There's something about mumei

there's something about mumei...

She's well developed for a 12 year old.

what could it be?

I want Mumei to step on me.


I want to fuck her.

wasn't season 2 going to air this season? or something

Loli with exposed armpits. Delicious.

S2 was fake, its not going to happen

source? it had pretty good sales

she's not a loli

What's her actual name, you know that "mumei" literally means anonymous right?

I don't think they gave a start date.


you can't source a non-fact. you have to prove it's real.

people actually remember this anime?

it was actually great and quite popular in japan

They only said 2018 but delays can happen.

i liked the idea of the trains going from city to city in a zombie infested world a lot but thats about all it had going for it imo

she's literally me

More like "mune-i" Am I right, bois...!?

You're not a loli

Biba did nothing wrong. People were growing soft and useless and ignoring the zombie apocalypse. Biba la revolution.

Too far.

He cheated in his last duel, or something. Anyway, he aknowledged he did something wrong and gave up the cure.

Also he was a fag that didn't fuck Mumei.

Biba was fucking completely insane and didn't even seem to understand his own plan.

Biba using the cure because Ikoma was getting the upper hand in the fight.

Imagine that your dick haha

That's literally all it needed to be.

like what?