Dragon Ball Super

Manga leaks soon. Also, please stop fighting over which medium is more canon or not. Remeber the Anime and Manga have been their own continuity since Z.

The Manga will always be the definitive Canon though

>The Manga will always be the definitive Canon though
You weren't supposed to write that, let alone in the OP.

why do you keep posting these badly done colored manga pages

Reminder that Trunks is a worthless beta like his father and the reason why his papa Gohan died was because he is a failure.

Piccolo trains Gohan in the RoSaT for like 5 or 6 hours

Apparently Cabba is very "popular" for being a Super Saiyan, even Caulifla saw him on tv

She's been training for months to get super saiyan (She doesn't know about Kale's broly form)

Gohan says the same line from the anime: "I want a form that no one has seen before"

Gohan is able to punch SSG Goku, Goku gets scared a little in the fight and tries to oneshot him with SSB, but Gohan took more than 4 or 5 punches

Chapter ends with Caulifla turning into a super saiyan and saying she will now defeat that "cocky" Cabba

SSJGSSJ tier confirmed. Another week, another win for INQUISITIONhan.

Wait, Trunks is Gohan's son???

Ideally, I would like the manga and anime to keep one-upping each other in true quality rather than both making mistakes and having each respective fanbase make fun of each other's countless flaws.

Still, I'm worried about whatever this manga chapter could be if it has femsaiyans.

is this real?


What about Tenshinhan?

Toeichons BTFO

>more memorable than both hit and jiren with a fraction of their screentime
>not even canon

I wish this is real because Caulifla becoming female Bakugou has potential in becoming better than her anime counterpart.

The OP pic is a combination of the Anime shit artstyle and Manga panels choreography. This is a symbol of peace to everyone so nobody starts the dumb Anime Vs Manga fight again.


No one cares about him.

Japan never liked him, for a reason Paikuhan got buried and forgotten in Fusion Reborn.

>/ourguy/ CHADba overshadowing the BETAforce.

What a time to be alive

>piccolo 2.0 black edition

I like him

I care, I care.

>Goku gets scared a little
Yeah fucking right. Fake as fuck

It's fake retards

Get out no one.

Power ranking
UI Goku
Vegeta new form
Golden Frieza

>Gohan says the same line from the anime: "I want a form that no one has seen before"
Gohan blanco confirmed.

Every manga vs. anime commenter should be banned permanently. Stop shitting up every single thread and fuck off. I'd rather suffer waifufags and gohanfags than your sperging.

Source Toeichon?

>Hit above Freeza and Kefla


>Believes random post that has no source
>Demands source from the guy telling him it's fake

Is this a new level of retardation?

Actual Power ranking (Not that it matters)
UI Goku
Blue Vegetto
Trunks (enojado)
Golden Frieza

Is downplaying Kefla some new meme here? I'm not a fan of her but this list is just retardedly biased.

>I'll defeat that "cocky" Cabba
Not that I believe it, but this misunderstanding BS makes me hate stuff.

>SURVIVORhan about to kick bunny ass in the anime's tournament AND also finally make his comeback in the manga
This has been a great week brothers.

It's not, my japanese is really shitty, that's all
Give me a minute, I'm taking photos of the chapter, obviously the importante pages, not all the shit

This happens every month retard. Before the scans are released, some based user posts the transcript of the leaks.


>Goku gets scared a little
Nice try Cuckhanspic

Wow, that's actually a perfect ranking

>Blue Vegetto not on top

>fusion of two weaker fighters is somehow stronger than a fusion of two stronger fighters
Yeah okay waifutrash


Shut up and release the leaks based user

This is pretty accurate

No he doesn't you dipshit.
The non scan leaks are always posted on a specific japanese site by the same user
That hasn't happened yet
Holy fuck, how fucking stupid are you?


Sure you will.

>Toei literally shilling the main antagonist of the arc
They couldn't just make him cool?

>loses in several punches
>that makes him "in the same tier"
>doesn't even "rival blue" in the manga
So he's even weaker in the manga and somehow the deluded VIRGINforce thinks this is a win for Autistic Soyan?

