Come on, the ending wasnt that bad

Come on, the ending wasnt that bad

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No, but the first half was definitely leagues better than the second half.

Cut out the time travel and murder mystery bullshit, make it into a show about a little girl with family problems who befriends a boy, and it would have been a decent watch.

this picture makes it look like it's about a guy having a troublesome relationship with a little girl

>wasnt that bad
Oh it was user.

keep the ntr and i agree

It wasn't, but what really let me down in how they got to that point. I mean, how did satoru survive that car accident? Who saved him? Was it the teacher? Also i just dont like at all the choice to make him go in a coma. It seemed actually written randomly.
Anyways I have to admit that all the part of the dialogue between the teaacher and satoru were pretty good, my problem with this series is only what i've written before.

Is the manga different from the anime? Out of curiosity Iooked at some pages of the last chapter and i've seen different locations and dialogues. Should I read it?

>the anime adaptation is pretty garbage
>somehow, the Live-action do it better
the live action was what the anime should've been from the start

haven't sat through anything as good as this anime since. the ending only lacked more information on the teacher's motivation that the manga had (and being a bit pussy with confirming he's a pedo not just murderer)

Should have ended in episode 9, tighed up loose ends and end episode 10. I don’t know how they could have done it, but episode 10-12... how do you go from 10/10 to like 2/10, that is 1/10 on a story level

Best Girl won
Only fags hate the ending

The ending bothered me for the same reason that Ichigo and Orihime bothered me.

If you look at it logically, it should be this glorious moment when you see Kayo with a baby. It really should, because it shows that she was able to grow up, escape the horrible past that she had, and well... not be dead. And to top it all off, was able start her own family.

The MC quite literally won, he just didn't get the ("right") girl which is what stung. It makes sense that she wouldn't put her life on hold for all those years, BUT IMO that problem was because of bad writing.

Focusing on the chemistry between Satoru & Kayo was a mistake because it made you want to them to be together in end. And because of that it made what should have been the ultimate reveal... seem like a slap in the face.

The reason why I bring up Orihime is because it's a great example of a bad setup. Ichiho and Orihime almost have to end up together because otherwise it makes her character worthless. A ton of her character development was based on her wanting to be able to stand beside Ichigo & if the ending of Bleach was her being left to the side while Ichigo got with Rukia, i'd argue that would be a worse outcome.

The obvious problem with that is we also have the bond between Rukia & Ichigo that we can't just ignore. Not to mention what made people initially love Bleach as a series, was entirely based on saving fucking Rukia. And that's the problem; as characters Rukia and Orihime can't both exist where a happy ending also exists at the same time.

The parallel to this is Airi and Kayo. Airi kinda throws a wrench into everything, because her existence like Orihime's needs a payoff in the end. And since you've been rooting for Kayo since the beginning, she feels like a consolation prize rather than a victory.

I could ramble for pages about this, but TL;DR it was a cool concept with poor execution of it's characters which made it feel unsatisfying.


this, the live action is gold

She already got knocked up by her other coworker by the time they met at the end tho.

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The loli was already raped by her stepfather multipletimes by the time you save her fucking ass

Coworker was pure.
Go cry for your used goods if you want, I know he made the right decision for the girl that already loved him WHEN he was a loser.

>Ichiho and Orihime almost have to end up together because otherwise it makes her character worthless.
Her character is worthless and her popping out Ichigo's baby doesn't change that.
> A ton of her character development
Stopped reading.

>I'm going to use my adult brain and future knowledge to figure out how to keep a child safe, then I expect her to wait for me while I coma.
I get why Sup Forums thinks like this, but pizza is better in every possible way.

Hey look random pizza girl who isn't developed at all in the anime.

>I get why Sup Forums thinks like this
I don't

The best shota growing into this fat piece of shit might as well be the biggest loss.

>isn't developed at all in the anime.
>stays with mc when mc almost died
>meets mc mother before anyone did
>aways nice with mc in work
>gives mc a place to stay and belives he is not a psyco killer
>beat the shit out of her own boss to help mc
>finds a way to meet mc in a another timeline out of sheer will alone

He ends with up Airi so who cares about Kayo "cucking" him.

I liked the ending. I was surprised his friend who obviously had a crush on him came back, and was glad to see her. She obviously cared about him and was willing to help him clear his name before he time travelled.

Can anyone give me other good time travel anime? Time travel is my fav. Prefer minimal mechs too.

Today, I shall remind them.

The Tatami Galaxy. Sort of.

What are these paraodies?

The live-action handled the ending better, but overall I don't think the live action was better.
The usual problems still exist.
Not all actors are on the same level. The actress for Airi overacted and didn't portray that character very well.
And the cinematography, while very well done, was still nothing on the anime.

>huurrrrrrr they didnt pair up the 29 year old guy with the 10 year old girl??? NTR!!!


Stop responding to them, it will only derail the thread. Unless that's your intention.

whats the Netflix ending?

The Town Where Only I am Missing? more like The Town Where Only I was Cucked lol

The teacher did save him. That was explained. Satoru said some cryptic shit and the teacher saved him because he wanted to know what he meant by that.

