Girls Und Panzer

Which school has the best theme song? Pic very related.

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The bongs


What song best fits Shizuka?

No subs till April, go home.

the GuP version of Johnny Comes Marching Home is fantastic

>What song best fits Shizuka?

Man I need to go read this, I keep putting it off

My girlfriend is so beautiful. I'm such a lucky guy!

I am currently watching it to check what was the hype about. I got pissed off in the first episode. Why is this retarded councile forcing her to do it. Yeah she quickly agreed but still that was stupid.

One day you will understand everything

I decided to watch more because I thought it will be some VR game or something but they pulled out real tank. Will they shoot each other and die ? What will happen and how this works? I still hate the council.

>Will they shoot each other and die ?
Not in this one
>What will happen and how this works?
Carbon coating, that's everything I will tell you
>I still hate the council.

Carbon, that word would be useful later

Thanks for fast reply. What do you mean by "Not in this one" is there the other one where they do ?

I liked it better when it was called Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.

>I still hate the council.

Well, that sounds like a personal problem. GET OVER IT.

>What do you mean by "Not in this one" is there the other one where they do ?
We like to call it "That"


Don't be like that you got me intrested.

don't you do it

Before I tell you about it, I have a question.
Do you like guro?

I have nothing against it. Sometimes I like it.

Probably the Russians comrade

Do you like Rape too?

This is going in the weird direction but if I must I will like rape. So what were you reffering to before ? Please ?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want you to know what are getting into.

I like the characters too much to enjoy this.

Wow I thought about some other series/spinoff/alternate season but after rape question I started to doubt it.

Well it was intresting to see it with gore. Not that intresting with rape and not the proudest boner.

>not the proudest boner.
Could be worse

It certainly could. Well this anime is alot weirder than I thought but I will give it a shot.

This is my wife, Shizuka! Say something nice about her!

her nipples are erect, is she thinking about senshado again?

She's thinking about riding me like a horse

She looks like a rapist

Surprisingly enough she's a rape victim

girls cant rape girls

Don't be stupid! Girls can't do that!

>girls cant rape


This is my Wife
Please say something about her



A fried is too just starting to watch GuP, he too dislikes the council. Both him and you will love Anzu or Momo by the end of the series, specially if you see the OVA's
For now I recommend daily Anzu lewds to treat any anger against her

>>girls cant rape
uh excuse me but loli's are still capable of raping middle-aged men by saying they will scream for the police if the guy doesn't fuck her


Is for bullying and loving

She really likes yogurt for some reason

I used to be in the same boat when I first started watching the series. The loli look makes be uncomfortable, but her voice is adorable especially the tone she uses when she thanks Miho at the end of the series.

Is Clotted Cream, really good on biscuits

Is there a Croatian School for Loli D'Annuzio to invade and for Anzio to annex?

Anzio will be relly fucked

Which guppie would make the best mother?

At least they have free oil

I'm willing to do the tests to find out

Excuse me? I don't like what you're implying.

I want to try with Marie

Nonna. she already has a lot of experience

Would it help if I mentioned starting with someone more developed?

It's explained later.

But Nonna would disinherit every child when they reach the puberty


Real compelling rebuttal there.

That's blackmail. Learn the difference.



>he spoonfed someone THAT

>But Nonna would disinherit every child when they reach the puberty
They would had the greatest
>Real compelling rebuttal there.
Which answer are you quoting?

blackmail into lewd acts is still rape

I want to impregnate Mako and give her the family she deserves.

>Which answer are you quoting?

Which post are YOU quoting?

She'd fall asleep during sex.

No, it's not.

Doesn't stop me from planting my seed.

Yes, it is. You're taking the choice of consent away from them.

I'm sorry but he asked for it


>suggesting this isn't our home
you get a video:

Anyone getting the GuP game?

No it's not, they're perfectly capable of refusing.

Look at the greentext; it's not that hard to draw the connection.

Ah ok

"Boys und Flugzeug" when?

which panzer is good at kissing?

New GuP Dream Tank Match trailer featuring Chihatan's tanks.

Panzer IV

Yukari a cute. Really want to try the game, but i don't want to buy a PS4 for only one game


Boys and planes are a thing

>>He didn't read the BD 1 booklet
Absolute pleb

>not buy a PS4 just for GuP

Only girls can be witches
Boylovers get out



But Boys und Flugzeug would be a good show, unlike Strike Witches

I'm really tempted, maybe i get a cheap one later, if the game doesn't get ported to PC in the next year

Boy Erika is better

Why not both

Miho pls

he doesn't look up to protocol for Maho Youth

I'm not miho

sauce and translation plz. This is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

>Erika """hates""" miho
>Miho loves it
I mean it's basically every miho/erika doujin ever

I have the sauce, but not the translation.