the Venus Ark. It's because there are students who plan on leaving the Venus Ark. Rei and Kirara, as well as Aria, deseperately try to persuade students to stay. However, they have trouble communicating with the students. What actions will Rei take to bring the students' hearts back?


I hope Garara is so upset about making sixyuuka sad that she stars slitting her wrists and resolves to sleep forever.

Does the Venus Ark have anti-aircraft guns? What about a main gun to use on enemy vessels? Do they have a fleet of minesweeper drones? These are all things she will need to consider if she intends on continuing her path of bullying Rola and being mean to the Sheep.

It's Aikatsu, I ain't gotta explain shit.

Thanks everyone.

>Sword of Light
>Kirara's not actually leaving Venus Ark

Lettuce discuss today's episode of the currently airing show Pripara.

This outfit is unnecessarily revealing.

>hey guys Stars is getting canned
>shit let's just do whatever now.

I want to be like that cool student in the black uniform!

Episode 93 sounds really serious and airs on February 8th, I wonder if there won't be a Valentine's Day episode or if it'll be 94 even though it'd be one day late.

At least Cocotama's having a Valentines episode. According to Google Translate it's called The Last Valentine, with the other half being about Lychee and Hikari.

>precure won't get a valentines episode

Remember how PriPara's last Valentine's episode has nothing to do with romance and instead featured Jewlie and Janice transforming into loli-Kyupikon and Rui from Idle Time?

>Sunshine Bell
>Starlight Carnival

Galala is the devil, wake up sheeple.

Whoa, I sorta remember.

At least the Stars writers are finally realizing the Christmas romance was enough to last a while and have decided relevant plot progression is a better use for the episode.

Amazing play. I rate it 4.5/5.


>implying the following episode won't be Valentine's Day just so they can give Ako something to do before she disappears from the plot entirely once focus shifts to the final tournament

Literally me.

>117: Aim for Miracle Magic / Kirariss Does Her Best
>118: Heaton and Pokarin / The Demon Goes Outside, You Gotta be Kiddin'
(that second half is going to be a setsubun episode with Geracho focus)
>119: Head Onwards, Lychee and Hikari! / The Final Valentine

What are the odds of kissu? I'm fine with anything, as long as there's at most one boy.

>romance in Cocotama on the 8th
>romance in Aikatsu on the 15th
>two weeks of romance instead of just one

>Head Onwards, Lychee and Hikari!
I hope they're not leaving now too.

It's almost as if you think Aikatsu would ever go through with anything interesting.

Yume and Subaru kiss on the valentines episode, screencap this post

I bet Idol Time's Valentine episode will have a system desu-mandated "date" event with with each MyDre and their corresponding WITH member, and then there's a new duet song for each of them!

If they don't you will have to kiss me.

By the way, how DID those Cocotama subs translate nandeyanen?

>we're already 40 eps into Hikari season
I-It's still too early.

What episode was it in?

It's that super stereotypical comedian phrase that Geracho has used like a million times, so it should be in every episode he plays a prominent role in.

I'll see if I can find it.

Why does Rola look so good when she's crying?

Because Rola always looks good.

In that case it's the hairstyle. It needs to be her default.

Stars made me hate the word demo.
>sure some shit happens DEMO we're above it
Something like that. Lazy writing.

Stars has made me hate the phrase "omoshiroi janai".

Do Pripara make you hate the word tomodachi too?

OGkatsu made me hate the word un

Next time you watch anything Monogatari, keep an ear out for shiite iu nara


Yume wa un dake ja nakute, kokoro no chikara
Ah! Dakara nigecha dame da yo

No, the word itself isn't the problem. It's the uninspiring ways of using it.

Stars made me love the word fure.

It actually pisses me off whenever Ichigo says "un un~!"


But her voice is so cute.


They translated it as "what the heck?" in his first episode. Not sure if they stuck to that in later ones.

Is Cocotama appealing to lolicons?

I asked my friend and he can confirm.


Yes, I think the songs are always about Kokoro's panties or something.

What am I watching?

To a degree.

Aikatsu made me hate myself.

There's an episode late in S3 where Usagi is tempted by this and they make it so very clear what they mean by it.

You just drink cheap alcohol

I drink both cheap and expensive alcohol.

Aikatsu made me love you.


Aikatsu made me love Ran and hate 3DPD.

Aikatsu made me love Aikatsu.

Aikatsu made me love sheep.

Aikatsu made me love fairies.

What about 3DPD Ran?

Aikatsu made me love Lala.


How I learned to stop worrying and love the sentence enders.

You can have her, as long as she does her voices and songs properly.

>not loving 4DPD Ran





Rei and Kirara, as well as Aria, desperately try to persuade students to stay.
Battered wife tier.

>Elza hurt Kirara so bad she was literally sobbing in a ball for what would have been hours if her cat hadn't turned up
>Kirara forgave her instantly

Is Kirara really that best or is the writing just that shit

I only beat up Sheep

Wait until the preview reveals everyone's leaving because Elza is making all students walk the plank starting from the lowest-scoring ones up.

The weak should fear the strong

I want to hug someone so bad ;_;

I don't want to like this pic because Elza is a meanie, but it's so cute that I can't help myself.

I'm someone.

Kirara is dependent on her abuser. Basically she is crazy. There is a reason she went from Elza to Yume to Aria to Ako back to Elza.


No, you're not.

Sheep are co-dependent by nature, Stars' writing is flawless as always.

That works too, I guess. It's one of those things where the specific translation doesn't really matter since unless you're familiar with the cultural significance of the term itself, you're not getting the proper understanding no matter what the subtitles say.

I'll hug you.

I want to just be yourself