Which one?

Which one?

Claudia for me, please.

I never watched this show but holy shit definitely the blonde one.

Claudia > Kirin > Saya >>> Pink Houki

Check it out; there's some top-tier girls such as Claudia, and the OP/ED music is good, too. Opinions will vary on other aspects.

And then there's this fu-
Oh, he put Claudia first. Good.

Julis > Saya > Kirin > Claudia


All of them except for autistic and samefagging Stellafag's girl aka Claudia who has less than 20 mins of screentime.


Anal for all of them

>down to earth childhood friend loli
>range class using guns and canon rifles
>assertive kuudere who's also understanding of the situation
No contest.



Asterisk > Rakudai
Julis > Stella
Ayato < Ikki

claudia until I die of dehydration

dunno who they are but the blue haired girl is the cutest

Claudia is best girl.


Quick reminder that battle harems were the isekai of the early 2010s.

Battle harems are better than isekai.

Go back a few years when people were asking for anything new that isn't a battle harem. We'll be back here again at some point in the next decade.

If I live for another decade.