Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Is it at least entertainingly bad?

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I read the WN and enjoyed the first episode. I'm hoping they introduce the girls soon so we can discuss who we want to fug most.


its entertainingly good


Better than expected. But 3-episode rule.

Almost all of them are introduced next episode.


It's so bad, it hurts. I'm only watching it for the cute lolis.

Arisa and Nana are best girls. Liza can come too.

I'd fug her but that personality is irritating as H*CK.

Just imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body.

And she would encourage you to.

She is one that would help with it. And almost got away with her first attempt.

Am I right in assuming she's the best girl?

So i dropped arifureta around when edgeman escapes from a volcano
anyone knows which chapter is that?

She's the most active in trying to get Satou.

I'm claiming blue for myself.

Yeah, that's always a stimulating topic.

First episode was kind of boring, actually. I can't even call it entertainingly bad. I saw nothing that made me think it would be good going forward either.

She knows what she wants. And it's the Satou D.

Cute, but very boring girl.

So does everyone but Pochi and Tama.

Nana also doesn't.


That scene has literall nothing to do with sexual advances.

She's a clueless automaton.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Nana a cute.

You should be. Her interest in getting Satou's D died in the exact scene she found out she couldn't have "young organisms" with him because she's a homunculus.

Homonculi can have children with humans. No idea where you got the idea she couldn't.

quite the opposite, I don't know where you got the idea that she can.

I've been searching the WN for anything about that topic, so far only 6-18 has Satou being not sure if she could. I found 6-29 has it seem like Nana wanted mana transfer while there was no need for it.
>There is no need for MP supplement--there should be no need to, but master's face floats in my mind. I wonder what is this loop in my logic circuit.

Pretty sure it's much later. And it was with Hikaru when she got everyone drunk.

I might need to reread everything and try to take notes on what happened when at some point, trying to find events or single line mentions of things is difficult. I still haven't seen where I thought Satou mentioned that he wasn't adding points into the Sex Technique skill.

Wasn't that in the first city in WN?

He got the skills in 4-10, but I haven't found him saying he wasn't adding points to those skills. Either I was remembering things that didn't happen, there was a change somewhere, or I just haven't found it yet.

i am the only one who dislikes satou and his face?


Tell me he never gets a girlfriend and stays a superior game bug fixer.

Found it, 13-38. It doesn't say anything about children being possible, just mating, and Liza and Aze both mention it's not possible between species. Though this will likely change once Satou gets a skill that he increases the level of. All Nana says:
>"Master! It is possible for humans to mate with homonculus so I inform, inform, inform...."

I'm not sure if it was mentioned before, but to live in my own shitty ass code is a fucking punishment in of it'self. When is my proper debugging isekai?

There is actually an isekai like that, I forgot what it is even about and the name, but it's something like purging monsters to purify the world and fix it.


Tell me why people hate this anime?

This is easily one of the best things to air this season

Is it because it's another "guy enters MMORPG world" anime? Like SAO?

Is I Am Hero just another zombie anime?

>who we want to fug most.
Obviously Liza. LOYALTY gives me a hard-on.

People hate it mainly because it's a bait and switch. It looks like he's going to go tear down the big baddie, but apparently he's just going to cook.

>he's just going to cook
Doesn't look like the anime will get that far.

It really is a tragedy for Death March that they're stuck adapting the lack-luster early volumes.

Because the premise is extremely tired and there is a fundamental lack of innovation on all fronts. We have had at least one of these a season, if not more, and there is nothing that Death March has to add to the equation. Absolutely everything we have seen thus far is something we have seen before and better, or seen at a different angle. It is fine if you have not seen/read the other hundreds of Isekai fiction, but if you have, it makes you want to pull your hair out.

I Am Hero is not an anime, it is a manga. When it comes to zombie anime, I think I can only name Highschool of the Dead and Gekkou. I Am Hero would be novel as an anime, as the actual zombie genre has very little (we are not going to include kore wa zombie or the other one with the dead girl, as they are not properly in the Zombie genre, as they do not feature a world where zombies are a widespread persistent threat and have damaged civilization).

There is also a lot wrong with the execution itself. This is not a good series. I am watching it, but it is by no means good or even okay. It, like Smart Phone, will probably be dropped by the majority of viewers.

It good if you enjoy fun like a normie human being.

debugging isekai? what talking you user? are you planning to get isekai-ed back to Earth after getting isekai-ed there?

Zombie shit is far more overdone than isekai. I don't know how you can argue it being rare.

