Dragon Ball Super

Son Goku, why do you seek to become stronger?

So he can fuck this lime monkey

If they have Jiren lose or throw the fight because he recognizes Goku's "pure" warrior spirit I'm going to lose my shit.

Because he's the best character of the series.

Reminder that all waifufags should lynch themselves and their retarded ideal of a "strong female lead in".
This is the CHAD show with only strong men/piccolo leading as numero uno.

Reminder that no one is locked from get god ki and GoDs are proof.

>b-but they are gods!
GoDs are just mortals who got god power, like Toppo. SSG is just easiest way to get god ki, but not the only one (just Ultra Instinct -Sign- is the easiest way to use UI but Beerus can do it too thanks to its training without a bullshit transformation) so any saiyan can go Blue with enough training.
That said, no U6 saiyan is going SSB. Ever. But it's not realisticly impossible in-universe

>lynch themselves
Nice oxymoron protafag

>Goku gets unexpectedly Hakai'd by Jiren
>zeno allows it because it's technically not death
>Vegeta and Gohan have to work together to avenge him and win the tournament

Are you implying Piccolo isn't a Chad? Because I have news for you

leaks when

Suck ny dick and I'll give them to you.

I already want to stab everyone in this thread to death, save for the OP.

Just like no one is locked from Kaioken?

The fuck out of here dude.

No one except for goku and vegeta are getting god ki.

Accept that shit and move on.

Piccolo approaches Gohan and is shocked when Gohan reveals that he has, in fact, been training since the Frieza incident and goes Ultimate on the spot.

Piccolo invites Gohan to come with him into the Room of Spirit and Time, and Gohan states he wants to achieve a form that no one has seen before.

Caulifla and Cabba fight as Kale watches below. Caulifla is SS and Cabba is SS2. Caulifla lands a few hits, but loses. Cabba notes that she’s approaching Super Saiyan 2 level.

Caulifla is impressed by Cabba’s strength and wants Kale to train with them too. Kale declines, but Cabba decides to fight her to get an idea of how strong she is.

Kale doesn't want to fight, but Cabba goes on the offensive to force her to. He is shocked when, despite not hitting him back, base Kale is able to evade and react to SS2 Cabba's attacks. Caulifla and Cabba wonder what potential she holds.

In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo watches as Gohan powers up and notes that his current ki is far different from when he fought Buu years ago.

Reminder that Beerus is beautiful.

o.k. but when

scans or fuck off

Read the spoiler

I'm not talking about you either, I want the leaks too. The real ones.

I hope this is ironic. Actually no, Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Why would you post scans with fake leaks?


did you know that women who go to the gym and are 'fit' are most likely to be bitches and be getting dick every weekend from their 'gym friends'. That's why some mentally damaged men like this girls with male bodies, their fetish is being a cuck. All thanks to steroids and their protein milshake keeping them from actually thinking rationally.


>literally calling people out because they are backing the chadverse 7 heroes that have been (and will continue to be) the focus of the franchise
It's no use blaming bestverse 7 for doing well in the ToP, you know. Your blank pic was a necessary sacrifice for the Survival of the protagonists we have all been following for decades now.


Reminder that Gohan lost to Kuririn.


I'm not stupid like some other anons. He better have a verified source or I call headcannon

The ones who're as big and unnaturally low bodyfat as kefla and legendary transaiyajin cauli are all dykes and none of the guys except for the hugest ones and gay ones even look at them twice.
Welcome to reality.

>le soy meme
epic burn xd

Source or fuck off

Try tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, or the next day.

I know it's a small detail and I'm most likely actually autistic, but I like how Takahashi actually bothered to draw Toppo's mouth like in the manga.

Helllo police? I want to report a little kid past their bed time

Winners of the ToP right here

Reminder; Goku is a boring as fuck protag.

Goku did nothing wrong.




I actually quite enjoyed Goku using Krillin's strat on Jiren.

>dyspo reaction image
opinion discarded

I'm about to chop my balls off if we don't get leaks soon.

>Jobgetafags infinitely assblasted that their manlet champion is forever relegated to role of second fiddle and prince jobber

If Goku wanted to, he could master the emotional and stamina drains of SS3. There's just no goddamn reason for him to do so now that he can just go SSG if he wants that

Sup losers

Nice fanfic


Not samefag. Gokufags eternally btfo'd

You really can't.
It's like saying you can master the sprint so much that it doesn't completely wear you out.
You can get better at it and do the sprint more but by it's very nature it's highly draining and damaging.

>Vegeta will never wear his(best gear) Buu era gear because marketing
>Goku will never wear his (best gear) EoZ gear because marketing
Why does it have to be this way, guys?

What time do we normally get leaks?



Goku will sooner or later, can't say the same about Vegeta.

I mean, this was the perfect story outfit for Vegeta as well

>Goku will soon
Will he? I'm certain Toriyama forgot about EoZ



Run faster. Idiot.

That kind of blue would get boring in my opinion.

It's always around the 17th.


I had a dream where I was teleporting between 2 rooms. One room had Caulifla, Kale and Bulma in it and the other room had Jiren, a Pandaren from WoW and an elephant and I was forced to suck Kales cock constantly

Won't Super end at EoZ?

Reminder that, if your favorite character isn't in pic-related, your personal opinion is wrong.

I'm going to fucking DIE without these leaks.

I legitimately like this

The gloves are unnecessary

>tfw toyo got a heart attack and was unable to sumbit this months chapter

You need to die, some things just aren't worth saying.

Reminder that Black, Merged Zamazu and Zamazu were so weak in the outline given by Toriyama both Goku and Vegeta could have handle them with ease

Remove Gohan and Goku from that pic


Remove Gohan and Vegeta from that pic

My favorite character is one of those 3, but from a different time, Where do I rank on the opinion-correctness scale?


Why didn't he fuck Zamasu's tight boipucci while he was face down?

Really? Fuck that sucks

Yes we know that Black was using Trunks to get stronger, and that Zamasu wasn't all that strong in general.

Because he ain't no fag.

Zamasu's schtick was always supposed to be his immortality and kai powers. Black was always supposed to be just about equal to one of the Saiyans. And Fused Zamasu was always supposed to be fully immortal, and stronger than either Goku or Vegeta, but also enough for them to hold off 'til the time limit at full strength.

Zamasu is supposedly genderless.

>could have handle them with ease
>Goku gets solo'd by Zamasu in the manga

Sonic the Hedgehog of anime

Because Goku is too good for that.

Goddamn Goku's such a fucking CHAD

>Outline has Zamasu rely of immortality
>Toei gives us Bio Broly
what did they mean by this?

Then why did you say boi-puddin?

Holding back
Don't wanna seriously hurt the jobbers

Who knows, they could just retcon EoZ


>zamasu is a bettter ryo
yes we know that

It's the most accurate word.

>Lacks the neanderthal bone structure

>you will never get to fuck Jirena and be called a warrior
Why even live?

>not even struggling as super saiyan or a stronger form

>mfw Kefla doesn't appear in the manga

U2 had jobku and the cyborgs BEAT
Kefla had Jobku beat too