Reminder: Goblins are graceful, intelligent creatures. End goblin genocide now

Reminder: Goblins are graceful, intelligent creatures. End goblin genocide now.

>just a small elf with dark skin and fangs
eastern fantasy was a mistake.

What if Goblins were just like they are in Goblin Slayer but female instead of male and all the rape was girl on guy?

guys can't get raped

You got sauce for this?

They will be raped gracefully.

The men will be gob'd until they like it.

Tfw no female goblin to dominate me and force me to impregnate her


I second this notion

That goblin looks pretty high tension.

what's that sauce, my man

This manga seems fairly strange, especially with the decision to make the MC who he is. It's different at least, and I'm curious to see where it goes, but I have to wonder if a non-self-insert MC in an isekai is going to fly in Japan.

I can handle imps and their silly machinations, but goblins are a never-ending plague of annoyance. Fuck them.

>You have to fertilize ALL the eggs

Same. Based on the title, I'm imagining he's going to have a whole mess of monster toddlers soon.

>non-self-insert MC
How so? Because he was a successful businessman? Or because he's kind of a dick?

>he's kind of a dick?
This. He also dies insultingly. No truck-kun here, he slips on a banana peel and dies.

I don't mind this because it makes him funnier to watch.

>He also dies insultingly.
konosuba did this too

WoW ruined western goblins

yeah but konosuba was already cemented as a parody from the exact point aqua was introduced.

And Kazuma is huge jackass. And it's great.

I agree. Goblins are very powerful when they hit Lv.99!

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post


Anally they can.


her little skull purse is cute. Is the next monster toddler a harpy?

What is is goblin up in this thread?!

she is still brutally weak to magic, you know.

A fluffy useless harpy yeah.

The one after he stabs not!Steve Jobs to death with a fork is a spider baby.

i hope they never become useful and he just keeps them around for their cute fluffiness

That's why she has friends and that talisman!

Only by other men. At least in the UK. In the UK, if a woman puts on a 15" incher dildo and rapes a man in the ass with it, it's sexual assault with an object, plus battery and GBH, ABH if serious injury was caused.

7 chapters in and they're all still pretty useless and he's still just punching monsters to death.

I cast magic missile on the goblin

Baby harpies are cute! CUTE!

you roll a one, so the magic missiles flies past the goblin, bounce back on a mirror and hit you for 9 points of damage


I want to adopt that adorable goddamn goblin.

Clearly he wants it.

gobbo thread

Do they grow up to become man eating monsters? Will she want her dad's seed instead?

They like hugs.

>So much of a roastie that she has prehensile meat-curtains


that's her hands, user.

>the story of them devouring the scientist that adopted them
dragon's crown world is some grimdark shit


You don't roll d20 with magic missile.

magic missiles always hit tho

got the full thing? I've not saved it.

I'm.. attacking the darkness!

im taking it out of my ass, spoonfeed me on how magic missiles work then.

This is very sexually arousing.

You see it, you cast it, it always hit, damage is shit.

wild. i'll get it when i get more spell slots.

Not if you take the prestige classes specifically made for magic missile spam, both regular MM and the higher level versions.

CC wizard is still a lot more useful though.

Sauce pls?

>literally this retarded

>When your mind is so fixated on roastie pussy that you see it everywhere


Nice try goblin!


i want to fuck that goblin

The only good Goblin is a dead Goblin

The only good Goblin is a ̶d̶e̶a̶d̶ cute Goblin.

Dead goblins only.

what's the pixiv tag for Goblin Slayer?
Wonder if there's good art there.

It's Japan, what do you expect? Priestess vanilla?

This only applies to loli goblins.

Unfortunately there's fucking rape losers and shit. Degenerates, the lot of them.
I just hope for neat art of the autist

Obviously nopan.

I would willingly die if I was assured I could summon a goblin loli.


Well, yeah, she's a goblin.

>my image got switched to whatever this is
>can't post the actual picture because duplicate file
fuck off with this meme

>End goblin genocide now.

The only way for goblin genocide to end is when there are no more goblins left.

What about human/goblin hybrids?

I'm pretty sure WoW wasn't the one who popularized goblins as little green elves.

All must be exterminated.

>0 Magic resistance.
>Can't swim and sinks like a hammer if tossed in the water.

Knock her hat off and she's toast.

You don't know what's good.

You kill the goblin half, duh. I mean come on user, this is like 2nd grade math.