Great artist with interesting style

>great artist with interesting style
>decent plot and characters
>series gets canned after 2 volumes every time


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Because you're not buying the volumes.

Nips have shit taste, that's why.

That doesn't explain why the jap neets are not buying it

I'm going to miss this body

It's not fair.

>actually had a love interest character that wasn't garbage
This pisses me off.

Because terminal Japanese shit taste.

Either nips having shit taste, or editor being an ass. Or editor being an ass with shit taste.

Editor being a nip.

>It's the second manga from this guy being canned in less than a year
Rough Sketch Sempai was great

Sauce faget.

There was even a shity blank slate MC this time, what more do they want???

No it wasn't, it was one-trick repetitive fanservice.

This too.

Didnt have enough time to grow

Why do we live in a world where nips create anime/manga, but nips have dogshit taste in anime/manga?
How do we escape from this shit timeline. Fucking save me, truck-kun

Grow into what, a generic romcom?

It had 25 chapters, which is plenty of time to get moving if it was going to. Besides, that sort of series tends to get more repetitive as it goes on, not less.

You guys are right, RSS ended at the right time. Yuki to sumi had room to grow though.

she was too smug and her legs too perfect for the nips

What about I.B? Aka was so sad about it.

I wonder what will he do if they cancel this too? That would be a third cancellation from the third publisher.


I will never forgive them for Keijo!

>protagonist can operate a camera

Its over, japs neets will never take to it, canceled after 5 chapters.

I hope so, that'd be hilarious. What a complete blowout.

I guess you could say he'll be going back to the drawing board

I feel your pain user. The world wasn't ready for something as beautiful as Keijo.

Anime won't affect manga continuation they said, it won't be axed because of bad anime sales they said. Anime was a mistake.

On the topic of things getting axed, does the piece of shit still lives?

R.I.P female Goku.
Also, didn't one of the DoA games have a Keijo playmode in it? Was the sales really that terrible that they felt the need to axe the manga as well?
I remember his note in the last one, it sounded like a suicide note. Felt fucking bad reading it.

Seems like a generic gap moe romcom to me, a few chapters in.

I'd kill myself if I were him.

keijo is shit manga

this guy

I don't think you understand the words you use pleb.

Not him, but I think you're the one who doesn't know what he's talking about. He used gap moe correctly there.

Editor go and stay go

>How do we escape from this shit timeline
Western influence. At least Burgers have a level of taste, which explains why Americans get Devilman but have to wait for VEG.

>Western influence
What? The West's taste in manga is basically the same as Japan's, except with less shoujo and also no market whatsoever for anything outside of the most popular 1%. Yuki to Sumi wasn't even licensed.

>Western influence
Fuck off

Goodbye, thicc girl

>Girl offers to cook for him, watch porn and fuck
>Runs off
That better be a blood relative or a trap of he's the biggest faggot ever instead of just a fag.

Aka was happy to make it to 5 volumes. Even expressing his desire to continue with IB once he gets more experience. Considering how he got picked up in a better magazine for Kaguya, IB is very much alive.


a manga about ass
pretty close yeah

Read it user, and prepare for healing.

The biggest faggot here is you for not having read IB with Sup Forums.

Fuck that logic, there was the big three and the rest. As long as they were originally interesting enough they should of made space. Now Jump is in a drought with shit all.

Take your shit bait back to Sup Forums. Its already been established how no influence the West has, they swoop in on studios, buy the rights, and publish it as 'original content'.

MC was actually too based for beta nips.