Press F for batoto

Gone two days early. RIP

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And I didn't even get to back up my follows


Falled right in moment when I tried to wrote buddy for new contact as only contact at him I had on batoto forum. Now batoto is gone even with buddy.


He's fucking dead dude. He's dead and its your fault

Supposedly, forums will be up again for an indefinite period of time.

F thanks for 7 years senpai

God, I hope that you are right.

It's god will for you to die alone.

Hopefully this means now we'll get a replacement that isn't run by a piece of shit

Aren't the guys working on it?

Good riddance.

Then it's not going to work.

I think it's the guy who started it, but with mostly different people.

Press S to spit on grave

>tfw series translator doesn't have a blog or some shit for contact.

There isn't a general on Sup Forums filled with retards throwing stupid ideas this time, so it might work.

Me neither, fuck this gay earth.

oh boy time to kill myself

And nothing of value was lost
online readers are plebs tier

Your fault for waiting until the last minute dude. Never use forums as the sole method of communication. Google his username.

and now we wait for Sup Forums's version that will work like shit

Where's the backup? I haven't finished backing up my follows ;_;


Never ever. Wait a few months and they might release it to the plebs.

Good riddance. Batoto was dead to me when they removed Rapeman's scanlations.

Not a big deal if you use baka-updates...
Not a big deal at all really since they started respecting authors by deleting their shit after a while

aaaaand it's online

Thank GOD!

Well, shit.

Welp. Prepare to enjoy checking 100+ individual blogs and sites every week.

It’s up for me.

it was up for me just recently. i was even able to read a chapter of horimiya again

You will never have friend again
Your contact will also never have friend again
You two could have been alone together, but will never be
It is you who suffer now

get a rss reader

Thanks for reminding me to back my shit up.

That's what you get for reading garbage.

I got my list exported, batoto can die now for all I care.

There are like ten manga total worth downloading to read over and over through the years.

He tried to go legit by licensing chink and western garbage then deletes everything because it didn’t work.
F(uck you).


99% of Sup Forums is anime only anyway

Someone know when we can register in our goddess again? I want my own account and without having to share it with some random faggots

>without having to share it with some random faggots

You only have yourself to blame for no registering way before this all happened.

where do i get my mangos from now

If the translators have a website with a reader, that's the best place, else kissmanga.

Now what to do?

Good riddance

loaded for me just fine, was down randomly a couple of hours ago though, backed up my shit quick at that point

The owner think this is worth $9,888 despite the fact that the minute goes dark countless copycat sites will spring and try to cash in on its closure

>The owner think

Doesn't matter what the owner thinks, what matters is what other people think, if some retard thinks he can make a clone and then make some cash he will buy the site.

oh snap, it actually has a page up now.

So is the the beginning of something or what?

Who's responsible for the site? Sup Forums?

Nice first choice.


I only hope the site is not off line half of the time.

So how will this work? Someone won't have to manually upload every title, will they? And if anyone can do it, won't we have QC issues?

PantsuDev mentioned that they're working on importing a full scrape of batoto

I thought so, but isn't the projected death of Batoto hours away now?

It's going to be total garbage, right?

Apparently they have the full scrape already so it'll be a couple of days old but that's not a huge loss.
Image CDNs will stay up for a while after it dies as well.