I miss Bleach back when it was comfy

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I miss Bleach back when it was goo-OH WAIT

If you don't think Bleach is good you simply don't like anime

Bleach only got interesting during SS arc.

I really liked the fashion back then and still do.

If you think Bleach is good you have less self-respect for yourself than people who only watch moe

Maybe you're just not intellectual enough for Bleach.

I miss Bleach back when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho.


Kubo's fashion drawing is on fucking point.

The anime was even worse because of the filler. Bleach fans never considered Bleach good or great but they loved that shit because it was fun for them to get Kubo’d.

thought chad was the chillest person ever and had him for my facebook avtar for such a long time ( mainly cause I forget facebook exist for months at a time to years) Only to remember how fucked over he was in the story.

Was chad vice captain level of strength or not?

Bleach depresses me. It was my first experience with shounen syndrome. And it didn’t even get a merciful death.

Nothing can be explained, I guess.

The filler from Beach is better animated, written, and more respectful of the sourcematerial, then the entire run of Super.

It's a good thing they decided to redo the ending

Kubo should have been a fashion desginer. He clearly loves that shit so much

The Soul Society arc was legitimately fantastic.

I don’t watch Dragon Ball in any form but Bleach was never really good after Soul Society and the filler was pretty bland. The worst parts of the Bleach filler was just jamming it in between arcs and making them long as a canon arc. I still had fun with the series though so it really wasn’t a waste.

I wonder if he's ever going to sell clothes or what, he could displace the memetechwear industry singlehanded.

It was fun the characters were still cool.
That's all that matters.
Karakura town and the final arc?
Now that was just a clusterfuck of nonsense right there.

I would wear the fuck out of Kubo’s designs

He could end some careers with these designs.

People who get mad at Bleach for being bad really don’t get it. It’s like a “so bad it’s good” kind of series. It’s supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to like a few characters and keep up with them and pray Kubo brings them back if they haven’t been killed off. I want to see what Kubo does next.

>orihime sketch is cute
>rangiku sketch is beautiful
>rukia sketch is boring

If he stays with a smaller group of characters that would help.

I guess we can pray for no more same face in his next work.
Some anons wanted it to stay a small series but I’ll pray he just doesn’t go off the rails like he did if he does make a long series.

There were way better female designs than those two in my opinion to make them boring.

Y'know... for all the O MY RUBBER NEN posts we have on Sup Forums... is there any series that had more asspull or ridiculous powersets than Bleach?

Especially with the final arc there. Everyone's power was basically "I HAVE THE POWER TO WIN IN PRETTY MUCH ANY SCENARIO" followed by an asspull from the heroes that beat them, followed by "BUT WAIT I AM ACTUALLY MORE POWERFUL" followed by further asspulls.

I just wanted high school Ghostbusters. Fuck you and your stupid plans, Aizen.

Okay I’m going to read Bleach from now on. I stopped in the anime at like 110 or something. I knew it was ridiculous but this sounds fun. Mangafriends always had a good time in threads discussing asspulls and making memes though.


Aizen a cute.

Thanks Team Four Star

Do it, even if only to hate it with reasons after finishing it.
Actually it's borderline good since all of unanswered questions that just keep piling up seems to lead to a HUGE reveal then it dissapoints when Kubo makes the story continue in pretty much the only way fan theorists didn't expected and always in ways everything until that point gets shitted increasingly harder

Give it patience and you will enjoy it a lot until you get to the breaking point of clear contradictions one after other.

If I were you, I'd pretend the manga ended before the couple of last arcs - chapter 423.
That comes from someone who used to be a diehard Bleach fan and got some sense now.

Dropping the urban setting and aesthetic was a mistake. It's still how I envision the series thanks to promotional art, the first anime opening and the first chunk of the story, but you pretty much lose it as soon as they go to spirit japan.

I see Bleach fans as either delusional that it’s good or mad at Kubo because it’s bad but fun so you keep reading anyway. You guys always looked like you had fun in threads and had some great memes like The Heart and making Kubo edits. Kubo’s style is also cool to me. As much as some complained about his lack of background I liked how sleek it looked. Thanks, anons.

Remember when Bleach stole its plotlines straight out of Yu Yu Hakusho?
>spirit policeman
>did no police work
>jump straight to battle manga tournament formula
>disppointing offscreen final battle

This takes me back.

>Kubo couldn't go to Tuscany because of health issues
So he really ended Bleach because he was dying?

Best ED theme

I miss your mom.


I disagree. The Hueco Mundo and Fake Karakura arcs were so boring, I was so glad when they finished and we got something else.

I miss the chick with the red glasses. Damn i want to do disrespectful things to her.

>The side characters are cooler than the main group

I prefer the Soul Society arc but the first arc had its charm too.

trips confirms the truth