Spoilers in the OP

>spoilers in the OP

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>spoilers in the OP
>OP isn't permabanned
>mods don't spoiler the image
>spoilers in the ED
>nobody watches EDs

>kino spoilers in the OP that don't make sense until you finish the series

>being impervious to spoilers
It's all about the journey desu.

Thread OP or anime OP?

well shonenshit is always like that,
>next issue, x's victory
>next episode, y's death
even nicer shonens do this, fucking 12yo's tunnel vision is to blame

>The lyrics are in English
>They're all spoilers
>Can't understand shit because Japs can't speak English correctly
Man, Mirai Nikki was weird.

>Can only spot the spoilers in the OP or ED if you have already read the manga

OP in the spoilers

I thought this would be a post about Parasyte

>search [character] name on google
>one of the top auto-suggestions is "[character]'s death"

>google prevents that
>they didn't prevent "dies"

>search for [character]
>[character] was...

You sir are a man ascended

SZS was a legend.

>scenes in OP are updated after dramatic plot/character development takes place

>spoilers in the OP that even manga readers have no fucking idea what they mean

>raw chapter comes out
>last page of the chapter is in the OP
>the pages with important plot points are spammed in the threads and if you're not fine with being spoiled you have to avoid the threads next weeks
>mods still dont ban people posting raw manga on Sup Forums

Me and Sup Forums with spoilers on Homura becoming the villain and Accelerator getting killed off

>OP only shows the later digivolution forms when it gets to the episode where they evolve



skipping the OP is the patrician's choice

>first OP has so many characters that don't appear until later on it becomes a bore to watch at first
Happened to me with Mahoujin Guru Guru. It's a fucking storm of literal whos until a couple episodes later.