>Love Actually
Chapter 35 any hour now.

English translations when?

pleas post chapter. i need more retarded drama

No idea but ~12 hours to the chapter. I'm just gonna sleep at this point.

>any hour now
>~12 hours

Go to sleep Popuko and you'll have that chapter when you wake up.

Reminder that Futaribeya isn't subtext and anyone who says otherwise is a rabid shitrusfag

Back to yuribait threads you go.

Said a retard who didn't even read one chapter

Dumping this part because Mei is cute as fuck here.

I did. Class S is old fashioned and I'm not desperate for it like when I was in my early teens.


Mei is gorgeous, fuck the haters.

What's with nips and feeding people?


Class S and subtext are not the same thing you idiot. And Futaribeya isn't any of them regardless.

I love how Saburouta is able to make Mei look like she only ever wants to do the cute thing ironically.

Character development.

How can people hate such a cute girl?

>no bath rape

Mei really is trying.

Embarrassed Mei makes me feel things.

>"Are you trying to come out, Mei?"


Does it go anywhere beyond cgdct?
I like it, but I'd also like to know if it goes anywhere at all


Done. Wasn't a storytime, but Mei being cute is a weakness.

What about the last page?

It doesn't. That user is going to lie to you about a subtext kiss and some official art that's gay, but the story is subtext only

It's not subtext if one of them canonically has a crush on the other. Subtext is something like Nanofate

> one of them canonically has a crush on the other
So Tomoyo and Sakura tier.

>It's not subtext if one of them canonically has a crush on the other.
Why are fans of other yuri series so bad over here? Is there something in the kool-aid?

Mitsuko is worst girl

One of them has a crush? I guess that makes things better, at least some acknowledgment

They want senpai to notice them.

We get new chapter every month?

Sort of. anytime a new volume releases saburouta takes a vacation

>tfw sleep in the same bed as your girlfriend-sister
>hickeys, groping, handless orgasms
>still no sex
How does Yuzu handle it?

Harumin is her sex friend

I thought this was the yuri general

Mei was literally dripping in her lap, and she still turned that thirsty little autist down.

If its the manga I'm thinking of, I'm pretty sure its a mutual not-quite relationship. As in they've already come out that they want to be with each other forever and shit.


Mama. Gyaru's call their moms mama like good baby girls. Who did this translation anyway, she literally calls her mom mama in the anime in Japanese.

Kasumi more or less feels like asexual. But that's mostly because she's too lazy to give a fuck about anything including love. Sakurako is clearly into her, I don't what's the "subtext" some retard is talking about. If anything this is Yuru Yuri tier unless Kasumi fully reciprocates, but that would mean the manga will end

As someone who hasn't been on Sup Forums in months how do we feel about the anime

bretty gud famalam

I saw the tongue-kissing in the episode 2 OP and I was sold.

My issue was lack of acknowledgment I wouldn't want to read a manga about two bumbling retards stuck in a limbo if at least one of them doesn't realize she loves the other

Please stop replying to terminally ill subtext fags

Anime original. Maybe Yuzu makes grandpa have a stroke for real.

Please no

no user
leave while you can

save yourself from 4 volumes worth of mei being a total autist and instead just read mochi au lait or something

>I love Mei, and although I'm not ready yet, someday I will fuck her so hard your ancestors will blush, don't even waste your time trying to find more fiancees

Any male that stands in Yuzu's way get's erased from the series. The manager will be destroyed unless she grants him mercy.

>>someday I will fuck her so hard your ancestors will blush

>"your daughter fucked me in your office and i moaned like a slut"

too late, I already own all the untranslated volumes

>Grandpa hasn't been seen for years
Damn Yuzu is really a shonen protagonist

another soul on the pyre
the goddess is a cruel mistress

Fuck off already you dumbass sensei shitposter.

It was over for me a long time ago.

Can you imagine the face of your dad if he went into your room and saw that? Just let the thought sink in for a moment.

My dad had to use it for a week when he was staying on a business trip. He had to take conference calls on it. My keyboard has Kuroyukihime from Accel World on the keycaps as well.

What's the big deal? Is his dad a HaruYuzu shipper?

I want more Citrus merch.

the worst part is I'm a trap.

I have sonohanabira on my wall and i live with my mom and dad

Are they doing lewd stuff?

Is there anything worse than a tranny who likes yuri?

I'm not a tranny, I'm just a crossdresser. I'm not that much of a degenerate.

Will you date me? I'm super chill.

That is incorrect. Traps aren't trannies dummy.

No more details, let's talk about lesbians

No way, they're gay.

>Mei was responsible for giving Yuzu a cold when she accidentally hose'd her


Who's Mei's new fiance?



Yuzu pls

I'm scared user, help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

No, I was referring to the time Sakurako got drunk and kissed Kasumi.

It better be out when I wake up.

10 hours until the chapter gets posted.

I love 'em

My predictions for next chapter are that Mei tells Yuzu what's up and brings Yuzu with her to see her grandfather. And Harumin tries once again to get Matsuri to quit sulking, which results in some forced kiss or something.

It hurts user

why even live?

But last we saw Matsuri was talking to Nene. Harumi will probably just tell her it isn't her business and to stay out of it like what Shirapon said to Himeko just more aggressive.

The number of times a third wheel has been called away in this series is quite a few, like in the drama CD when a call from Yuzu's mom to Yuzu left Harumin and Matsuri alone.

I'd like that. We could have a cutscene, like in volume 6 during the library speech. Mei asks Yuzu to be honest, Yuzu says ok, cut, Mei said "that's all?". So enough panel time to deal with grandpa together.

Nene doesn't have anyone to call her away though because no one really cares about her.

Her parents could call her home for some reason. It's not out of the realm of possibility. We know nothing of Nene's home life.

I think the rest of the volume is going to be Mei focused. It started with her not being able to say she loves Yuzu. Now she has to face down her grandfather, alone, so she can come back and tell Yuzu her feelings.

Will Glasses snap and rape Mitsuko?

She'll try but fail and Mitsuko will go crying to Harumi who will kiss her to calm her down and then they will have incest sex.

Will the series end with science babies?

>she has to face down her grandfather, alone
This completely contradicts what Shiraho said, which is them facing their problems together as a couple.

>I think the rest of the volume is going to be Mei focused.
It has been split between the entire main cast since the very start of this volume.

It will end with Mei and Yuzu leading the school.

Are you guys sure it's a good idea? You know it's already happened once and you know his reaction

Mei has to say something or her grandfather will keep arranging fiances for her. As Mei said in volume 6, they can't control how other people react to their relationship.

Maybe Mei's grandfather sending her off somewhere will be next volume's drama.