What was this supposed to be a deconstruction of?


It wasn't.

It was more of a subversion of when the Shonen MC goes super saiyan.


Shonen MCs.



I like subversion better as a term, those who use the term deconstruction don't really know what that entails

Deconstruction is old hat. Go to bed, grandpa Foucault.

Is this when he becomes an adult to destroy the trap? It's Super Saiyan tier shit played straight because the author wrote himself into a corner then.

How was it a subversion?

it's called an asspull OP

The hero finds his inner strength due to his noble purpose and solves the situation with new awesome powers.

Here Gon doesn't find any inner strength but rather plays the nen system, he doesn't have any noble or heroic purpose but just wants revenge, even if it endangers innocents and he solves nothing since it was Netero that dealt with the real threat. Also it wasn't any awesome power: it ruined his body and horrified Killua.

I never really thought of that trope being so strictly defined, when its not that unheard of to have no "noble purpose" or "solution" (e.g. Gohan, Yusuke, etc)

At least it's generally agreed that the new powers are a good thing that the hero uses to protect his loved ones or defeat the enemies that are a danger to the world etc.

Here it was seen as something with terrible consecuences and just for revenge.

Honestly, can someone answer this for me? Why did Gon do something so drastic to defeat pitou because of kite? Not trying to be disrespectful to kite but I didn't think his relationship to gon warranted such a sacrifice. Maybe i missed something because i didn't read the manga, but i thought gon only knew kite because kite saved him from the foxbear when he was a kid and that was the extent of their relationship until the chimera ant arc. I can see gon reacting this way if it was killua who got killed, or even leorio or kurapika, but I just don't get why he felt such a strong attachment to kite when they didn't know eachother on a level like brothers or something. I know gon is very emotional and stubborn but I really would've only expected something like this if it was someone closer to him that got killed. That episode was dope af tho, good music too.

I can't remember if they showed it in the anime, actually, I know they didn't.
But since you've only seen the anime, in the manga, Gon trains with Kite.

In the very beginning of the series, he meets Kite in the woods and gets to know him. They do develop a sort of "teacher/student/father/son" relationship.

They're shown later on to have some sort of teacher/student relationship, but they've known each other since Gon started his journey.

For Kite to be murdered while protecting Gon, then to find out he's still alive being used as a fucking toy really sent him over the edge.

kite was ging's student, and gon is absolutely obsessed with ging

Do you think its unlikely that Gon will channel that power more productively if/when he regains it? Like a Naruto situation

Actually, not that I've gone back and looked because you were curious, Gon essentially becomes a hunter because of Kite.

In the very first chapter is where they meat.

So, it's kind of like Luffy going insane if Shanks were to die.

Kite was second only to Ging in Gon's eyes, except Gon had interacted with Kite more than his dad. Kite being on the island at the beginning is what triggers Gon to seek out being a Hunter.
The fact that Gon could spend time with Kite at the beginning of the Chimera Ant arc was an amazing capstone for his journey. He was working alongside the person who was basically his idol, and by far the biggest link to his father thus far.
And Gon is an emotionally unstable and undeveloped barely-teenager who heavily borders on sociopathy. Of course he'd go overboard against the person who killed Kite.

alright, yeah I guess i was underestimating the depth of their relationship. Thanks

>heavily borders on sociopathy
in what way

In the manga and 1999 version, Gon in inspired to become a hunter after meeting Kite, who told him that was how he would be able to find his father. They cut this in the 2011 version for some stupid reason. Gon's relationship with Kite doesn't make as much sense if it wasn't pre-established that Gon really liked him since he was a kid

Subversion is actually the most appropriate term to describe this scene. Deconstruction is criticism which you can't really do when you're doing the exact same thing the thing your criticizing did.

deconsctruction of the shounen ganjah

They showed it in retrospect once Gon and Killua met Kite after Greed Island. Complete with foxbear and the child abuse.

Not him but I think he will learn something from it. I get the feeling that experiencing yourself in such a powerful state would give you useful experience for reaching it more naturally. Though I doubt he'll go down the route of him being able to use a weaker version of it for a minute at a time or something like that.

I hope that poster meant borders in a literal sense; as not actually being over the border but just close to it.

Gon's morality is simple, and sorta innocent. I wouldn't say he lacks empathy myself, just that his naivety has an overfocus of where he puts people on his relative scale of importance and attachment.
Like, y'know, a normal actual real kid. Empathizing strongly with certain things while other things not at all.

Yeah but it was a shitty flashback that doesn't really work the same way.

Bitches should AT LEAST watch the pilot or the first episode of the classic series before watching the remastered one

Read the manga

No, really, the first chapters. Or this

Great anger and autism mixed with adolescent sexual frustration.

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more like the typical shonen hero not giving a shit and becoming the strongest enemy in the end due to lack of critical thought.

I don't know dude, thats pretty much a trope in itself.
Infact, thats pretty much a copy of naruto and it didn't subvert anyone's expectations.

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>Gon seeks out the enemy he's been hunting all arc
>enemy begs him to wait long enough to heal an innocent girl
>instead of Gon realizing that the enemy isn't as bad as he thought, he just straight-up kills them afterward
The entire arc loved playing around with the cliche that the enemies and heroes would come to an understanding. Nearly every major ant had at least one scene where it looked like they would switch sides, only to get their asses killed.

Except the butterfly. The only surprise to come out of him was that the king never straight-up killed him.

Nothing. The Chimera Ant arc was about the hunter becoming the hunted. All through the arc they emphasise that the ants are evolutionarily superior beings because they have limitless capacity to assimilate genes and as a result they are on average stronger and smarter than humans with a greater capacity to learn.

But as a result of the isolated location in which they were born, NGL and East Gorteau they were limited in their understanding of humans and they arrogantly assumed that because they were biologically superior that this was all their was to being an apex predator. They never considered technology just how far human understanding stretched. When Netero is fighting Meruem he tells him not to underestimate humans limitless potential for evolution before hitting him with a nuke and before Gon inadvertantly releases all of his potential by an emotional trigger. Meruem was stronger and more skilled than any human he faced in that arc but he lost purely because he never considered technology as a factor even once.

The series is about hunters hunting hunters and the Chimera Ant arc is the culmination of this showing that humans are the apex predators of Earth because they have limitless potential that has been honed over millions of years.

A successful, consistently released manga