When I see a jagged manga balloon, I die

When I see a jagged manga balloon, I die.

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What is the best fansub making this series, HorribleSubs are using censored raws and have some issues in the audio.

I don't know what the fuck you just did, but you're special, man


What the fuck did she even mean by that?

Jesus Christ calm down, all he did was post a link.

I can't believe they got Emi Evans for that shitty gag

Why it is not bkub Saturday yet?

Is this shit early adult swim-tier comedy?
What does Sup Forums think of the VAs?

Censored: my.mixtape.moe/aavyij.mp4

>Is this shit early adult swim-tier comedy?
it's too deep for you to understand, it criticizes the very heart of culture itself

Subculture bitches are the poser of Anime, thus they must be destroyed


At last I truly understand Bkub


that was really nice

Was Aoi Yuuki the best voice for Popuko?

Will the episodes be 15min long but with different VA for each half?

do they purposely write shit like this so people can post them on imageboards? seems too blatant.

>HTML 4.01

Shizuku is cute

The translators? Probably, but i definitely wonder if the originals are as retarded as those.

Yes, think of it like a 12min short with two different versions. It's a pretty fucking ballsy move desu

Yugo's VA in the france scene was the best one.


Do you prefer the girl's voice or the old men?
I'm going for the latter.

What's the name of this condition?

It depends on the scene, ep2 the female voices were much better overall but in ep1 males were better at times.

The only girl worth watching in Hoshiiro girldrop.

Fuck I just noticed that I can't pick which version to watch because it has different shit in it.
This show is evil.

Jagger Syndrome


Watch the first half whenever a new episode hits and save the second half for a future rewatch, i'm doing this and it's great.

Droppu Droppu!

There are hidden ideas in this familiar landscape,
Which are you always looking at,

An Unconscious Bias,
Nobody knows the reason to exists,

It repeated, an imagined speed graph,
a geometric pattern of life and death,
a paper to meet us at the end of the ceremony,
traveling in a parallel world,

I looked at those desires you crossed out.




Are there Hoshiiro GirlDrops doujin yet?


>checking French Popuko's resume
>is French Matoi Ryuko
>is French Youkai Watch mascot

I want to punch it

Would she get mad?

There are slight differences on manny. The Konosuba one changes a lot and the second version adds to the first one


where's my pipimi plushie?

one cup of latte art please


Can't madden the angry.





The OP is way too good for this kind of show.

anyone else absolutely love the OP?



yeah it was great

When I see a kuso anime, I die

Site looks retarded.

You may miss out on stuff if you watch the other half. Like the fantasy/voice actor part had two sets of VAs and lines.


I'd drive it

Why dies the censored version exist in the first place?


Poor user.

Just saw a post about Poptepeepeeku on Facebook. It's all over. Time to go home.

Presumably for broadcast
Or do you mean why would someone make a clip of it? No clue

Me too, Skylines are sick.


This makes that "ironic weebs" image especially ironic

>Popuko isn't Ulfric or Alduin
>Lokir isn't Orga



Can someone please explain this joke to me?

Nope, that wasn't witty or anything, just retarded.

More like Hoshiro GirlDROPPED am I right?

>Sup Forums hates lol so random
>it's okay when jap humor does it
Really tickles my testicles.

>lolsorandom humor
This is literally what you'd say if you didn't understand the jokes.

That sounds quite pleasant, actually.


Brainlet detected

so you like it?

>weebs prefer Japanese stuff

Holy shit, I think you're onto something.

Easy task.


>wrapping the hotdogs in lettuce
Hmmm I might have to try that.

Kill yourself, facecuck.

How exactly would you eat a dick like a forkfull of pasta?

Slurp it up.

mash and chew



This art style disgusts me.
>artist is a furfag