Yashiro set up a camping trip for Satoru and other kids in the hospital. Which was obviously a trap. So Satoru worked with Kenya to use the trap to expose Yashiro as a murderer. But of course Yashiro already knew that Satoru knew it's trap and turned things around. But he didn't count on Satoru actually being able to run and move a lot faster than he anticipated. Police arrived on the scene and caught him in the act. He later confessed to everything, possibly exonerated others who were wrongfully accused of murder.

>make it into a show about a little girl with family problems who befriends a boy, and it would have been a decent watch.
You stupid fuck, the whole point was that it was a grown man in a kids body which is why he was able to think like he did, a regular kid wouldn't act like he did and die real quick.

Think before you say shit.

The poster on the right isn't a parody. It's a show from 5-6 years ago. I forgot the title. But it's basically about Chinese Mafia with powers if I remember correctly

so more or less the manga ending

Occult Academy on the left, Senkou no Night Raid on the right, they were real anime.

Yes it was

Yes. The real problem with anime was the anime original ending.

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In the manga there's a vet (I think) jogging by who calls an ambulance. The icy water helped preserved Satoru's brain.

Yashiro didn't save him, and wouldn't. That would completely defeat the part of him being Spice. Spice the hamster survived without any intervention from Yashiro, just as Satoru managed to miraculously survive out of all of Yashiro's victims.

The whole thing was that bad, but it still appealed to morons like yourself.

Reminder that Sensei waited for Satoru.

Kayo didn't.

>tfw you watch the car scene in the live action and it just drops and that's it
Was pretty funny, I have to admit. I thought it would go all the way, but I guess reality doesn't roll like that.

Nobody would wait 15 fucking years for someone in a coma who may or may not ever wake up. Ending was realistic given the circumstances.


So I'm guessing it actually ends with MC getting the right girl.

Actually Satoru was just a child. He had the memories of his adult self. But he went back to being a child which would make sense because he would be going back into his tiny baby body and his tiny baby brain. Satoru’s mannerism, mentality, gullibility and innocence are very childlike and this is pretty much confirmed by the manga.

>It's okay to hit on a 12 year old girl because you're a 28 year old in a body of a 12 year old

You retards, see

Both from the Anime no Chikara project. The only one from that set missing would be Sora no Woto.

So only his memories were sent to his kid form?That's pretty stupid.

The ending in the manga was ok, he gets a pure loli gf in the end. In the anime was pure gay shit. It was horrible. The is a spin off the author made, but I will not read it.

It would make sense, because children’s brains are not developed enough for them to properly sense danger or lies the way an adult’s is. Children are more gullible and prone to fall into danger. Which is why we have the whole stranger danger thing and various rules we teach kids so that they don’t get raped and killed in a van. The only thing Satoru has is experience, clues and do overs, but he is still working with his little baby brain

Yes it was

i still cried at some of the moments at the ending.

The manga’s ending was even gayer

Well said. Even looking at the manga page of the baby reveal, I honestly can't tell if the author meant for us to feel pure joy and relief, or if we were supposed to feel mixed feelings. Narratively, making us feel pure joy is the only thing that makes sense thematically, unless if the author actually was trying to make some kind of message regarding being nice to people leading to you getting cucked...

It was awful. The entire thing went downhill when the focus shifted away from Kayo

>appears in three episodes
truly the best character

The ending was good.

the only problem i had with the series is that the protagonist had superpowers out of nowhere.

The ending is different, in terms of how they catch the bad guy. And there's another coma.
Also the manga shows that Kayo actually did want to wait for Satoru, but the mother moved him to a different hospital and didn't tell Kayo where, so she could move on.

How does this even work? Guy is like 30 and she's only 16.

Who here actually thought he'd end up with the girl? No company is going to (openly) support pedophilia. He already had a love interest in the very fucking first episode.

But they're the same age. In fact, the girl he ends up with is the underage one

I understand where you are coming from but Bleach is a pile of trash and you shouldn't spend even one second doing any serious analysis of its flaws as a literary work. It was pretty good at first, but that was just a fluke, Kubo is a hack writer and ever write a decent story again.

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What happened to the father?

The teacher reveal was poorly-handled, and I'd rather Kayo married some rando or lived far away than her having a kid with that worthless fatso. The beginning was much better but the teacher being so obviously handled as a red herring but with no murderer alternative gave the mystery away before the official reveal.

>focusing on red bits
>red eyes
>red red red
wow how deep what intelligent cinematography

I became the father.

All the cuck memes distracts from all the other problems of the show. The mystery was a letdown, MC's time travel power were incredibly inconsistent, new future isn't that much better aside from the victims being alive, etc.

MC should have gotten together with pic related

I agree. Either do the "getting a girl away from her abusive family" story line or the time travel/murder mystery, not both.

This. Only selfinsertfags think Satoru got cucked. Anyone with half a brain could see that they didn't think of each other that way.

>mfw erased defenders say that his time travel power doesn't need to work consistently or be remotely explainable because it's "not the focus of the story"

>No company is going to (openly) support pedophilia.
Was this the first anime/manga you ever watched/read, or what?

Hollywood. please Make a movie

That's just the sequel, Zess: The Silver Trumpet.