Until Violet Snow come out, this show's only saving grace is this obligatory Kyoani's qthag

Until Violet Snow come out, this show's only saving grace is this obligatory Kyoani's qthag.

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Seconded, she looks like a best girl, and she makes my penis feel funny.

meh, the mom from phantom something is way hotter



Garbage lyrics, corny scene.

Not even the song that was playing during that scene.

I didn't think an anime could effect me emotionally until I got to the final scene of the first episode.

It's such a powerful sequence, I really like how they incoporated the camera shaking rapidly, it really pulled on my heart strings.

I can get over the lyrics as long as it's not Sawano Hiroyuki tier of stupid.

I know you're shitposting but japs on twitter were saying that they unironically teared up during that scene.

I never said that.

>thigh tattoo

Good, because that'd make you an idiot.


So did plenty of Euro+American (you)tubers/MALadjusted children/plebbitors.

As did i, nothing more gripping then two characters that i have no attachment too what so ever dying together with really bland sad/heroic music blaring the background.

That is litgh taned older Mio?

The power of underage shitposting. Shh, the adults are speaking.

Why does the name "Violet Evergarden" sound like it came from a novel someone published on their Tumblr?

LNs/VNs are of similar quality.

Purple Eternalcopse was already taken.

What the fuck are they? Are they robots or androids or haemonculi or what?

They eat and bleed, but they're artificial "dolls"?

>Tfw She and the background girl will be ditched for Violet doujins or the guys cast in fujos dojins.

Typing this with tears in my eyes after watching the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Violet Evergarden is the human spirit made naked for the viewer to see. Never in my 18 years did I think I would live to see the very nature of love and companionship replicated onscreen by a robot... a poetic outcome, all things considered. I will be personally buying 15-20 copies of the BDs with my college loan and I encourage all of you to do the same. Please support the company that is transforming anime into an art, a piece of expression on the level of Beethoven or Star Wars, rather than pedophile garbage like this season's other offerings.

We're getting dangerously close to Touhou game iteration names.

What a beauty! Can I have one, please?

It's that fakey wannabe literary naming style that's always used by people whose only exposure to real literature is film adaptations of popular Victorian novels.

Excepting Violet, they're dolls. Violet is not human nor robot but that's a rather complicated subject in the LN.

You started off okay, but your pasta got overcooked about midway through.

So what's VEG? Some sort of alchemical lab abomination? Feral child?

what does that mean? can I buy one for myself?

There's an old shrine to some pagan goddess of war that looks exactly like her in some small town in her world. Interpret that as you see fit, since the story did not delve deeper into this connection.

Why are the Dolls then seemingly more socially and emotionally aware than Violet?

Sounds pretty faggy.

>since the story did not delve deeper into this connection.
That's not a good sign considering if we're getting an anime right now and the source material still hasn't described the titular main character?

At least Salami-san@Ganbaranai explained most of the mysteries of the cast in its (albeit stilted and rushed) run.


>There's an old shrine to some pagan goddess of war that looks exactly like her in some small town in her world.
Welp, she's down two of her original physical arms, so whatever she was/is, she's not at full potential now.

>that's a rather complicated subject in the LN.

It's a spammed literary device designed to troll people.

They're all human.

The author wants to make you think they're robots, but they're just glorified secretaries with typewriters.

I can only presume it makes more sense in Japanese, since the kanji that make up names makes actual words.

Like, Sakura Inugami would be Cherryblossom Dog-god or someshit. Or the logical extreme with Nisioisin's Shinobu having Heartunderblade as her actual retarded surname.

Why is the soundtrack so bland

The dolls are created to understand human emotions.

>they're just glorified secretaries with typewriters.
Well goddamn bull-fucking-shit. Now I just feel lied to. I'm disappointed that if they can have robotic fancy prosthesis and cars when they're still on gaslight street lamps, that they apparently don't have robot people.

Kiss-shot is a great example of a creative name.

