Darling in the FranXX

Staff for episode 2 was leaked --

Key Animation: Isao Hayashi, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Shiori Tanaka, Shunya Takahashi, Emiko Shimura. Storyboard by Shoko Nakamura.
Episode 3 is by Akai and Megumi Kouno.
Episode 4 is by Khara .

Episode 2 preview either Wednesday or Friday evening (Japan time).

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Stop being too tough on Hiro. He only got a boner for the first time, okay?

Dat strawberry ass

How can one girl be so perfect?

On the outside:
- tall
- cute
- nice tiddies
- nice ass
- sexy horns
- sexy eyes
- sexy fang

On the inside:
- wild
- strong
- playful
- fun
- kind
- pure
- honest

Did Trigger just create the perfect girl?

>Sup Forums shits on a A-1+Trigger collaboration
>turns out it was basically the same as Gainax coming back


>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The symbolism generally associated with bird-of-paradise is freedom and good perspective. When a woman gives it to a man it symbolises faithfulness.
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight (note similarities with the bird monologue in episode 1)
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future


>listening to studio-war faggots in the first place

What the fuck does Khara even do these days outside of EVA? I only remember them on the animation fest some time ago.

I really hope this will be one of those series you can speculate about. There are two few of them, most of the good series last year were either adaptions or SoLs.

>Episode 4 is by Khara .
Gainax out of nowhere saving anime

>will never get to spread her ass

There's already been a fuckton from the first episode. It's the most discussion I've seen for an anime in quite a while, should be good.

They're subcontracting for other studios mainly.

Dragon dentist

Well fuck now I regret that I missed the threads. But I guess this is a good sign then.

We're all in agreement that she's the girl of the season, yes?

Ichigo #1!

It's a original so all we really have is speculation to keep these threads going during the week.

I'm not gonna lie, I was that guy I hated kiznaiver, disappointed by LWA, and I was on the a-1 meme hate train.
But this show charmed me, i didn't know anything about it, then i learn this is really all just old gainax going hard as fuck and it all made sense.

Ichigo pantsu

I think we got our AOTS, or even AOTY.

No competition.
Linking the previous thread since it has a lot of great 002 art

So do the kids who fail get auschwitzed or something?

Demon > Strawberry

Honestly the threads are a bit too fast, I hope we don't burn out before episode 2.

You faggots are jumping the gun HARD. The first episode was still trash. Waifufags need to be genocided.

Blessed work.

I'm also going to wager that 0ni never gets any kind of say in her partner usually either. They are simply assigned to her, possibly because due to her Klaxosaur nature she may be able to synch with anyone. But that takes a toll on her partner. And if it is as intimate and what not as we suspect then she can't be happy with being paired up with people in such a manner either. So she has the feelings of being a tool that's alone and used.

>There's already been a fuckton from the first episode
Not really. Every thread is just waifufaggotry
>It's the most discussion I've seen for an anime in quite a while
Are you fucking new?

Zero Two is a top tier waifu though.

Someone made an interesting point before:
>Pretty sure her other partners have all been hardline military personnel and hate Klaxasaurs. They see partnering with her as a necessary evil and don't care for her. So of course she's not going to get along with anyone that doesn't like her on a fundamental level.

>Waifufags need to be genocided
the state of Sup Forums

Not really unless you're a submissive beta.

These threads give me some serious RE:Creators vibes, they're nothing but waifu spam and as soon as something shitty destroys the show they'll become shitpost central.


No matter how you spin it people would be on it even without 002. Trigger has a name now, A-1 is just, it doesn't even matter, first episode had kill la kill animation frames from the robot transformation, they know what they're selling.


GAINAX shows always start slow user. I am optimistic.

wish I could pilot that ass

They are sent back to the orphanage supposedly, but they actually never go back

Nobody survived the Magane-Meteora waifu war back when recap was about to air. Fucking hell, they skipped 3 weeks right in the middle of the cour.

shit taste

Most people seem to be indifferent about the first episode compared to the ANIME IS SAVED bullshit that KLK and LWA created.

Because this isn't a full Trigger show so the usual memester shitposters aren't as numerous

Still devastated I see, please just talk about anime that you do like. shoo!

Why bother when I can get angry at people that like things that I don't like?

more like ichigo away faggot
dino blood master race

You can't really say "indifferent" and "eternal chained general threads" in the same opinion. Gut yes, there's a substantially smaller hype. There was no Don't Lose Your Way tier soundtrack in the first episode. Still what else is out now?

