You guys told me this would just be wholesome teasing

You guys told me this would just be wholesome teasing
What the fuck

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if you didn't listen to all the ntr warnings it's your own damn fault

what could possibly be more of an ultimate tease than making a man spend years raising a child unaware that it isn't his

Hey which chaprwe was this again? It's no on the spin off right?

Why do people like this ugly bitch?

Because beta cucks are masochist.

what could possibly be more of a tease than making a chapter which permanently fools half of your audience.

The fivehead.

There's just over 20
Also holy shit that spinoff makes me want to have kids now, the Abe propaganda is working

Self inserting Masochists?

The brown one is better

>nagatorofags mad they have a shitty waifu instead of the goddess Takagi that they have to make threads about her

I like both equally though.
True alpha anons appreciate the beauty of Nagatoro and Takagi

more like I was fapping to Takagi, saw this image and thought it'd make for a good thread starter



Being a cuck is the most masochistic thing ever though.
It's also the most beta thing ever.

Nagatoro turned vanilla after just 4 fucking chapters.

That's like mega weenie hut.


it would have a long way to go before it reached Takagi-san vanilla levels

It's also the most intelligent thing a man could indulge in


This is a good image because is demonstrates exactly why Takagi is so much better than that tan bitch.

i don't know

woah woah woah this isn't Sup Forums buddy

Is there anyone who could stop her?

Takagi-san is gentle

Tbh probably better to get bullied physically and obviously than to always be a victim of Takagi's mind games and gaslighting.


Nishikata Uchiha

Dropped it after chapter 54. The author dragged the story out IMHO. To me, after so much teasing the fun has turned into something serious. Also, there was a good reason for the teasing to come to an end in chapter 51. The girl loses the fitness test game at the moment her final score is worse than his, and she has promised to stop with the teasing if she loses. Instead of keeping her promise she persuades the MC into thinking that he has lost. And she doesn't stop with the teasing.

>she persuades the MC into thinking that he has lost.
how the fuck
can't he just chuck the scores?

Nishikata is dumb. Really really dumb.

he's really fucking dumb, there's so many instances where all he had to do was think for two seconds

What's the bottom right one?

Fuck off, Takagi is a constant, endless bitch who never has a single fucking proper dere moment. Would it have killed them to add something in the anime?

We can probably get a TIME TO OIL UP edit out of this one too


>probably better to get bullied physically and obviously than to always be a victim of Takagi's mind games and gaslighting
I don't know what the fuck happened to you in school but some of you guys are way too sensitive.
Takagi never crosses the line into outright bullying Nishikata or belittling him any worse than he tries to do to her. None of her teasing is cruel or done with bad intentions. The worst thing she's ever done to him is trick him into studying the wrong material ahead of their exams for one study session which he clearly wasn't going to do well on anyway.

Both of them clearly enjoy their time together and show genuine concern for each other. Nishikata says outright that he'd rather be teased by Takagi every day than never see her again.
You guys are projecting so much it's honestly embarrassing.

Considering these days how the fandom lose their shit whenever something's changed from the source material, whatever the reason... yes.

This must be how chicanos feel. Not mexican nor american.

Fuck man, Just reading about these awakens my PTSD.

>None of her teasing is cruel
>or done with bad intentions
since she doesn't get that her psychotic gaslighting is bad.

>Nishikata says outright that he'd rather be teased by Takagi every day than never see her again.
That's called an abusive relationship, user.

I just don't understand her appeal. Nagatoro, even in the maso-tastic pixiv sets, had gentle moments.

Takagi, meanwhile, has endless subtle belittling in all sorts of ways that makes my skin crawl, and Nishikata pretty much never gets proper one-uppers on her.

>bitch: hey, would you rather I kill myself or you keep getting bullied
>cuck: i-i'll get bullied
Yeah, what a fucking great relationship they have. Put a cute face on a fucking sociopath and that's Sup Forums waifu material I guess.

Honestly Nagatoro's bullying is so juvenile and immediate that it just pales in comparison.

>fantasizes fondly about being cucked

He doesn't last ten minutes at the idea of them not sitting next to each other anymore.

That's not how i remember Takagi-san.


Show literally one time she's gone beyond teasing and tried to hurt his feelings.

>That's called an abusive relationship, user.
This is worse than traumatized bully victim. It's like you've never even had a friend.

>my wife's son

Cucks were a mistake.

>Show literally one time she's gone beyond teasing and tried to hurt his feelings.
Let's just glance at the first episode, where she gets him in trouble with the teacher.

>It's like you've never even had a friend.
I feel bad for you for being so deluded that you think garbage like Takagi-san is a realistic portrayal in any way.

Sorry for deleting my post. There was an error in it and I wanted to rewrite it. Also I decided to search for and read the chapter in question again.
>Do you mean check?
>Nishikata says outright that he'd rather be teased by Takagi every day than never see her again.
In chapter 41 she asks him if he rather wants that she disappears forever or that she teases him for the rest of his life. Disappearing could mean ceasing to exist. ">never see her again" sounds way less serious.

Mate, if you think that what she's done is cruel, and constitutes psychotic gaslighting, you've got some serious issues.

Mate, if you think making Nishikata play guessing games like that is anything other than psychological warfare, you're the one with problems.

Can't say I'm surprised
>where she gets him in trouble with the teacher
How is that "hurting his feelings?" Hello?

