Shows you want to happen

Elfen Lied Ultimate

Parallel Paradise.

Umibe no Onnanoko. Because adolescent kids fucking each other is so much more enthralling when it's animated.

I just want SukaSuka to be fully adapted.

Chrono Crusade Brotherhood.

Elfen Lied's source material is just as bad if not worse than the show.

But Elfen Lied is amazing.

it's great if you're 14 to 16

Voynich Hotel

Or Franken Fran with original stories inter-spaced with manga stuff.

>adolescent kids

Amazingly shit.

It's about kids in their last year of middle school so they're about 15 years old

>only cute girl melted already
Fuck it



Spice and Wolf S3 never.

Yeah what's up with Parallel Paradise? I've read all the curently translated stuff and looked at the raws up till like 32, and I've been feeling the hints of a big, horrifying twist coming up.

Any interesting info in the raws?

Gakkou gurashi: no pupper edition

I actually didn't mind the dog so much. It's just irritating that some character/world developing scenes were replaced or dropped to focus more on the dog.

Yes, please

Holy fuck this is stupid.

To go with your flow. I would fucking kill for a proper full adaptation of Negima with a non-shit ending.

Eh, I suffered enough the first time tyvm.

Yeah that or Spirit Circle/Sengoku Youku would be pretty great.

If I had billions of dollars and could buy an adaptation for anything it be a proper adaptation for Needless. I've read that manga at least three times still cracks me up every time.

Trigun Maximum

Baccano! S2

I could see Netflix throwing money at this and making it happen. Someone should really ask them too.

SMT: Nocturne anime with Dante cameo (or as a main character)
Spice and Wolf season 3
Baccano Season 2
.Hack//G.U. anime by anyone except bee train.
Nier: Gestalt anime.
Berserk anime

Literally the plot of Xenogears.

A 22-year old 3-episode OVA isn't enough damnit.

I definitely wouldn't want Elfen Lied to get an adaptation when there are so many other mangas that deserve it more.

For a second I thought you chose worst Nier.
But then I double checked and you made the right decision

Also if you are gonna do a .hack GU anime, you gotta do the original .hack first

I laughed.

Exactly the time that I watched it, and I have fond memories of it. But it is really bad.

I still like the opening though.

That scene where they get attacked at home and she was pretty much just in underwear gave me and pretty much my buddies boners as kids since the ova aired locally and everybody that was everybody was talking about it. I think I was like Grade 3 when I watched it around 1998-99.

Rally was one of my first real actual boners.

The opening was damn good. Much better than the series deserved

Also probably contributed to the belief that the show was deeper than it really was

>you gotta do the original .hack first
How could I forget? That's the one I want. Don't know why I chose //G.U. I'd much rather have Kite and Blackrose animated.

Oh now I remember. He's the "in exchange for my balls right?" guy

Literally what I dream of, the Gonzo anime is nowhere near as good as the source material.

True enough, I remember checking the lyrics in Latin, thinking I would "get it." How mislead was I.

That could have tipped me lol but at that age, it made sense. What could matter more than a pair of balls?

Now that I think about it, the gender dynamic was interesting, to say the least.
>girls have little horns that allows them to control giants telekinetic tentacles
>they reproduce when penetrating other human beings, who then bear their "disease"

nothing douman has made will ever be animated

Wait,there's more to chrono crusade after the anime ending?

>Tfw there will never be a MTG anime taking place during the Brother's War and Phyrexian Invasion.

Eden: It's an endless World or Dorohedoro

The manga is so bad it's good.

The Rest of Blood Lad

Absolute KEK. Resonate strongly with When you compare with the author's other manga about ski jumping, it's kind of clear that his/her creativity rose from a troubled place of domestic and sexual abuses.

Shit like this is why no matter how edgy or realistic a piece of media tries to be I NEVER ever consider getting cut in half to be fatal.

Why not the Weatherlight Saga?

All I want is some cool Airship battles

Anime version sucks and it's a complete different story. In manga, for example, Chrono reattaches his horns and shit gets real

>not wanting some hot urza on Gix action.



Well you've got to give Bando credit on account of him being Bando.
But yeah getting cut in half is never fatal in fiction. Darth Maul is the best example I can think of.

A Rockman Zero anime. There was some good, dark shit in there.

Akira Complete

Clean your fedora today, idiot?

Someone's mad.

A good, full adaptation of Medaka Box

I would watch this

Imagine if fucking Shaft got it or something. That'd be interesting to see, considering there weren't a lot of real fights in that series. Just a lot of shouting of moves and form changes.

The Gainax adaptation was fun, despite being kinda boring to look at. Voice acting was great too.

Never gonna happen.

Meanwhile so bad its good shit like Elfen Lied will get reboot, I am sure of it.