The rest of her character design says "only for daughteru" but her legs scream sex

the rest of her character design says "only for daughteru" but her legs scream sex

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To accurately emulate the fatherhood experience.

You just have a dirty mind user

Incest is the best! Put your daughter to the test!

but her legs are fat and ugly!

Factually wrong.

That's how it works in Japan. Fathers fuck their daughters, mothers fuck their sons. Sometimes even viceversa if the son is young/girly enough.

the sex legs were an anime original thing.
she was super thin in the manga until the anime exploded.

Run away, butterflies

so thats why anime is so sinful
its because they are all inbred over there

I want her to call me a cuckold while she rapes my penis with her thighs.

Dragon Loli is for headpats, not for lewds.
We've been over this a million times.

>No horny thicc Japanese cake to dress up like a good little school girl
>Not being able to pound the tiny woman to tears while calls me papa
This is truly the worst timeline.

did you watch the beach episode user

Can i pat her head with my dick?

>scream sex
The fuck are you talking about? She looks like one of those adult midgets who have small limbs but thick proportions.

There's nothing sexual about Kanna.

I want to make Kanna-chan scream out in pleasure...

will there be a season 2?

There is plenty of manga material to draw from, the question is will it make enough money

I think it's a pretty good series I hope for another season in 2018-19

Nothing at all


Kanna was made for rape.

Anyone who gets lewd thoughts when seeing this is a sick bastard

I dunno if you can post that on a blue board mate

Yeah, you sick fucks.

Surprisingly, I never got the hammer for that one.

Well it's not explicitly showing genitals, and maybe it gets a pass the way you can show baby ass on pampers commercials and shit?

I dunno

ravioli ravioli

needs more cute not lewds

That line is thin.

pedos Sup Forums is that way


Everything about her character says "have sex with me" though.

It may be a gray continuum, but I think you can pretty well tell the artist's intentions
for example
is clearly drawn to show underpants and is lewd

More or less if you're not showing a bunch of ass, legs pussy etc., or showing her with goo on her face or eating in a funny way, it's probably not lewd

granted the show dips into some very risque territory itself

reminder that Kyoani wants you to lewd her

You'd be surprised by how little art doesn't focus on her lower body.
I just ran out.

I mean yeah you're not wrong

That's mean Kanna you don't really mean that do you


is there a thicc loli tag yet on sad panda


It's not like there's that much thicc loli content yet

We need more
Noise is fine but he always does the same shit
I like Asanagi's girls proportion too
Do you know more thick loli doujin artist ?

>he doesn't know about Atte7kusa or Chabo

the fuck man.

There's Tetsu and Murasame Maru, if you're into that shit.
Also Nalvas, Taikou and Mojarin (he does Elins).


Speaking of which, somebody post that one video with Kanna and Saikawa.

she already has a girlfriend you fucking pedophiles

stop this


she's a fat little girl, why do retards want to pork a porker


Does anyone know what happened to the Chichichichi translator user or if someone took up komekko zoo again?

>her legs scream sex
Is that the first thing you think when you see a loli that still has some baby fat?
You might have a problem user.

This is the future. (You) can be dragon maid.


why does a little girl need those erotic leggings

I got it for posting Astolfo as a joke


Literally has no clue about how perspective and anatomy works. As in, I could do better when I was 10 years old and I'm not even a very good artist. It's a testament to the retardation of the average person that people actually like that guy's garbage.

inb4 someone posts the "original"

Yes is what I answer every time anyone asks this because if I say it often enough it'll come true

>Japanese women
Pick one

You're not old enough to be posting on this board, Saikawa.

What's stopping Kanna from devouring everyone and everything is sight?

dragons have morality


Speaking of her, considering she orgasms from mere thoughts, I can't even begin to imagine what their first time will be like. I just hope resurrection magic is a thing.

There's a "Kanna's in head" doujin, so that's that, at least.

Ravioli, Ravioli, nicht pervertieren Führers Drachenloli

Don't lewd my daughter ever again.

I want Kanna to fart over me and get all blushy for it.

I want to rape Kanna in the ass to death!

Kanna would destroy your dick with with her power bottom.

please just go back

Imagine hearing the blissful PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT right on your face


I pity your ignorance

I can never unsee her tail-bulb as a hairy testicle.

They are more normal in the manga.


Kanna is not for lude.


You don't like Hitler? the fuck

i will drown this figure in my seed


雨 雨 雨

Thanks a lot guys !


She wants to look good for her girlfriend.