>you think garbage like Takagi-san is a realistic portrayal
Realism was never mentioned
Regardless do you legitimately have no concept of friends trying to tease each other?
Friends take the piss out of each other all the time, trading much worse insults than anything Takagi's ever said to Nishikata, and it's okay because they're friends and they trust that the other person cares for them.
Are you this autistic?

>How is that "hurting his feelings?" Hello?
How is terrorizing him anything other than hurting his feelings?

>Regardless do you legitimately have no concept of friends trying to tease each other?
Each other, yes. There's an equal exchange. What Takagi does... is cruel abuse, and you are clearly having a bad case of a sunk cost fallacy if you don't recognize this.

>"Hey Nishikata, want to walk home together?"
>"Nishikata, want to hold my hand?"
>"Nishikata, I bet you won't kiss me."
>"Don't peek at me changing, okay Nishikata?"
>"They say if a boy and girl go down that slide, they fall in love... Let's go together next time, okay?"
The next fucking Hannibal Lecter here, just what is her endgame in tormenting this poor child

The problem is that it's a back and forth. Nishikata is also trying to get the better of Takagi, it's just that she greatly outclasses him. If anything, it's like watching an experienced sports player mess around with a rookie. The rookie may be determined, but the skill gap is too great.

A bullied boy falls in love with a sadistic girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

But as it turns out in the end, the girl was merely pretending and just fucking with the boy.

In the ending, the girl loudly declares and publicly reveals on-stage while on live TV the records of their interaction and how the boy believed everything, his secrets and that the deus ex machina and AU isn't real just to embarrass the boy. Boy goes batshit insane due extreme embarrassment and rapes the girl in front of the crowd and no one can stop him because they are on top of an isolated stage planned by the girl for his most shameful moment in life, which backfired, preventing her escape or rescue from rape.

Scene ends with the boy getting shot by the cops and the girl's echoing cries on the stage.

Jesus Christ.

Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

10/10 story, would watch.

I wonder how she tricked him into impregnating her.


t. someone who doesn't know what the word "bitch" means

Takagi has never done anything bitchy

>Just cum Nishikata, it's okay, you're wearing a condom after all

>Alright then I will cum, just you wait
>Wait, what if this is a trap
>Did she poke a hole in the condom, maybe it isn't a condom at all
>What if she wants me to think it actually isn't a condom, but it actually is and she just wants to make me panic
>Oh god what if my entire perception of reality is false, what if time, space and the universe are actually just a chid's dream and none of this is really happening
>How can I possibly carry the weight of that kind of knowledge
>Maybe I should stop and check
>No I can't stop and check she will know that I suspect her if I do that
>I'm taking too long to respond, this is all part of her trap
>Alright damn it, I'm going to cum, she doesn't want me to cum, she is trying to tease me again, she thinks I won't cum because I am weak, I am definitely wearing a condom

>Tee hee I knew you would cum
And then Takagi eats a Snickers bar and glances over at an unopened condom.

so which came first, this panel or Nagatoro

Best version of Keit-Ai yet.

you literally cannot be that stupid. You use words to describe Takagi that are completely wrong
>tries to hurt his feelings
>psychotic gaslighting
>abusive relationship
you are literally retarded

Are they wearing contacts? What the fuck is happening?


what the fuck

>The worst thing she's ever done to him is trick him into studying the wrong material ahead of their exams for one study session which he clearly wasn't going to do well on anyway.
That's pretty bad, user.

So is the running meme that this is somehow some dark series or something because this just seems like a pretty basic childhood teasing slice of life thing
Does it like have some dark turn or something or is it just Sup Forums intentionally pretending its all super malicious or somethin

They're in middle school, the second year at that.

It's the cutest thing ever.

Yeah it's all just jokes at the expense of a few genuinely autistic people who are so socially inept they think light teasing equals horrific psychological trauma
It's all feel good cute stuff, which makes it even funnier to meme on

It's just the cutest thing ever.

NTR decades in the making.

good job, user
You're supposed to get user to read it and then get all pissed off over raising someone's else's child.

There's a chapter showing adult Takagi and her daughter, set up to look like she's having fond memories of Nishikata, implying they either grew apart or he died or something.
Then at the end her husband comes home, she gives the viewer her teasing stare and closes the door to reveal it's the Nishikata residence.
Sup Forums lost their fucking minds about it

They have a time skip chapter where the author generally seems to imply that she got NTR'd, but it ends showing that it was just the reader getting teased and she's happily married to the main guy.
Sup Forums promptly ran with it and here we are

Even teasing the readers, how cruel.

mistranslated much?

its just a style to denote their Yandere-ish nature

I'm confused how is this NTR? I'm on the chapter that page is from right now all I'm seeing is that the dad is out of the picture.

There's a timeskip chapter where it's implied that Nishikata got NTR'd but afterwards the Nishikata plaque is shown on the door. It's then implied that it isn't Nishikata's daughter that he's raising. Some of Sup Forums is still in denial about their pure waifu.

Keep reading like literally just a few more pages
How does it feel to be teased

Oh, that was cute.

You sound like a fucking tumblrfag with that vocabulary


But will Nishikata ever beat them both at the same time when it comes to teasing?

The chapter in question, number 31, broke the fourth wall and she was talking to the reader, right?
Teasing is a sign of affection but not if only one person succeeds in teasing and this happens about 10 to 90 or so times a day and for more than 50 chapters. It's not funny anymore.

>Just take Nishikata's head and put it on the body of an Adult

You can't learn Japanese.

It reads like you gave up immediately. Very poorly memed.

Their kid is fucking adorable

I'm with this little cunt