TWGOK Ending

Why was this bullshit so rushed?

worst girl won.

Because the plot peaked at the Goddess Arc. The time travel arc afterwards was just nonsense. Chihiro winning isn't even the issue, it's more about how there wasn't a sufficient buildup or conclusion for any of the girls, her included.

Haqua best girl.

Yeah, when I read this I was like wtf at the time travel shit, even more wtf that it went nowhere and did nothing, even though it stretched out for needlessly long - where did Kaori and Urara go? Why did we not see anything with them? What the actual fuck happened with Elsie? Why didn't Akari and the other crazy vintage chick get developed? And most of all, why is he suddenly confessing to the one thing he hates abd has little to no development with? The ending was hot fucking garbage.

I still don't understand what the point of the time traveling arc was supposed to be.

Honestly, worst part isn't Chihiro winning. I don't really give a shit about that. Ayumi, Tenri, Yui or anyone else winning would be nice but whatever. I'm fucking pissed at what they did with Elsie and Haqua. It's fucking mindless.

Haquafriends report in so we can cry together

Because it was AXED.

>why is he suddenly confessing to the one thing he hates abd has little to no development with?
It seems like the most rushed thing was your reading

What happened to the library girl? She was my favorite

From a narrative standpoint, the time travel arc was meant to answer the remaining plot thread introduced from the goddess arc: why he was chosen as a buddy and why all the goddesses just happen to be around him.
This was fine, since him setting up all that himself was a nice, but expected, twist. The issue was that it took dozens and dozens of irrelevant chapters to reach up to this point, and then that explanation lasted all of a single chapter. And the Elsie shit was just out of nowhere too. The thing that everyone most wanted to see, which was Keima-harem-Goddesses shenanigans with the six-timing relationship, just didn't happen.

>spends entire arcs around other chicks
>shitty mangaka excuses so the fag ends up with the self-insert

Wait best girl actually won? Colour me suprised

It’s been three years user, let it go. Best girl won

Author is a hack, he couldn’t handle the story anymore so he dumped everything and ended it.
A 10/10 series reduced to 7/10

There was actually one last mega arc that got compressed.

Author had 4 potential ending points

>Spirit arc end. Around the time of meeting LC's sister and acknowledging he liked the people he met.
>End of goddess arc (just like the anime)
>Post-time travel end - what did happen
>LCfer arc (never happened but acknowledged)

Because the author is a hack and the entire manga went to shit in the goddess rescue arc because he had no idea how to end the series.


His latest manga sucks too.

Teacher still the best

Was there an extra chapter in the tank release?

I thought that after all these years the salt was beginning to run low, but I have been disproved.


Authors self-insert was Haqua tho

The time travel arc is literally when everyone dropped it on Sup Forums too, I remember. I don't know why this image floats around as though it were some sort of "event" on Sup Forums, when it really wasn't. I mean you can easily tell someone went to the archive to piece together posts from varying dates, but in the end of the day no one cared about TWGOK at that point because of that fucking terrible time travel arc.

If anything I remember people were overwhelmingly just glad it was over.

Worst thing was Haqua losing Elsie as a friend.

And she lost memory of Keima. And the friends that were nice enough to contact her we're traitors. Ironic how her first arc was about filling her heart with friendship and she lost it.

shitposting is the best way to practice type setting

I am fucking terrified to look at the dates on these posts.

Teacher ending should have been a thing. She just wanted Onii-chan's attention all the time. So she got angry when played games and not pay attention to her during class.

>I don't know why this image floats around as though it were some sort of "event" on Sup Forums, when it really wasn't.
God, I can feel your asspain through the internet. We're nearing 4 years and you people still can't stop hurting.


Best girl winning makes the most sense to me. Chihiro actually loved him while the others loved his "persona", including tenri since she fell in love with time-travelling MC. Ending was rushed though, but that's Japan, they can't write endings for shit.


My niggas.

