Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Shh! loli is sleeping

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What an idiot

Shogi is really weird I got to say. With how you can just place pieces really changes how everything works out. And honestly, I can feel how bad I am at this.



Go back to sleep, idiot. Adults are talking


shes CUTE


But she's only supposed to be nine.

I kinda wanna watch it but I'm an idiot

funniest show this season so far

Please don't start again with that bullshit.

I want to cuddle with her

Stay away

It's easy to see why people can get heated up over it though. With the captured pieces mechanic it's like chess with Yugioh trap cards.

Forced moe

What is this show about?

Sangatsu no lolicon

japanese chess


Nice. Don't come back.


can't get enough of Char's smile

That's a large mouth

Char is easily the cutest loli in years, I bet that scene alone created a whole new generation of lolicons.
She is the kind of little girl people end up in jail for.


What does it say?


Reported (to the police).

Old hag or younger hag?

I'll accept both because JC still falls within acceptable limits

what is idjit, precious?

Kind of appeals to my inner toddlercon, seeing as she can't talk proper Japanese.

You wouldn't trust this guy with your daughter.

Why shouldn't I trust a 16 yo millionaire with my daughter?

oh, she calls you daddy? that's cute. she calls me master.

Too cute.

Char Izoard
Char Izoardo

Charizard is a fire pokemon. She's a hot loli.

Coincidence? I think NOT.

Memes aside, you wouldn't expect less from something shogi-based. Really makes you think.

I would not trust a millionaire in Yen maybe. Guy has got to keep tabs on his expenses.

Why does green sleep like that?

How is she supposed to sleep?

Do you not do that? I do the same thing, pretending I'm dead and in a coffin finally

its some shit about Japanese checkers but it has cute lolis so its an okay anime so far

The terminator

I want to RAPE Ai!

No user, rape is bad.

Ginko is for belly licking

Surprise sex then.

That's also bad

is he rich?


Oh ok, no problem.



Let's play Shogi


Since when did I walk into Father Ted? Are we going to start saying "feck" and "gobshite" too?


Oh look, it's Tina-chan.



Blue > Green > the other one > Yellow


Won 42 million yen during the last ryuo tournament

What does he do with that money?


I still don't get it. His room seems barren.

Don't know much about shogi but would people really enjoy a game that dragged on for hours and was only decided because one side was exhausted?

Shogi is a shit game. People interested in it have an acquired taste for this kind of garbage.

Pros probably wouldn't but maybe it did seem like a hot and close battle to amateurs who don't know much about the game.
Then, there's the whole concept of "making the game record look pretty before losing" that the novel talks about a lot. This shit doesn't exist in chess, if you lose, you lose, just resign and that's it. I know Japan is all about keeping appearances but that would only work if a person looking at that game record doesn't understand his shit.

Ai is a headpat slut

Maybe her butt hurts

from what?

I've played games of chess where we've refused to give up and ends up chasing around the board until someone gives up out of sleepiness. From an outside perspective, it might seem heated

What level was that? I've played games like that only on low levels. Above that it's pretty damn rude and usually useless to try to play until checkmate.

The worst character.

>he actually used a different image for this joke and 3dpd
how about fuck off

Hot-blooded board game action

>vol 4
It might get adapted if they do the first 5 volumes like I suspect

A young man that has fallen from grace discovering the potential of little girls at board games and other activities and his life becoming better thanks to it.

I'd play with you

This anime is much better than I expected. I'm gonna have a heart attack from loli overdose by the end of this.

He used his money to pay the kids parents to allow their kids to stay a night with him.


Char is the dragon's bride

Toned down black bullet

Approved by the Japan Shogi Association.

It's pretty comfortable.

Jesus fucking christ you just had to ruin everything didn't you. What's the matter? Get btfo'd in some other thread and you decide to come over here and just fuck up everyone's day?

Forced gay

Chuuni guy is great


Why does this arouse me? What's wrong with me?

Because you are a weeb


what? jealous because I can read ancient rune?


But where are the scans.

What does the paper say?

Can 6 year olds really play Shogi?

for you

It says 吉 kichi which means luck. Meanwhile Dragoking drew 吉 without one vertical line which looks like ロリ loli.

His fortune:
Money: average.
Work: so-so.
Travel: whatever.
Marriage: better if younger.
Love: there's a quarrel.
Illness: won't heal.

Before that he had a dream where lolis dressed as doctors and nurses examined him, diagnosed him with lolicon and were about to castrate him.