Made in Abyss

May she Rest In Peace


What do you mean?

>my shitty Photoshop as OP

is the new chapter out yet?

44 has been out for almost a week

It was supposed to be in five minutes, but because our little boy did't go to bed when his mom told him, he got sick. Thankfully, it's ot a Japanese Cold, so he will be fine in another five minutes.




>1st box set: 5,662 copies sold
>2nd box set: 4,939 copies sold

Final revenue: ¥190.0M




Reminder that Riko is just as bad as Bonedad

riko is the madoka of the abyss

Edit Lyza's exploding pick instead of the bat.

Okay, just finished it.

When's the next one coming out?

5 minutes

That's what you said like 20 minutes ago.


>Sales of a nationwide cartoon with all the blood sweat and tears to bring it to market and promote it only barely beats out the cost of my fathers house 6 years ago.


Oh its average. Oh well, sequel is announced so why are we still talking about this?

wait I'm confused so is Prushka being turned into a whistle or a hollow?

What if Riko is a reincarnation?

I can't believe Nanachi fucking died!

Oops *dead.

Bonedad is Riko's actual father

The virgin bonedad and the chad Shotabot

oh my god ozen I'm dying


How far do they go with Season 2? If they stretch Worst Father Ever arc into 13 episodes that's going to drag super hard. I can see them ending with the intro of Faputa and the rain of nametags. But by then we'll have to wait forever for Season 3.

>There is no way they can't end on a cliffhanger
This is gonna be a wild ride

Prushka is a whistle.

whats with this then?

Prushka if she got the same elevator treatment as Nanachi.

Very possible. Just not of a surface creature.

Who would be the one received the curse ? Meinya ? Bondad ?

My bet is that S2 doesn't air until the Value Village arc is complete, then adapts to the end of it.

Prushka thingken about if she had brooples

Meant to write receiving

I, too, am contemplating her brooples. I'm contemplating them real hard.

It'll end on another cliffhanger, but I doubt the sequel will be 13 episodes long. A movie or a 5 episode OVA perhaps.

Don't contemplate on them too hard now user

I'm almost done analyzing the nurple concavity.

did they milk him? wtf!

Remember to milk your shotas

i wonder how they'll animate that scene, i bet theyll just gloss over it

They might try to avoid the full body shot and urine tube, but you can't skip the arm getting cut off, it's a bit important.

Doubt it, they didn't censor or gloss over Mitty transformation scene or Riko bleeding from every orifice. If they do change it they'll probably have it connected to Reg's stomach and instead of inspecting his urine composition they'd talk about his insides instead.

>that Regu tummy

That would mess with Bondrewd poking him later for the first time

It's all uphill from here!

>you don't know how rich I am

I wanna...

Is it bad that I see a Viera archer when I see that image?

imagine, she could jerk you off, feed you oatmeal, and still have a pair of arms left over to cut out coupons.

is this picture ever going to be finished?

>I miss Lyza, we used to sent cards to eachother periodically
>Whats this...
>Irredemable, Utterly Irredemable

I'm still surprised "a continuation" was announced before the sales numbers for vol. 2 was even announced.

But I wonder if the total sales now will determine if the continuation will be a new season, OVAs, or a movie.

Anime sales boosted manga sales a lot and this is what matters mostly. Also, sweet Bun merch.

I bought the soundtrack so for once I'm part of the solution and not the problem!


tell nanachi to spit out her toothpaste

If they do I am done with the anime.

This is the scene that I want to see most.

I need animated shota milking and suffering. You can only fap so many times to one image before it becomes stale.

>done with the anime
>it'll be one of the late-mid episodes


Pissing yourself due to the pain of losing your arm is not milking

But user then you'll miss out on the Bon fight and Kevin's fuckin sweet soundtrack with a children's chorus that drops voices as Bon pops cartridges

Anyone got the Bondrewd Bloodborne build?

I don't care. I just need to see more half naked Reggu

I'm confused so they didn't kill Bondrewd and he just let them go?

well i think they stick something in regs peehole like a catheter to force him to pee

They did everything they could to kill him but it didn't work out.