Your all retarded. Actually look back and think about the two most problematic relationships issues Katsuragi had.

At the very beginning he is extremely put off of conquering Chihiro because she is chasing someone else. He makes up bullshit excuses but in the end he only attempts it when he realizes that they are just hollow attempts. Not to fucking mention that it's a massive spin from the rest of the first arc since he gets caught off guard by the kiss from her.

Next we have the goddess arc, where Katsuragi has it narrowed down to either Ayumi or Chihiro. He has a fucking mental breakdown after trying to end it with Chihiro as fast as possible after learning that she isn't the goddess.

Not to mention the fact that Chihiro keeps popping up about everywhere but the time travel arc.

All the Mio, Tsukiyo, Urara, Shiori, and Reiko fans (are there any Reiko fans even?) need to self destruct.

All of those anons are dead.

I was talking about this teacher, I forgot about the other one desu

FUCK I just realized that I'm older than Jun now.

The author lost interest and so did I

I can't wait until it's 20 fucking 40 and some lonely user reads this for the first time and decides to shit post about how butt hurt he is. I'll be laughing from my grave.

Nobody cares anymore, user. You can gloat as much as you want about your girl winning but the rest of us have already moved on.

Jun and Kanon are worst girls.


Kouhai swimmer was actual worst girl. Literally fell in love with him through her imagination alone.

I would have enjoyed the Time Travel Arc better if the girl he romanced had shown up again when he went back to the present.
I did like the bit about his teacher and Elsie becoming his imouto.

You really werent there, threads dipped to avg 20 posters and they wouldnt max anymore. Waifu fagging aside with 3 autismos trying to makie firetruck threads a thing. The few left had their preferences but we were bored as fuck. When the reveal occured every faggot that dropped it came back, but despite the Chihiro boasting there was nothing left of what was a great series. All that occured was a good btfo callout as a memory. Im still unsatisfied with those adolescent chapters with the stupid girl and her bomb. It would of been fine just to have done a part 2 run with all his past capture targets.

A good premise can only take you so far if you have no writing talent. He burned down everything the premise had to offer with the Goddess arc. He should have ended it then and the manga would have been remembered fondly, regardless of who won.
Instead of that, we had that, whatever it was because I can't remember the last arc anymore.

I liked the time travel because at least, the author answered the questions I had left after the goddess arc.

The whole "go out with this average girl instead of the heroine like girls because she's more """real""" " at the end didn't leave up to Keima's greatness, but I guess we can't get an end a la Catherine with this kind of story.

>I could have been mining bitcoins instead of torrenting manga chapters in 2012
I regret nothing.
I was rooting for the lost cause that was Yui, so I knew there was no hope for me, but still, Chihiro was a cunt.

>time travel arc ends
>literally never see Kaori who was the main heroine he was going for in there
>or the THICC grown-up Urara who was showing off her pussy and reading porn mags when she was fucking 10
And they somehow butchered Elsie.

So are any of his other work as good as twgok ( excluding the ending)?

do you like traps or idols?

Weird, because here the best girl won. You've probably read another manga.

Did it get axed yet? I think the scanlator dropped it too?

Doesn't matter when everything else was botched.

Poor Tenri got nothing out of this. Her ending is depressing.

>Tenri got nothing out of this
Girl put so much effort into all of this. In my mind she gets a Marika ending where she finds her equivalent of Y-san.

>Like a otamegane who she had never talked to
Why did you fags tell me that she is the most realistic girl?

Women can be irrational and impulsive like that, which is confirmed by the fact that even though she KNEW she liked him she STILL went out and tried to suck other dudes off. The patricians they are, they probably saw through her and BEGONE THOT'd her. Worst ending, worst slutty vixen won because of bullshit. And this was his idea from the get-go, it looks like, so it was done before it began. The others never even stood a chance. The nigger writer deserves to have everything he ever fucking writes ever again FLOP to the ground because of this bullcrap.

Ramen was best