If this is true: fuck the author.

user the source material is over, it's only 2 volumes long.

Bullshit, no human can pull the shit Violet pulls.

>I can only presume it makes more sense in Japanese
Well, it's not a Japanese name, so it still sounds retarded.

Then he absolutely ruined it by adding a continued mishmash of words and gibberish: Accelerola-Orion Heartunderblade. It sounds like a made up car name meant to lampoon something Italian like "Lamborghini"

Why is it so poorly used is what I want to know. The same track plays over into different scenes even when the tone of the scene changes. Makes shit so jarring.

It's meant to be absurd. Better than this Downton Abbey tumblr fanfiction character shit.

It just has really bad directors, and thus the butcher scene after scene.

>cringe cringe cringe
Can't kyoani just stick with moe?

>Bullshit, no human can pull the shit Violet pulls.

She's just a chuuni MC. The author doesn't explain jack shit on what she is aside from starting every chapter with :

>Auto memories doll lol
>Dem blue eyes, blonde hair and porcelain skin

She gets her ass handed to her by a mortal in the last chapter before Solid Snake..Gilbert saved the day with the whole post office crew Was a pretty shitty chapter, conclusion and plot.

Why is hate of Sup Forums so contagious? I haven't even seen the anime and I hate VEG.

This, when Sup Forums shit on a show I like it seriously fucks with my enjoyment, idk why.
Like I remember loving erased, but Sup Forums shitposting just gave it this bad air about it. Now when i think back it's like a bad taste in my mouth.

That mortal played her like a fiddle, he clearly knew her weaknesses somehow and besides, her metal arms are trash compared to her old ones. Gilbert did nothing wrong.

Bullshit. The LN talks about how a man made a robot to help write his blind waifu's letters. This managed to be popular as he made it for others. He set up a company(?) and produced them. Some other company then bought them and militarised them.

Unless this statement is a lie and everybody in the world (in setting) is in on the joke/lie, that people who are mentally fucked for some reason and called 'Dolls' (and are all female for some reason) and made to work in simple jobs with social interaction... Then it makes no sense. Violet specifically wants to work with the Dolls because they have interactions with humans and allows her to learn how to understand their shit and so on.

She isn't anything. She doesn't need to be anything.

Don't listen to him, the LN covers the history of the creation of the Dolls.

You're a brainlet with no agency. I bet you always assume the opinion of whatever group you're in. You also probably posses a vagina.

>"Most experienced" Doll
>Gypsy vibe and looks

S+ Waifu material


Tell me about it. I've yet watched a single episode of SAO and stopped watching AoT before 10 eps because my PC broke, I hate both with passion.

Demanding explanations of everything ruins some things. Your kind is ruining 40k because you demand everything to be explained and be logical, rather than enjoying the mystery. Violet has no 'thing', she isn't anything. She doesn't need to be anything. It's a very short love story about grief and loss and overcoming it set in a fictional universe where Germany somehow doesn't starve during WW1.

>advanced AI exists
>some people are still illiterate
>they use gas for streetlighting
How in the world does any of this shit make sense? Is it a period drama or a sci-fi?

You're an emotional child.

>Bullshit. The LN talks about how a man made a robot to help write his blind waifu's letters. This managed to be popular as he made it for others. He set up a company(?) and produced them. Some other company then bought them and militarised them.
This anime is gonna be such a train wreck

>Gilbert did nothing wrong.

The whole buy the land plot point was kinda unnecessary The author just used that as an excuse to include the whole Post office crew in the scene.

Not really, i don't agree with people who say erased is bad, i think it's a great show, just Sup Forums managed kind of ruin it for me. Can't help it, the fucked my perception forever.

There's mystery, and then there's shit writing.

By being a fictional universe where Germany somehow beats the two largest Empires around, including the largest of all time, without starving in the process? People are illiterate because they need to be for plot needs them to be. Fuck knows what the literacy rates were in WW1 Germany, but it ain't gonna be 100%.