Every thread

Go with Arcane/Skill for normal Bon, Beast Claw Build for Furrydrewd.

Why did he let them leave?

What would you do with a glass of Reg's pee after you've milked it?

Nanachi isn't for lewd, post wholesome Nanachis

Because they were truly wonderful children.

Why not? He can safely observe 6 Layer through Nanachi's eyes.

I too am a big fan of Nanachi

Read the fucking manga you mongloid

Riko was bringing Prushka to the bottom and Bondrewd could watch from Nanachi's eyes.
Bondrewd seems to actually care about Nanachi and Prushka
Bondrewd is actually insane

I'm not into pee so probably throw it away. Then huggo the Reggu or milk him for other stuff. Or both.

>Bondrewd could watch from Nanachi's eyes
I'm curious how time dilation can affect NanachiTV. Is everying going to be in slow mo, because time flows on 6 layer is way slower? What if this is just side effect of curse, because I can't get how Bon was able to build new base on top of old Idofront ruins in 2-3 years (~10 years on surface). May be time has the same pacing on all layers, but ascending brings you to the future a bit?

Eh? What would you do with Reggu's milk you milked?

>Ywn nursing handjob Reg

its seems more relative, something akin to Bonedrewd watching the FBC(Fluffy Bon channel) , while 3 minutes passes in FBC in Idofront its been an hour.


I've always wondered in the creatures Nanachi sewed were real animals. Like that Kecleon she's holding.

She did read a lot, so she might've remembered it from a story she read and made it to comfort her a little bit.

Will Nanachi's popularity give her armor against the horrors of the Abyss or will she be exposed to even greater suffering?

Not that guy but I was also equally confused at that point even when reading the manga. Sorry if I am being a brainlet to something painfully obvious but I still cant see it. They were at each other's throats a couple of minutes ago and suddenly everything just stopped. The entire party had a reason to hate his guts to death, especially Nanachi, and on the other hand Bondrewd have more than enough bodies to keep on fighting one robot kid.

So what? Did they destroyed Zoaholic like they said they would or something?

Sounds boring

>entire party had a reason to hate his guts to death, especially Nanachi
Prushka's last wish convinced Riko to stop fighing.
Nanachi lost to Papa's charisma.
No one cares about Reg's opinion.
Bon doesn't have a reason to fight them once Prushwhistle granted party an access to 6 layer and he can watch Nanatwitch without risking his ass.
Zoaholic is okay, thanks to Prushka and her dream again.

They were fighting Bondrewd on behalf of Nanachi, then they were also fighting him to save Prushka. When Prushka got souped and Dad was on that body's deathbed, Nanachi realized that Bondrewd really did love them in his own fucked way and decided not to continue trying to kill him. Riko doesn't want to fight anymore because Prushka wouldn't want that, and Reg will do whatever Riko tells him. The Zoaholic was confirmed not destroyed.

Ew. Fat Prushka.

>Bondrewd have more than enough bodies to keep on fighting one robot kid.
They killed all the Elite praying hands/combat capable bodies.
>The entire party had a reason to hate his guts to death, especially Nanachi,
Yes, they did. And the fight would have continued if they never saw Pruska's fate.
But Pruska wanted them to get along and Riko felt this when she touched the stone. She wanted to respect her last wish.

Also you can't go on a Bonedrewd killing spree when you have limited amount of incinerator charges.
Daddy let them go because he accepted his defeat and said that to see the group achieve their goals is his new aspiration.

I wonder if Bondrewd's cartridges could be any of use on other levels. That would have been pretty nice

When Mitty gets balanced I think that some shit's going to go down, but she'll continue on, ever more broken. I kinda wonder if she will commit suicide at one point like she mentions before Mitty got evaporated

You think he will buy the blue ray and fan merch?

>Bondrewd doesn't want to have a headache so he kills a couple of children

>my my my my head hurts, someone grab me some childirin