Ramen daisuki

Why is this anime allowed?
Is Japan trying to get faps from food or just shill ramen?

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Japanese propaganda to get yougins to embrace their culture and eat less foreign fast food.

So dramatic


>slurping noodles

I went to japan one time for a trip alone and ate in this humble looking ramen shop. There was this friendly jap customer who told me how to eat ramen. He told me to slurp, but I just couldn't do it no matter how what. He laughed and the shop owner laughed too. It was a fun day. His english was good too

It only stains your shirt. Why do they do this?

Don't japs like to slurp really loudly as a sign that they are enjoying the food? sounds like one of those autistic asian customs

So you can eat the noodles and drink the soup at the same time


god this show is asinine

who the fuck watches ep 1 and thinks 'yep, nice, that was good, can't wait to watch next week'

That's a high level technique. Impossible even. It's not like the noodles act as a straw. Look at what OP posted. It doesn't seem like they're drinking the soup.

The explanation I got from watching korean shows is that slurping also cools down the noodles so it's not too hot when it gets to your mouth. autistic? probably.

You mean you never slurp soup or tea ?
I hope you don't wait for when it's already barely lukewarm to drink those.

Pro Ramen technique
>bowl in left hand, drinking from bowl
>chopsticks in right hand, eating noodles
>Spoon in left hand
>chopsticks in right
Always eating and drinking in quick succession

Little girl bitch mode can't even eat well
>puts down chopsticks to drink broth
>has to hold bowl with two hands
>puts down chopsticks to hold spoon in left hand

fucking little girls can't do anything right except look cute i want a big strong man to teach me how to eat ramen not some incompetant little slut

That's not a high level technique

I blow on it like a normal human being.

This man gets it!

Ra-ra-ra-ramen daisuki Koizumi-san.

Damn, I'm hungry now
Even when I know ramen is shit-tier bland food

Proper technique
>eat all the noodles before they become soft.
>pick up the bowl and drink the rest of the broth all at once

Going spoonful by spoonful is true little bitch mode

Or you can use a fork like any jon retarded human being in the past 5000 years

I'm mad about the lack of actual ramen in the west

ramen is a lot easier to eat with chopsticks
i doubt you have ever had real ramen before

I live in Europe we don't eat greasy noodle soup with sticks, yeah

that's close to yakisoba than actual ramen.

looking at any other shitty food trend that crosses any ocean, I'm not upset.

Such as?

If you don't like ramen you probably live in some flyover state/country where "Rising Sun Chinese and Sushi" is the best Asian restaurant for miles around.

why do they even bother to animate such pointless stuff

the gross secret is to let some saliva drip down the noodle

Come to LA, or San Diego, user. There's good fucking ramen over here.

there's good ramen in new york

Raw oysters are the true japanese gourmet food:

ramen isn't gourmet and no one pretends it is. It's fast food. It costs like $6-$15 at michelin starred places

Any state that touches the Pacific, with the possible exception of Alaska, has good ramen somewhere in it. And I only make the exception for Alaska because I haven't been there.


I'm on Texas

That's the dumbest shit I've ever read, what is Italian and french food then?

I don't think you care about flavor or quality at all if you have enough ignorance to say garbage like that.

>It's not like the noodles act as a straw
Some of the soup sticking on the noodle. If you don't slurp then the soup will stuck at your mouth instead.

I would bet money that if nothing else there's a good ramen place somewhere in Austin.

Only one, Ramen Tatsuya

Worth it every time I'm in Austin.

Gotta check it

some of the soup is on the noodles and if you slurp fast enough the soup on the noodles gets slurped down with them giving it a nice flavor.
you just gotta suck fast, like you're taking a big breath.

I tried getting ramen with my friends who know next to nothing about ramen and they scoff at the fact that a bowl of ramen that took 24 hours to make costs $11, but they will happily spend $20 for a plate of spaghetti with canned tomatoes on it. I don't understand America.

This is AOTS, hands down.
And I'm not even joking.

I'm lucky I have one friend who loves food as much as I do. There are a few ramen places around here, and they've always been fantastic.

Slurping aerates the soup, allowing the aroma to enter your nasal cavity via your throat instead of you nose.

Im not sure of its season placement yet but is comfy as fuck when the lesbian boy is off

Tsukemen >

I actually want to try that at some point, haven't run across a place that does it yet.

>plan watching this
>search using the word ramen
>ends up watching trap assassin instead