Forced Oscar Bait setting.

I don't see what's shit about it. Is she human with PTSD? Is she one of the militarised Auto Memory Dolls? Is she the reincarnation of a pagan War Goddess? That's all rather irrelevant when the premise is fucking simple. Woman tries to learn what love is, for whatever reason she cannot understand it, she does this by conversing with people who want letters written to loved ones and listening to people talk about their loved ones. This leads up to the reveal that her husbando isn't dead and they reunite in the end

These are question, which spark discussion. Which is often how shit spreads and becomes popular, because people ask questions on forums and image boards and gets people involved and they go and read it.

To be honest, Gilbert should've died and so should've Violet when the guy had her on the ground helpless.This kind of fucked up ending suits a killing machine like Violet better than being saved.

The studio fanbase helps.

>Bullshit. The LN talks about how a man made a robot to help write his blind waifu's letters. This managed to be popular as he made it for others. He set up a company(?) and produced them. Some other company then bought them and militarised them.

My dude, that's exactly what the author was trolling about.

>By being a fictional universe where Germany

Kinda strange how we have French and Anglo names in !Germany/ Leidenschaftleit's families.

>Gilbert Bougainvillea
>Claudia Hodgins
>Cattleya Baudelaire

The author can't kill them off, she needs a sequel lol

>the literacy rates in WW1 Germany
Germany had achieved universal literacy by the end of the 19th century. The only European countries with a literacy problem in the 20th century were Portugal, pockets of Spain (south-west), pockets of Italy (south/Sicily), the Balkans, and Russia.

We're not talking about Violet's identity anymore.

I am aware, ignore that part, see my post . My point is, the author specifically wanted Violet to be one of those 'is she, isn't she?' type characters. Like he watched Blade Runner before he wrote it, 'Oooh Mr Deckrard, you weplicant?' and decided to do one massive LN under this idea. I don't think he was specifically trolling people into 'surprise, they're all human!', unless he outright stated that. It makes more sense to have you question who or what she is, since it generates discussion, rather than 'Yeah she's a Doll/Human/God'. That's what I got from it, maybe you've read some out of setting shit from the author but it's not the impression I got. I saw it as a 'WHAT ARE HUMANS? SEE? WHAT MAKES A HUMAN???? DO U GET IT?'.

>Is she the reincarnation of a pagan War Goddess?

I wouldn't take word of those crazy nuns, but VEG is mortal enough to have her shit rekt multiple times

>The author can't kill them off
But should've. Maybe KyoAni will change these parts of the story as they tend to do in their LN adaptations.
Fingers crossed they kill off Violet at the end. Not gonna happen but a man can dream.

my goodness.

It takes a lot to beat her, or just one very smart guy at the end. The author lost me on the whole "is she human or not" thing when she had Violet lift a giant fucking steel axe like it was nothing.

Ishidate is going to fuck this aspect up so hard. He already fucked up half the mystery by starting the anime the way he did. And adding the flashbacks did more harm than good.

The lesser the better, newfag. This is where all 17 of Sup Forums's smartest individuals will flock to.

holy shit, I really thought this show was going to be popular here.

War Goddess in human form. A human avatar. That'll explain her above human abilities (speed, strength, durability) and why she can be hurt.

I don't think he's fucked it up yet. He does state at the start she was known as 'the weapon'. Just have one of the Auto Dolls ask if she is an Auto Doll as well, doesn't need a reply from anybody. Then the scene with the nuns and you can look back in the flashbacks with a different view and go 'oh so that's how/why she didn't die'. Who knows. The LN was deliberately vague in my opinion, I don't think that can be taken over to animation where you need to get more across in a shorter space of time. Outside of some trite exposition, I don't see how they can get across the 'what is she?' aspect and will have to do it by lines and actions she does. One this is for sure, the anime got across that she's stronger and faster than a woman aught to be and way tougher. I partially dislike VEG because I wrote a novel, which I spent months on, 400k words, I went 'This is shit and deserves the sin bin' and deleted it. I did send it to somebody to read before I deleted it, doubt he still has it. Anyway, was slightly similar to VEG outside of yes, she is a robot, but it was slightly similar and I fear rewriting it and it being called a rip-off.

