Houseki no Kuni OST

It's finally out

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Pretty boring music.

The ost isnt very good though.

I enjoyed it.

Post the direct link next time faggot.!5DggALaI!76v1aQlr7XnLV0eOlA6zLCGTTGytcIbwAOuAThsMwG8

best track for best girl

The best tracks are great though.
They fit perfectly, they're very atmospheric.
Even the more energetic tracks are good.

It's just really average and uninspired.
Barely competent would be the best way to put it.

Haven't listened to the OST yet, but does this include the track from the scene when Shiro "dies"?

pleb taste, better than 90% of shows that aired that season

Have you ever listened to actual music?

FLAC where?

Is this part 1 that was in the first BD + part 2, or just an entirely different OST?

Never mind, it's the "Cinnabar" track. I wish it was longer. I love that instrument.

It's that part plus a few more tracks and disc 2

You can't prune us now fuckers, real things are happening.

Have you ever not have shit taste?

Also this, great as always.

ESL please

Please kill yourself

Just because you reset your IP doesn't mean we can't tell samefag.

Can anyone tell me the stringed instrument in Cinnabar? It sounds vaguely Chinese but I cannot place it

So Cinnabar is confirmed to be the Chinese Emperor now, right? The OST has that Chinese stringed instrument that plays in every Chinese drama ever, which I forgot the name of.
Should we call him Chinkabar now?

Teaser for those interested in 〇〇

She even has chink eyes.

Laughed at the short lunarian analysis part.

The instrument is called the Erhu. Absolutely Chinese in origin and sounds incredibly sad

No u

My wife Chinkabar!

erhu, brute?

>full liquescimus actually sounds much worse than the TV version
fuck, that's the one track I was waiting for

It's Euclase Time!!

It's Chinksha time!

I know im going to get feels again with "Cant Reach"


Can the moonies be truly saved? Is them being prayed away the only option that would help them, and everyone else?

I think moonies must find salvation on their own, like Shiro and the board game, but they're throwing a tantrum because sensei's not helping.

At this point they can't be saved. Sensei won't pray for them and they will never change their ways if they didn't for many thousands years already. Even Phos, the one who could help them, they instead control like a marionette to do what they (think) they want.

did anyone end up doing a magazine cover for cinnabar?


bless you good sir

Oh finally! I've been waiting for this to drop. I've been listening to disk one to draw to this whole time.

Did you save the Phos one?
The thread got nuked before I can save it.

I'll do you one better and post the original


Cinnabar was famous in China, however for a lot of years the best quality Cinnabar was extracted in Spain, so technicaly you could say Cinnabar is also spanish.én

Does anybody else get slight distortion or clipping on liquescimus around 2:37 and later?

Oh boy, I can finally listen to the full orchestral OP.
>it's a whole 50 extra seconds
>those extra seconds sound identical to the main theme
Kill me.

Thank you !!
Here, have an updated Euc compilation.

Discuss, Sup Forums

version if you dont like the black boarders

Thanks, Gem Magazines updated.

i wasn't looking forward to it but after listening to the masterpiece that is the Made in Abyss OST it didn't live up to my hype

fuck i meant i WAS looking forward to it

What magazine are you going to make next?

I was thinking Bort but I havent found any good art yet.

pospopilizliz says to not delete this thread!

How is that possible?
I mean, bort and dia are literally the most drawn by any artist(i think they're second only after phos), there must be some very good bort art around

I only looked through gelbooru. Sadly thats the only place I know where to look other than pixiv. Or Im just really picky

When does the new chapter come out?

Oh yeah, this reminds me, why are Lunarians so bad at fighting? They are immortal and have been fighting for thousands of years, but the new type Lunarians only just appeared. Calling reinforcements, like what happened to Antarc, happens very rarely. Why don't they just continously attack and grind the gems down? Do they even want to win?

Holy shit, these are a thing?

I will stay tuned for when there is a Red Beryl one.

Hola de nuevo, gembutt aficionados.

Does anyone know if this OST includes the complete version of Liquescimus and also of the orchestral version of the OP?

Because they ultimately don't want to wipe off the Lustrous, all they care about is having Sensei pray to them.

Yeah, but they say their plan is to get Sensei to stop caring for the Lustrous and pray instead, so if all the Lustrous are gone, then surely Sensei will pray again, riiiight?

Is this a new 2hu?

Is the orchestral version of the op in it?

>Cinnabar is really incredibly fat
>She's also secretly Chinese
I've got it! Cinnabar is really THE BUDDHA!

So does he just live in a shipping container spending all his time over analyzing anime?

23/25 each month

Hola amigo de habla hispana

I think yes.


The gems are just too strong for them.
Or they are lazy knowing they have time on their side.

please post the Dia one if you have

Yes, someone Vietcon Bort. It great user.

I can't stop thinking about this anime. And every time I do I start to cry. The characters, the themes, it's all too much.

I think the new OST's pretty good listening to it.
Don't know if it's the best thing ever, but it's good enough for me.



Have you converted to Buddhism yet?

Euclase was the best to be honest.

A lot of people brought up the point that they'll have to find salvation themselves. If they already haven't after decades of living I don't know what they'll do. I think the endgame will just be all sides of the spectrum uniting and creating a newfound society, it'd easily kill the Lunarians angst for awhile and might even allow them to pass on.

where did everything go so wrong..

BD vol. 2 contents.

The plan is not to have Sensei stop caring about the gems, but to capitalize on that care by taking the gems he treasures away and breaking him mentally (so that at some point he becomes so broken he gets fixed again, like people sometimes hit a TV).
If they just take all the gems away at once, that would count as a single mental attack, and if he endured it, the lunarians would have to wait for a long time before any new gems were born, giving Sensei time to recover. Instead, by periodically snatching away 1-2 gems at once, they continuously deal him mental damage with less time to recover.



So nice, artist name or pivix pls

I miss master scholar Phos.

Chinksha in a Chinksam
How the fuck do you draw?

The genki is gone but the scholar is still there.

>How the fuck do you draw?
He say's whilst posting a drawing.
Nice Chinksha user.

Oh no why is my image rotated? It looks fine in my files, but it dies on Sup Forums.
Hoping this reupload works

She's more of a scholar now that she ever was during her genki days

I prefer spaniard Cinnabar (I don't know how to draw, pls no bully).

Ah, but do Spanish people drink mercury?
They don't love Cinnabar enough.
I want him inside me.

Why is her left eye a smiley, and what does putavida mean? Doesn't puta mean whore?
No bully, I think it's not the best oc we've had, but creativity and more oc is good, so don't be shy to post it when you make more.

Puta vida is the spanish way of saying Fuck my life.

But Spain has the best quality and highest reserves of Cinnabar.

>Puta vida is the spanish way of saying Fuck my life.

Phos will never hold Shinsha like this.