How can one single character raise so many cliche flags?

The personality of Ray Ayanami.

Plus Saber's hair.

Plus Chinka's face.

I want her figma now!


She's the quite autism-fu archetype, which isn't a bad thing when she's surrounded by more outlandish characters to bounce off of her.
Kind of like favaro, too bad this show doesn't have an ounce of charm in any of it's characters, it's way too serious and drab.


I'm confused, does Sup Forums like this series or not?

>I hate it because it's kyoani

I'd say most people find it underwhelming, I'm just disappointed at how uninteresting it is, could've sworn the automail would be a big deal, but no one seems to care or want to talk about it.

It's literally a pretty nothing
but that one autistic kyoanifag is amusing

>I like it because it's kyoani


>one episode
>hur dur pretty nothing ecks dee
Baffling comment desu famalam, whoa Black Betty, famalam, whoa Black Betty, famalam.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

How can something be cliched if it's a mix of so many cliches that are nothing like each other? Did Saber invent blonde hair?

That is Ueno face

The first episode was boring but it's only been one episode so I don't think it's fair to call it shit just yet.
Of course, if the majority of the episodes are similar to episode 1, then the defense force will be sure to tell me how I'm missing all of the artistic merit and that the show is literally too high IQ for a pleb like myself and that I am a fool to disregard this modern literary masterpiece.

Because shitposters.

Sounds like shounen stuff is more your cup of tea, user. It's literally fine to not like shows like this. It's not boring, you found it boring. The two seem similar but are not.

I wouldn't say the first episode was boring. It wasn't chock full of action and excitement, but it is interesting enough for me to want to watch the show to see where things are going.

It wasn't choke full of anything if we're being honest.
It was like a set up episode, which is a bad place to start, thus the poor reception.

>Ray Ayanami
Literally who?

The first episode was mediocre as fuck. Ishidate managed to pull off a repeat of Kyoukai no Kanata:

If there's any time for an episode to do little else but set things up, it's the first one, I'd say.

Personally I think people are just reacting against all the NEW KYOANI SERIES hype because it isn't balls to the wall right out of the gate. They're not judging it on what it is, but what it is compared to what they were expecting.


My favorite anime this season are far from being shounen. It's just my expectations for this series were too high. I went into shows like Hakumei, Sora Yori, Koi wa Ameagari, Mitsuboshi Colors, and Yuru Camp not really expecting too much and was impressed by what I got. Meanwhile, I went into VEG with a bundle of high expectations and was pretty underwhelmed as a result.

You guys get attracted to the obvious bait thread shitting on your show and completely ignore the comfy threads and let them fall to page 10, comedy gold.

>Personally I think people are just reacting against all the NEW KYOANI SERIES hype because it isn't balls to the wall right out of the gate. They're not judging it on what it is, but what it is compared to what they were expecting.
Basically this. There is way too much shitposting about it being AOTY or the greatest anime to come out this season which just invites a bunch of viewers who may not even be the target audience of the show to watch it and then they call it boring because they aren't the target audience.

>Hey guys! why is no one talking about violet! new episode soon HYPE HYPE!!
Post fan art while we wait!
Sounds like a bait OP, especially the parallelisms between the recent FranXX thread that was mostly just oni fanart posting.

I'm not so sure about that. I didn't buy into the hype yet was still disappointment. Sure, it's just my anecdote, but it makes me cautious of such claims.

Maybe Violet Evergarden really is tepid on its own merits. Ever considered that?

Not that guy, but how is this OP not "bait" itself then?


Typing this with tears in my eyes after watching the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Violet Evergarden is the human spirit made naked for the viewer to see. Never in my 18 years did I think I would live to see the very nature of love and companionship replicated onscreen by a robot... a poetic outcome, all things considered. I will be personally buying 15-20 copies of the BDs with my college loan and I encourage all of you to do the same. Please support the company that is transforming anime into an art, a piece of expression on the level of Beethoven or Star Wars, rather than pedophile garbage like this season's other offerings.

What kind of jaded ass internet warefar are you fighting with yourself, even if it where bait you could easily take over that thread, but you chose this one, who OP statement will 100% lead to shit posting.

Certainly that's possible, but at the moment it looks to me more like people confusing something not being to their tastes with it being terrible. But either way it's too early to really call.

I'm not sure I've seen this before. New pasta?

You can add to that that they did a shitty job at making the premise interesting. Violet will go around writting letters for people with very peculiar backgrounds, as LNfags have spoiled for us, yet the very first time we see someone asking for their services is a very mundane letter, it makes sense for Violet to get interested since she's lacking emotions, but I think they should have made it at least a bit more flashy to hint what she'll find later.

Meanwhile, over in >this show's only saving grace is this obligatory Kyoani's qthag.
>Seconded, she looks like a best girl
>meh, the mom from phantom something is way hotter

I agree with the greentext and think the black is cancer. I'm conflicted.


I hope you die from cancer, suffering a lot

Still makes me laugh
Based OP