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>go to popteamepic.com/
>shit brix

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Is this the way I randomly got a trojan today?


What a fucking shithole. there's like one guy who knows what he's talking about


Who's responsible for this?

I want to marry Pipimi

oh my god this is amazing who did this LOL

what a shit site

Looks like Sup Forums except worse.

Will the nips complain about this too?

How many levels of irony are you on?

Shit dude, maybe 3 or 4.

Keit-ai level.


Holy Shit

so they got hacked or something?


too deep for me

look at all those faggots

wat a kuso saito

So this is what reddit looks like.

Pop Team Epic is the shitty english name that they literally don't care about.
someone just got the domain and redirected it.

Nice Reddit link, bro.

This is the actual official site hoshiiro.jp/

my anti-virus flagged this website as unsafe

i would advise everyone not to click the link and if you already did then have your AV do a quick scan.

site looks retarded