What does Sup Forums think of Amagami SS?

What does Sup Forums think of Amagami SS?

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Best breeding material show.

I think Tsukasa is best girl with best route.

All the girls are fit for a F├╝hrer.

Will we get an S2 of this garbage?

Among the best romance anime and probably the best game adaptation ever.

I don't know, never seen it.
Waiting for the VN to be translated fully.
I know about the Amagami Challenge though.

They have pretty boring and muted designs, I'll say that much.

>Ayatsuji-san will never feed you
why live?

They're written very well though and their designs are a part of the charm for me.

Yeah the designs are refreshing

I heard the creator is planning for an /u/ version of Amagami SS or new original series focus on a girl looking for love in a high school series.

She's a good girl with nothing to hide

>/u/ version of Amagami SS or new original series focus on a girl
Not interested. Will bomb harder than Seiren.

Needs a Hibiki route


Yes , it was one of the better romances. Short fullfilling and everyone won.
There was second season if I remember correctly.It could be special but it countinued their stories.

>and everyone won

I watched it before I knew much about anything Sup Forums-related so I was confused as to why things kept looping.

But in hindsight it was a great show.

>and everyone won

Ai and Kaoru are pure waifu material.

Oh well yeah heh. At least they played it cool and helped MC as their "present" for him.

>and everyone won

If it's all girls cast especially if it can make good retarded yuri drama it will sell like hotcakes.

A bunch of boring-ass plain janes. What a terrible ensemble for a waifu game/anime.

I hope you get fucking killed

And I hope you learn to love yourself.

I don't think a large audience, the Amagami audience in particular, is interested in serious Yuri romance. Most shows that involve Yuri while actually selling well don't do serious Yuri romance but only vaguely hint in that direction, leaving it open to the interpretation of the audience whether the girls aren't actually straight.

Also, Yuri drama is the number one way of ruining Yuri shows.

Surface of the Pool~

Its what on the inside that counts.

best girl

I kinda agree but all girl shows are selling very good and everyone interested of jumping on the bandwagon and females are starting to take the yaoi/yuri demographic. It would be interesting to see how the creator work on a all-girls cast with yuri undertones and good fanservice.

I like it and every time I re-watch it my favorite girl changes.

curly hair > swimmer > rich girl > tsundere > childhood friend > kouhai

I thoroughly enjoyed it

I love it, but Tsukasa is crazy as fuck.

Miya >> Kaoru = Ai > Sensei = Hibiki

>Wavy haired asian

I've died and gone to heaven, how did I not know this existed?

Seems most people come for the Kaoru. Give it a watch, see who your favorite is.

absolutely superb taste

When I started watching it I didn't even knew I came for her. Sadly her arc was not really fullfilling as they behaved almost the same as before.

Ah, a man with good taste.

That's one of the things that I liked about her arc, it's about the difficulty of shifting from longterm friendship into a romantic relationship which means it's more about hijinks and teasing punctuated by occasional lovey-dovey moments. Her episodes in SS+ were my favorite.

Kaoru, because I have a fetish for Jewish girls.

>Best girl in the middle
Great taste

Replace Kaoru with Tsukasa

>I heard the creator is planning for an /u/ version of Amagami SS

Would watch.

why would I put worst girl in a picture for the best girls?

I'm halfway through the first episode and actually pleasantly surprised by the fact the MC isn't a raging autist. But everytime miss hairband calls him "Nice" i can't help but remember that scene from "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"

That's something I loved about it too. Junichi is kind of dumb, but he's dumb like an actual teenager and not a harem protagonist. The man knows what he wants and he goes for it.

Kind of scares me because I have really close friend too and sometimes I think what if we tried take one step ahead of friendship. What if this will be just the same as before or awkward. Maybe that's why I liked her the most.

No Miya route. It's shit.

>A yuri Amagami SS/Seiren
>Next series would be an all girls school

Fuck the haters this will sell hotcakes

Incest is wrong user

Unfortunately, Junich isn't as assertive with the other girls as he is with Haruka, but he's still alright because he doesn't act completely clueless and shocked when any of the girls show interest in him. He gets flustered, but there's none of that faux-asexual nonsense.

Best song.

Another enjoyable bit, I'm in the third episode and realized that background characters reacting to things happens, helps with the feel of the world.

Who /Hibiki/



I like how they basically did every route instead of some pseudo route that features them all like say Clannad.


Don't worry user, Rihoko got to win in SS+


>tell the us to go ahead and nuke japan

How is that related to amagami ?

Set in the same school with a new cast. I don't remember how many years later it takes place after Amagami.
Amagami was 1994, and in Seiren they go to a comiket in the early 2000's



Gives Rihoko an actual ending. Support for the other routes.

Ah, that's SS plus! SS is a must though!

It's pretty impressive that even after all these years, this still gets talked about.


>Creator wants to work on a yuri themed Amagami series

Will it succeed or bombed like Seiren did?

Bomb hopefully

If the fanservice is good then it will sell fine

Translations soon please.

Hopefully not, it was shit.

>But everytime miss hairband calls him "Nice" i can't help but remember that scene from "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"
Don't worry, Junichi becomes more assertive over the course of the arc and actively tries to romance her rather than her falling for him simply because he's "nice". It's easily the best arc in the series even if Kaoru is my favourite girl.

>Risa only got 1 episode across 2 seasons

The biggest crime of all. She was the most dedicated and kept other sluts away

Any day now

Next Christmas, you know what you must do.

tfw no amagami /ss/

reddit-teir trash

I think it's decent. Character designs are top notch.

Great taste user

Did she have autism?

Why is sex hair such a best?

Drama has to be Strawberry Panic tier indeed it would sell well.

She should have gotten a proper arc.

She's the reason behind everything and why Amagami could happen in the first place.

They should have done Hibiki and Sensei OVAs as well.

Unfortunately, the original anime studio behind Amagami is currently dead right now, right?

Not enough /ss/ for my liking, but it was still good.




Tsukasa is love

Then why is it so cute to imagine?

I want to have unprotected sex with Haruka!

I am literally going to marry Kaoru!


Its 1993.

Let me help you