>Toriyama supervises and fixes if thinks they need to be every single page of the manga
I don't think he barely interacts with the anime staff does he? I mean he didn't even see the anime script for blavk arc.

>Godhan soon to be recognized as an Warrior by Jiren just like it happened to Vegeta
I can't wait.

>Vegeta below Trunks
>Vegito below Kefla, let alone Goku
>Hit below Toppo when Jiren knocked him out because knew he would have to

>Jiren knocked him out because knew he would have to
Nice headcanon you retard.

>get free (You)s by switching around names on some autist's power level chart
So easy.

nice head canon, retard!

Why couldn't Toei just make Jiren interesting instead of stealth-shilling him through the Zenos?

>Literally female Bakugo
THE STATE OF TOYOTACO. He's moved on from tracing to ripping off characters it seems.

Does the manga have spoilers or is it a different story?
If no spoilers I'll start reading it.

>wishful thinking is now headcanon

>This is a symbol of peace to everyone so nobody starts the dumb Anime Vs Manga fight again.
Well that's cute user

You have gotta admit, it would be an improvement over her inexistent personality in Toei's weekly show.

that has ALWAYS been the definition of head canon, kid.

jesus christ, how embarrassing it must be for you to outright confirm your literal mental retardation with such a spot.

Here's the TRUE Power Ranking

1. Vegito Blue
2. Jiren
3. UI Goku
4. Super Saiyan Royal Blue Vegeta
5. Aniraza
6. Merged Zamasu
7. Kefla
8. Toppo
9. Golden Freeza
10. Hit

>inexistent personality
Her inexistent everything, actually. No need to single that out although I can see your point.

Why even bother making stupid power level charts where half of the characters don't exist?

the manga is behind the anime how can it has spoilers

Manga is pretty much like Toriyama edition. It has differences but not major differences, slightly different plot structure, and fills in backstory that the anime misses.
Reading the manga and watching the anime is the full DBS experience imo

>UI Goku
>Blue Vegetto

w h a t

The Zenos are meant to be surrogates for the brainlet audience

>Kekfla above Vegetto

I not even sure what this is saying, is this some sort of lost language?

What's the fucking point of literally any of the posts in the thread

you mean kids right? because thats the target audience of the anime

The only decent list.

I'm going to miss him

It's both

I don't even watch Boku no Meme Academia and I'm sure you are just shitposting but a saiyan being jealous of a super saiyan and wanting to get the form too sounds just too saiyanish to believe that Bakugo guy would be any similar. How is he similar to that?

It is an entire long lost universe actually. The language is part of the deal when they all got erased after Chadhan eliminates their last fighters in the ToP.

kids and manchilds

I don't know who that is either.

Bakugo is autistic, retarded and is always angry. The only thing he needs is a tail.

>someone actually wasted time on this

Buu Arc>Cell Arc>Namek

Why are people saying this would make Caulifla female Bakugou? Because she saw Cabba on tv?

Also I pray this is real. It would be a massive improvement and probably let me like Caulifla and Kale as characters.

The Hakaishin-Kaioshin bond was revealed in the manga first and a lot of things are only explained or developed in the manga, like Trunks full story with Shin and Babbidi in the future, what the fuck is SS Rosé, why 17 and 18 became good guys after Cell arc, etc

Surely you know the legend of Based KINGhan the Great?

Now that is something I can help you with. Here's the lore behind Columbine Gohan in case you want to educate yourself.

Damn, Kale is amazonian.

why did frieza use underwear in his first form if he doesn't has anything down there

Probably the fact that she has to beat 'cocky' Cabba.

Legit question.

How can U7 be the second-weakest when it's already clearly established that they beat U6?
>Toei in charge of continuity

Namek arc>Saiyan arc>Buu arc>Cell arc

Swap Saiyan and Namek arcs and it's perfect.


Frieza is overrated. Both Cell and Buu were more active villains than the guy who sat on his hoverchair drinking wine until his strongest minions were killed.

Another win for CONQUISTADORhan.
How does he do it lads?

What did he mean by this?

can I just start watching at super or do I have to watch 500 previous episodes just to get into the show?