Shh, we don't talk about that. Don't jinx us.

>saving pics from the show via twitter
>not even .orig
Are you fucking kidding me right now?

post a source faggot

Now we have three months to do battle.

>Original design for a girl
>Hurr durr waifufags need to be genocided
>Generic moeblob
>X gurl is so cute i want to marry her!!!
There's no neutral ground for shitposters right?

I really want hiro to make her flustered. She's clearly a 'Sad girl', she just wants some lovin

I have a feeling this show is going to go all out with the lewd.
>inb4 next episode starts in a hospital bed with Hiro recovering and 02 latched on

Damn, now I'm gonna have dreams about me and my waifu piloting a mech and having lewd sex inside.
24 episodes

yonkou productions, if you don't know who that is then fucking lurk more

Did the manga make you think that?

You mean 6 or 9 since it's confirmed for 24 episodes, but it hasn't been stated if it's going to be split yet.

I was talking about the downtime of the split-cour.

Gonna take some work

>on a mobile platform named Plantation 13
>as the plantation moves forward, it deposits giant yellow containers with people inside behind it
I don't know the function or reasoning, but I think it's clear that the people left behind are like seeds in tilled earth

I want some interactions between 02 and other characters but sadly it seems like there will be none.

Same, I guess I will just stick around and see how the disappointment unfolds here.


>People remembering how great Eureka was and talking of it fondly
Aww yeah
>I remember Astral Ocean exists
It hurts. Only good thing to come out of that was Elena.

Please treat us well, Darling.

Partly. The other part being the closeup of the lips in the kissing. It's not even slightly subtle, so I'm assuming they're pushing it as far as they can go on their timeslot.

where is the leak for EP 3 and 4 moron


Because this time Trigger didn't filled the anime with cartoonish tropes and instead choose to go with the usual japanese tropes you can see in anime.

can't wait any longer need episode 2 now

That's what Naomi was placed int. TL had the guard saying he could be in the next "Plant" so that must be the name of the sphere thing or what it does.

get the fuck out of here

I loved that shot so much, she just steps out the cockpick the rest on the door like that with the blood and everything. Just really striking imagery, it stays in my head, good job to whoever.

Cease the waifu war.
We need to decide who will be /our boi/

>it's like Fallout but each vault only houses one person
That's horrifying.

Nope, she's definitely gonna bully them about their "ignorance".

>inb4 she tells ichigo what a kiss is, and ichigo instantly thinks of hiro

can't wait.

I told you who got the info and it seems you don't know who that person is, so fucking lurk you faggot.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't miss the chance to let 02 go full darling on Hiro while the rest of the cast watch.


Umehara always plays best boy

just stop with these fake news, you're embarrassing yourself


Goro seems like a decent guy

The entire episode was much better than I expected from A1.

>Do you know what "the pleasure of being cummed inside" is?
>Hiro, come over here

>fanart like as if the show already has an established and loved main cast.

The fatty is going to die, isn't he?

There may be.
PV2 shows Kokoro talking about a strange person and wonders if that person likes sweet stuff.
What came to mind is Zero Two who likes lollipops.

Yeah now you got me thinking of Fallout 4's ghoul kid in the fridge and Eddie Winter's one room apartment bunker. Both of them had me wondering why they weren't completely insane. Maybe ghoul physiology can heal mental trauma too somehow.

That’s what I thought about Tenga and he turned out to be the literal worst boy.
Hisomu a best, by the way.

Those are the already established pilot pairings
>boku no hero academia picture
>is a literal retard

>some episode later
>one pair sacrifices themselves to kill big bad or something
>before they die they do the kissing while doggystyle where the girl twists her back

don't listen to the OP, he's only saying bullshit

Pretty sure 02 likes sweets.
There's candy on the table in this 4koma too.

Trust bnhaposters with the dumbest shit

>he still doesn't know who yonkou productions is
How much of a lazy faggot are you if you can't even google

I'm sorry but it's scientific fact that yuta was the best kiznaiver boy
I agree with you about tenga though.

How about you fuck off back to your designated shitposting thread?

I like the whole partner thing and the faithulfulness...but it'd be amusing to see him capable of partnering with any of the girls with a higher synch rate than the boys in case of emergencies or something

I think we'll get monster/couple of the week for a while though as our introductions to them and see what makes each one work/get by and their own personal drama.

>showing Hiro what the pleasure of being cummed inside is
>cumming inside Hiro

You sure about that meme?

I was more Implying that she was going to ride him bareback in the middle of the barracks.