It's kill


it's kill

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RIP in piss

Last thing I read was cute stupid shit a couple hours before it died, so I lucked out.




It's not 19th yet.

>had seven chapters to upload in seven days
>had five for five
>this happens


What series?


The New Gate. It's just volume releases, not a new chapter.

Although the guy who normally does it is /ak/ and the new chapter was meant to be here in a couple of days, fuck knows where that'll go up.

Killing onemanga was a mistake.


I'm in the sekrit club so this makes no difference to me.

Though I do wonder if the mods will ever release a torrent of the db.


It was going down the 18th.



k... keep me posted
sekrit club open registration when?

meh other sites to use

>tfw i forgot to update my notifications

I'm over it.

>Yuki to Sumi
it's ded

Really glad I downloaded all the manga I wanted last night, holy shit. 243 chapters.
I was thinking about waiting until the 17th but am really fucking glad I didn't.

i know

It's back, false alarm
Heavy WIP
Reminder to export your follows in full json

got quite a few manga, gonna upload them now.

just stick with mangasee/mangalife

We have a used laser printer, and those are designed to be cheaper in the long run for ink + cheap paper. I only need to print a couple copies, still ends up being cheaper than a $12 tank + it's much larger. I've also printed out danke's rips. There's no chance of any actual publishers stepping in either because it would be bad rep to be known as the publisher who slapped a poorfag scan around.



uhh it's still up though?

it was down for some time

curious why he didnt get help with the site seeing as it took such a large toll
doesnt trust anyone?

Is there any shitposting happening on the forums at least?

because he wanted to cash out

he gained next to nothing from the site and wanted to find some profit off of it

#manga-dev on rizon

get in here, fuckos

>wanted profit
>rejected donations

That being said, he's still trying to sell the domain for a pile of shekels. The domain is useless without the content.

Curious about that auction.


where do i go for manga now?

>buy domain
>use same layout
>search for cheaper servers
>add criptocurrency/data miner trough shitty javascript

He's just too lazy to jew his way out of poverty.


>some doofus's ftp server
>batoto replacement

yeah no

Well yeah, that's short term until everyone catches on and Google blacklists you. That's about the only thing someone could do with the domain.

I appreciate that this actually works around Cloudflare, but damn is it barebones compared to FMD.

>until everyone catches on and Google blacklists you
>short term

pick one

>sell the batoto domain for a couple thousands
>open new website with the old database
Calling it now, this is what is going to happen.

Good, hopefully some faggots learn to live without centralized shit

So is anyone here, or from Sup Forums, making a replacement?


Of course.

They want almost $10K for some shitty domain. Look it up on sedo

this works now at least

Huh, I didn't expect this. At least I'm in the sekrit club.

There are plenty of places to get manga. The problem is that they all ripped their manga from Batoto.

What'll be even more fucking retarded will be everyone scrambling to make a new central repository of manga instead of keeping shit in various places so this can't happen again.

I don't get why he let everyone know so late and decided to nuke the site instead of giving everyone time to prepare something else or giving it to someone else.

>since batoto is shutting down, ill be uploading the chapters on mangafox now!
Mangafox of all places. What a faggot.

Where is Komi-san going to be uploaded now?