I don't get it why is the autistic girl a super soldier? she looks like she's 5'0" and doesn't seem to have super strength or big boss skills or anything.


That's the impression I got as well.

The author has this pretentious vibe in repeating the whole Auto memory dolls spiel just to reinforce/reiterate the question of what VEG truly is.

It's just op character design. VEG needs more than just plot armor to survive the random shit the author wants her to suffer through or else it wouldn't be interesting.
But a giant axe is taking it too far

Which kinda ruins it, like all character designs, she'll win by default effortlessly unless plot demands it.

Imagine if she was weak and the damsel in distress, that would shift focus to Solid Gil saving her shit instead.

There is a total of 17 intelligent people on Sup Forums, and they are all in this thread at the exact same time.

>for whatever reason
Proper writing should not left something like this when it can stretch out beyond lore/side material.

We're not intelligent per se, we just read the novel and have a wholesome perspective about VEG.

desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/violet evergarden/order/asc/
Was it all for nothing? 3 years. 3 long years.

She's the only op character in the entire story though, giving her superhuman strength and speed while hinting at some pagan god of war was done deliberately.

Because nobody knows what she is, only that she has speed, strength and endurance above a normal human. The story is about questioning what she actually is, a human? A robot? A god? It doesn't really matter in the end.

A bit. The thing is, Nips are probably autistic and if you don't remind them, they'll forget. It's like shounen series 'Ah yes, Hajime cannot use his Laser Beam Galaxy Ultra Omega Drill power when he's standing next to a palm tree, what a great tactic Evil Takeda has used!'.

I enjoyed it and enjoyed the anime. It was a comfortable and nice read. I hope he leaves it as he left it. I don't want any more. It left at a sweet note and rounded up the whole story line. Having her go off and do WW2 or whatever would fucking suck. Outside of autistic slice of life show with her being autistically cute and Gilbert dealing with her in a nice loving way, I don't want any more.

How can anyone spend their free time talking about this show's plot is beyond me, like what the fuck some people even read the whole LN
It's a kyoani show for fuck sake, just enjoy the moe and move on


>Imagine if she was weak and the damsel in distress, that would shift focus to Solid Gil saving her shit instead.

I'd like to add.

Which fucking happened in the last chapter which brings her mortality into question again

Implying she's a God and then have her shit kicked in later on made me question the author's intention of VEG's background. Aside from the exploratory character development "I want to know love" shit, her totally unexplored backstory (island rape attempt not included) strikes my curiosity. I mean combining the op heroine and damsel in distress archetypes isn't really standard in media

The LN is only 2 volumes/13 chapters and fully translated.

Even casuals like us can read it in an afternoon and have a good grasp of the story.

Well obviously she's not a God. She bleeds and suffers like humans but it takes huge effort to inflict those on her.
But the way I see it she's also not human, making grown men leave the ground with kicks and punches, lifting objects heavier than an adult, blocking cold hard steel hits with her bones and winning, surviving multiple stabs, having her arms blown off, etc.
If the author wanted me to keep wondering about what she is, she should've kept these absurd stunts of superhuman skills out of the story.

>fully translated
Wait what?

What's up with you and autism hats anyway?

>Wait what?

Both volumes/ all chapters have been translated. It's done for now unless we get a sequel.

>What's up with you and autism hats anyway?
Me and the other retarded anons in the live watch threads would always laugh at VEG's autism so we just keep putting autism hats on VEG

It matches her perfectly

Why kyoani only draw alpha males

mating press with this semen demon!

Homosexuals =/= alpha males.