I figured I'd read the manga of this to see how it ends - what chapter did the anime go upto?

I figured I'd read the manga of this to see how it ends - what chapter did the anime go upto?

Anyway, I know this anime is old, but everyone agreed Eu was best girl by far, right?

Eu and Haruna are pretty much best girls. Mael, Chris, Seras follow behind them.

>I know this anime is old
No it’s not it only came out... 7 years ago... ah it’s raining.

Ending is nothing remarkable, but it is a psuedo-harem end.

Haruna looks cutest and has the cutest VA (besides eu, but in a different way) but is by far the most annoying character, besides Sera ofc.

Our loli necromancer Eu was indeed the bestest. Especially the anime version because of pic related.

The worst girl by consensus was Sera. I don't think that will come as a surprise to you.

that low twin-tail school girl is cute

Really? She was adorable and is probably the most fun-making character in the show.

Nostalgia bomb? Haruna is best girl. Eu is a very close second along with Chris.

Hm, perhaps in terms of 'fun-making' you might be right. Eu is still best girl though.

>nobodies answering the question about the manga

dead scanlation?

I love them both, so it's all great to me. Eu provides a different kind of moe that runs in the opposite different being the extreme emotionless perceived girl, yet she is the type who doesn't mind going with the flow and joining in the jokes (usually by acting standoffish to Ayumu).

I can find the manga I just wanna know what parts go beyond the anime

Dyson-kun was best girl

I don't think anyone here knows, user. Most don't read it because Yen Shit licensed it and people are put off by their translation style.

Maelstrom is the only Vampire who's not a bitch so she wins. Eu is too passive.

That's fair - I can always just look through the manga and find where it lines up with the end of s2, figured it'd be worth reminding people this fun anime existed either way though.

Eu's passivity is precisely what makes her so cute. None of the vampires are really good as waitfu's though, as a group they're funny.

Only good for second mistress.

It came out 3 years ago don't be ridiculous.

It's 2018, user.

The anime finished in 2012, started in 2011.

i'm gonna KISS that vampire ninja!

I'm gonna touch her boobd

there are doujins with plot like this ehh

For the most part, everything that was in the anime was covered in the manga. What wasn't covered was the resolution to the Chris arc and a manga original story that had dere Sera. In my opinion though, you should start from the beginning if you're looking to check out the manga. It's a pretty good adaptation of the series that shows more of Sera and Seras's dere side while adapting farther than what the anime tried to cover.

sera > haruna

Sera has the best body of the main-cast.
Sera has the worst personality of the main-cast.

eu is one of those you just love but no defiling.
eu is pure!

Sera is a good korean desk car, she does household chores during the day and has a part-time job so she can buy her own shit instead of passing the cost onto her host. Presumably she chips in to buying the family food and kitchenware (which she destroys while cooking)

It's a LN, the manga is just an incomplete adaption too

I liked the vampire girl with the butt fetish.

>he doesn't appreciate perfect tsun-dere

Put on your trip, Lelouch.

>perfect tsundere
It's all tsun. All of it.
Even in the LN's she doesn't get with him, maintaining the role of abusive freeloader like always.

ayumu just has to mouth rape her and she would be obligated to mindbreak herself into the perfect waifu.

Yuki is the best girl, followed by Eu. Haruna was annoying.

What the fuck, this seriously fucked me up

We’re getting old user.

Sera a best.
Haruna a shit.

You're over 3 hours late, THK. Shit as usual, by the way.

How did the LN end?

>muh boogeyman
Haruna still a shit.

I am just an user just like any other, and I need to say that haruna was annoying and an horrible person that does not really change much through the story. Sera mellows out as time passes while remaining competent and having something that resembles a personality.
That being said, Saras is the best and everyone who says otherwise is a faggot with shit taste.

Shiri Ai > Shiriai

Literally a cunt with no dere and the worst personality in the show. But different strokes for different people, I guess.

First post got it right.

>7 years later, yet my lifestyle and routine haven't changed at all
Every year I ask myself just what the hell am I doing with life?

With a true harem end. The last chapter of the main story is Aikawa (who is now a human) having fun with his new family. The postscript for the volume includes mini epilogues for the cast that were translated somewhere in the archives.
The final volume of the series is basically a collection of short stories that all take place at different points in the timeline. A few of those stories were actually adapted into the anime.

A lot of shit taste in this thread. Eu is good thou. Saras is the only supreme girl.

Anyone that thinks Haruna is good needs help. She is trash.

She was, like, barely better than Sera.

Haruna a shit.

did he get sera?

Of course. Sera's tsun breaks down a lot in the novels to the point where she's one of the girls with the most affection towards Ayumu. Her epilogue states that the other girls in the harem view her as a mother figure due to how dere she becomes.

Yet she was far more friendly and honest.

She was obsessed with MC's butt and as a person. I get it's a joke, but still. She's a hardcore dominatrix, which is not my thing.

No idea, but I heard the manga ended earlier than the LN and it was an original harem ending. The LN had a harem end too, but the girls that made up the harem included characters both the manga and anime don't have.

Eu and Haruna were the main leads and mascots of the series. Most of the plot and silly comedy situations occured because of them. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when they were the most popular girls, especially their twitter accounts at the time the show has hype and relevant. Anyways, they're about equal in my book, but Haruna has an edge because fang+brat are a huge fetish of mine.

How horrifying

If you don't like Haruna, you should leave

Your loss.

>Plate Armor

S3 when

>>I know this anime is old
>No it’s not it only came out... 7 years ago... ah it’s raining.

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

Never. All the people who ever still think about this anime are in this thread.

s3 will happen
it will

>No it’s not it only came out... 7 years ago... ah it’s raining.

Stop lying, I watched this when it was airing and it was just a couple of years ago ;_;

Anything can get a sequel these days. Don't give up hope.

Haruna a best.
>Flat chest

would mate her for her cooking, that's it

Why would a necromancer wear plate armor?

Forgot all about her GOD TIER EGGS

Because is cute.

How does Chris’s story end?

For that 20+AC

Really though because it limits her ability, she's too stronk otherwise. That's literally the reason.

>A fucking cunt
>Annoying bitch
>Spoiled brat
shit taste

>would mate her for her cooking, that's it
>Forgot all about her GOD TIER EGGS
High cholesterol level

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My favorite was Chris

There are many fags who hates Sera because they can't be honest with themselves. They can't admit being a pieces of shit
by example those fags
(Fuck you)

That annoyed me, that the anime just left Chris's story up in the air like that.

I want to marry that fairy.

The lack of sarasfag is disgusting

does he kiss her and make her his wife?