Boruto thread

Filler continues. At least Kiri is hot.

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She looks like she is getting raped.

We'll see him in the next chapter?

We have to wait for Boruto Shippuden.

And then Soruto: Next Generations

Boruto is not canon

>still denying

You have to go back

How old is Boruto here?

I'd say probably around 16-18. Early 20's at most.

>this is the current state of Bort

who cares honestly. this show so far has been better written than naruto has been.


I love his emo phase. It's like a mixture of sasuke and naruto

>Sensei at 6
Himawari is a GENIUS

What constitutes as filler in Boruto?

Fuck off narutards

>1st mission of MC
Pick one


>Guy gets stabbed in front of you

What's Boruto's problem?

Bort killed someone when he was 6

Has to start with sa because of sakura sasuke and of course sarada.

I’d say whatever isn’t adapted to novels, like the one-off SoL episodes

Teenager. SP confirmed he was 16.

Ninjas have no respect for human life.

Honestly the novels are pretty good for filling in details. Apparently boruto eye isn't connected to nue it's just toneri activating boruto power so bort know about his secret power.
That's cool same age as Naruto in the pain arc.

Who will they kill?.

Whether or not it’s connected to Nue would depend on what exactly his powers can do, which we still haven’t learned entirely. Somehow he was able to summon Nue so it implies some kind of dimension-hopping abilities like Sasuke.

He's a bit of a sociopath

>Somehow he was able to summon Nue
This. People seem to forget that happened. He pulled him out of that dimension without Sumire's involvement.

Plus the Jougan opened the portal to Nue's dimension during the climax

> Saruto: The next Generations.

Maybe. Or maybe it forced Nue to return because Boruto temporarily "shut off" his link to Sumire. The Jougan could have the power to interfere with the tenketsu, but visually like the Sharingan instead of having to poke each individual point. That'd be pretty busted.

>the city of Boruto

>Long range vision-based 64 Palms
Jesus Christ what kind of monster is this kid?

The "crystallization" of all shinobi, according to moonman.

>Sharingan can affect chakra flow by vision through genjutsu
>Jougan does it through taijutsu
That... kind of makes sense?

Theoretically it'd be possible to interfere with the tenketsu using ocular jutsu. Theoretically.

There's another interesting aspect of the Jougan: it could see Nue's chakra pathway but automatically highlighted the "weakest" point in his body. And apparently what we've seen thus far is only a portion of its true power, which will likely be bolstered by the Ootsutsuki chakra provided by Momoshiki via the seal.

They said Boruto would surpass Naruto. They meant it.

The next two episodes seem to be very boring, but the next filler arc with the Robin Hood-esque bandits and Shikadai getting involved sounds more interesting.



Isn't that basically the same thing?

All their names are "do not steal"

No, V and B are the same in Japanese, so we go to Coruto - Colt.

is s this the reason you fandom dimwits are saying sumire is relevant.

Sarada's breeding hips were bastardized by SP.

Why does it bother you so much when anons talk about her possible development?

Fuck off

I wanna be Kiri’s assistant & boytoy

what development being a wife for boruto and nothing else?

shipping is cancer.

>moshi moshi sneku desu

Boruto's inherited his dad's CHAD genes and has the ability to make cute filler girls wet.

Are you reading the thread? We’re talking about Boruto’s abilities, no mention of shipping

I assuming they will explain why boruto has so many skills and in boruto the movie and the manga movie arc he has limited skills and asks sasuke to train him, they have to retcon both.

Honestly, if Boruto does become morally dark, it would be honestly more fitting for him to become a coward

Holy shit it's going to be agood episode

Hello guys did you miss me :3.

Go lewder


>tell me your secrets snek


Yes, indeed

Is there anyone one who can stop Himawari?

My dick

>Sumire is in the literal who team



Why does almost every New Gen main cast child member have to be born in the same birth year? Would not that lead to less material for plots, as there are no age differences for conflicts and power imbalances among the New Gen, as well as showing that the Naruto world has not changed one bit, as Naruto’s Gen continues to practice the same destructive lifestyle their forebears did?

>implying it isn't true
Did anyone even know the names of those two girls in her team in the first 30 something episodes?

Yes, why are you here?

>that team doesn't exist anymore in the manga because Sumire is a researcher now

They are best team.

Kara will kill him. Screen cap this.

Adaptation when?.

>doesn't exist anymore in the manga
Wait until we find out what exactly happened to them

> This is snek, i've infiltrated enemy base

Manga version is better.

What's purple on her back

It's filler retad, it's not important for the actual story which is the manga. All a this is just bonus content.

What happened to the old gay guy he replaced?

Died of AIDS

The manga has so little content I'm not counting that shit as the source material.

I really want to see them again.

Pls don't tone down Yodo's outfit, SP.

Why does the boruto anime look like CGI?

Because that's a really poor quality screenshot.

I have the issue with more of Boruto's screencaps

I think there was a specific rip or something back then that really messed up if you tried to take a screencap.

>it's not important for the actual story which is the manga
I forgot how important Team 7’s mission to the land of waves was to the “actual story” back in part 1. Can we stop this meme of writing off everything we don’t like as “just filler”? Even if it is, it’s not like the manga has much to offer either.

I assume thats going to happen since he didn't stopped the nuke.

How long until the airing?

okay that was a GREAT episode.

Mad respect for the new konohamaru I never thought for a second he'd be fucking relevant and now I want to fuck him

Konohamaru should have killed that guy like Sarada did.

nah he needed to shut the guy up cause he was shitting on konoha ninja

Fuck that. He also probably killed numerous wildlife when he blasted away 4 square miles of forest.

>this episode was all about showcasing Konohamaru's power and the kids' teamwork
Yeah... Konohamaru is probably going to get his shit rocked by Ao, and his team will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off until Boruto's seal decides to do something. The proximity of the two is way too coincidental.

Let Konohamaru remain pure. But yeah, Salad put a fist-sized dent in that guy's rib cage. He's fucking dead.

post the other compilation of sarada images

how did sarada punch someone horizontally and have them slam into the ground vertically

They trying really hard to push Sarada. I have to laugh every time someone calls Boruto a gary stu when Salad is the ultimate mary sue. And notice how Mitsuki's character got turned into her yes man everytime he speaks he has to take her her side. It happened a few times in this episode alone.

Konohamaru is much, much stronger than those ex-nins. He is able to stop em without killing them. The kids on the other hand had to use deadly force to stop one of them because they arent experienced nor strong enough to beat the big guy.

She has the Sharingan, what did you expect?