The problems with this series are several fold, for example it's a retarded bait and switch, if your not into comfy fantasy cooking SoL's, this is not for you. Also satou is your typical retarded beta jap just way the fuck overpowered. Finally is this series was the codifier for all the retarded shit tropes that people come to expect from isekai and pisses alot of people off. This series is essentially why most isekais are stupid shit like smartphone.

Name five anime series that are post apocalyptic zombie settings and list their year released.

Because I could name about 10 isekai in the last three years. You're not going to be able to do that for zombie anime at all. Zombie settings are under represented in anime, if anything.

Manga might be a different story. But even then, in light novels and in anime, we are not seeing a lot of zombie stories.

What is her name?

>Also satou is your typical retarded beta jap
Beta japs don't fuck prostitutes or make overtures of love to their high priest elf waifu.

Yeah, in anime. That shit is churned out by the dozen everywhere else. Go back to your walking dead threads.

According to MAL, the summoner was Dragon God and not Parion?

I aM le Hero had shit ending. Resentiment was butter.

Bane. Of MILFs.

TLDR: You don't like it because it's another "Guy enters MMORPG world" anime.

My point is that plot never gets old, there's an infinite amount of variability to it, it's just about how you execute it.

>I Am Hero is not an anime, it is a manga.

I know, but I wanted to say anime to make a point.

>This is not a good series. I am watching it, but it is by no means good or even okay.
It is though. Better than most in the same genre.

i think i prefer smart phone to death march satou just seems more retarded than the average beta jap mc probably becasues even when he is an OP piece of shit he refuses to work or help people.

Well there is that mary sue fanfic Pochi wrote about being a magical princess from another planet that gets knocked up by Satou...

Most likely true.

What? He helps everyone he comes across. Sets up orphanages and a school for young adventurers headed by old vets.

Oh c'mon now, death march is hardly anything but average in the isekai ring, with the only strong point being the cooking so far.
And don't ty pulling the "you hate isekai" card on me user, cause i fucking love em.

Best girl.

made for headpats

if death march is 'too generic' but i havent seen a lot besides the big ones like konosuba, what should i be watching? suka suka?

why not just watch deathmarch?
it'l be fresh to you anyway and you get to join in all the great discussions about it.

I completely disagree. It's not about how you execute it, as literally the only authors who would use such a half-assed plot are the ones who are incapable of thinking up of anything good by themselves. Isekai itself is a shitty excuse used by authors to try to elevate their shitty plots.

SukaSuka isn't even isekai.


why did anyone one think the anime would be good when the source is mediocre isekai at best?

I read the manga and it was pretty awful. Overpowered protagonists are boring and the way he solved every problem by maxing out new skills on the fly was incredibly lazy.

watch the old sutff like escaflowne or slayers



They look like they really want to suck some cocks! Cute!

What is wrong with her skin

She's a lizard.

She's a lizard.

The first episode kinda sucks because of no harem bullshit but I think once we get to the harem bits it'll be like Smartphone comfy.

should get joke subs, maybe then it'll be salvageable

>level 310 off level 50 lizardmen
what a fucking bugtester

t. memed on by shitty subs
He nuked a fuckton of dragons including a literal god.

This is the most boring show of all time this season. If it doesn't pick up by episode 2 I'll drop it. This season actually don't lack good shows.

Unlike the other which have a chance if Satou is ever forced into the right situation, Pochi and Tama are basically impossible. The only possible way would be if enough time passes with personality changes as they age, and even then I doubt Satou would do anything.
It is most likely a dragon god, but there is no way to know yet if its the same one he killed, or if the one from other parallel worlds is a completely different dragon god.

Well from what I heard yes. The girls and the mc are the driving force of the plot.

Demon lords are just side plots for Satou, the normal heroes have problems fighting even one of them.

All of these shows are objectively worse than this one.

You're either retarded or literally super gay (a lot of these shows are badly drawn fujobait) if you like these shows over this.


What's going on here?
Leg locking?

Arisa and Mia blocking Satou from looking at someone other than them.


Leglocking is something entirely different.

And it still hasn't happened yet to Satou.
>"That's right! I think not allowing me to take a bath together after I became of age is cruel! I also want the opportunity to appreciate Master's collarbone!"

Give it time, it'll happen.

I hope so, and not just having to imagine it after a skip to the next morning after all this waiting. My expectations are low at this point though. The scene where he gets the skills will likely have more detail than what we get for the main characters.



It's just regular haremshit.
Just watch it for the girls if nothing else.

Arisa is love.

Arisa wants love, but Satou won't get it to her.

We all know Satou is a faggot.

I hope when he finally finds his alternate method to gain the way to become a god, that method also requires him to have children first like Aze's requirements.