TOC Thread

Issue 8:

Act Age New Series
Dr. Stone
Promised Neverland
Kimetsu no Yaiba Color
Black Clover
We Never Learn
My Hero Academy
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Hinomaru Zumou
Spring Weapon No 1
Boruto No Color
Shokugeki no Soma
Bozebeats Color
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Full Drive
Golem Hearts

Issue 9:

Cover: The Promised Neverland

Colors: Hunter X Hunter, Act Age
Oneshot:Seishun!! Sanae no Daibouken (Yuki Naito) - Won the Akatsuka Prize award
Poster: We Never Learn

First for RIP Golem Hearts. Noah is too pure for this world.

It's not dead yet!

>Hunter X Hunter
It begins.

Robo's been stuck at the bottom for weeks now.

>poster: We Never Learn
naisu desu

I'd rather it didn't die and just stayed in the middle of the pack, user, but it's dead.

nice, i was craving a manga about acting or film lately after reading all these acting\theater shoujo and josei.

Lol at BnHa

Pure rank
01 Dr. Stone ch.036

02 Neverland ch.064

03 Black Clover ch.134

04 BokuBen ch.040

05 Hero Academia ch.160

06 Saiki ch.268

07 Hinomaru ch.170

08 No. 01 ch.054

09 Boruto ch.018

10 Sōma ch.240

11 Haikyū ch.279

12 Yūna-san ch.088

13 Robot ch.034

14 Gintama ch.660

15 Full Drive ch.005

16 Golem Hearts ch.004

Will BnHa fags ever recover?

something something jump super push

So is something else going to make room for HxH coming back or is everything safe for now?

Neverland getting the cover next issue pretty much confirms that they're going to make us wait a week before revealing what's behind Minerva's door. Dang.

>04 - Bokuben ch 40

Hope we see more senpai and her moe boyfriend.

>13 Robot ch.034
>15 Full Drive ch.005
>16 Golem Hearts ch.004
All 3 deserve the axe along with Lycopen. Such boring trash although its sad that even worse shit like black clover and boruto are propped up by this garbage.

>Pure rank

nigga these ain't ranks

>Golem Hearts

Hopefully bozebeats gets axed.

Have there ever been any long-runners which started out poor in the rankings?

And don't say Samon. Nine volumes isn't what I would call long-running.

Arc fatigue. Things should pick up during the Todoroki/Bakugou mini-arc.

Twenty series exactly. Looks like we're good for now, even if we assume Bozebeats or Act Age become best-sellers.

I can understand why. Considering how all the old guard ended in 2016, Jump doesn't want to rely on One Piece alone. All of the Jump pushes are pretty good, with maybe the exception of Black Clover (which is slightly better if you think of it as a Michael Bay manga).

>04 Bokuben
senpai chapter ranked well

The TOC guy from 2ch said that he liked Act-Age but that it's the least Jump-like series he has read in a while and doesn't know if readers will like it.

21 with HxH returning, and 22 once a month for Boruto.

Something could be ending next week.

lets see if it's good, it's not the 1st time Jump breaks the mold with these things

Promised Neverland was also seen as not really Jump-like. I'd say it's 50-50, although we'd need to hear the plot summary to know for sure.

Why do you want Boze axed? It's pretty alright for what it is.

>01 Dr. Stone ch.036
Dr. Stone? more like Dr. Stronk

Lycopene never getting axed some chapters are 3 pages long. No point in axing it

>04 BokuBen ch.040
I hope sensei's chapter is also near the top, but I know it won't. She's still no. 1 in my heart, though.

It’s filling its role as the Isobee rank.

I want Boze to stick around long enough for Madoka to grow his hair again.

Weird how the senpai chapter ranked higher than the /lit/ chapter, but it's probably a product of its time and context. Japan still has chances to redeem themselves with the sensei chapter

Dr. Stone is on break in issue #9.

so it begins

Considering how Boichi's doing this alongside Origin, I'm surprised he didn't burn out earlier. He needs the rest.

>02 Neverland ch.064
Nips liked it when Emma used her word-fu on Beard-kun, it seems.

Gintama like started with abyssmal 10th,6th,13th,12th, 12th,15th, 11th, 9th..

But then it redeemed itself with the next rankings 4th,5th,4th,5th,2nd,5th,8th,5th,4th,5th,6th,3rd,4th,7th, etc in 2004. So basically it nearly survived the axe by staying on the middle pack for many years with occasional high and bottom ratings.

I think the rule is that gag manga is allowed to falter a bit for a while.

Did act age already get dumped?

>sells 60k per volume so far.


Gintama is a battle shonen through and through

Emma is extremely cute.

It probably won't be out until the weekend in raw and they won't translate it until monday.

>Hunter X Hunter
strap yourselves in boys

Damn it, didn't even think about this. Don't tell me it's an entire chapter of Ray and the other guy doing jack shit.

>08 No. 01 ch.054
There is no stopping the Weapon!

It's probably going to end on Emma and Lucas' shocked faces as they see the other side of the door.

>Twice the "what?"
>Twiche "the fuck?"

>Neverland getting the cover next issue pretty much confirms that they're going to make us wait a week before revealing what's behind Minerva's door. Dang.

I'd think that they would want to reveal Minerva's secret whatever in the issue with the cover.

Probably, I'm just disappointed because this means the rest of the chapter is probably going to be Ray and the guy with noname breaking in. It's really boring compared to what's happening on Emma's side.

Average rank of last 8 weeks
01 One Piece 01.53

02 Dr. Stone 02.92

03 Kimetsu 02.93

04 Neverland 03.61

05 BokuBen 05.23

06 Black Clover 05.24

07 Saiki 05.81

08 Hero Academia 08.03

09 Boruto 09.00

10 Haikyū 09.02

11 Hinomaru 09.66

12 Gintama 10.41

13 Sōma 10.79

14 Yūna-san 11.77

15 Robot 13.21

16 No. 01 13.95

17 Full Drive 15.48

18 Golem Hearts 16.00

>18 Golem Hearts 16.00
I kinda feel bad for Golem Hearts.

>hxh back
Hope Togashi draws a beautiful cover for the next volume


>12 Yūna-san ch.088
Idols are shit

>more competition for yuuna, bokuben
I like the girl’s design but I don’t want yuuna to die either.

Yuuna is getting an anime soon, it will not die soon unless the anime flops

BnHA in the top 5, not bad. I know it's because OP is missing but things should be looking up from here.

Can World Trigger come back yet?

It's shit

>06 Saiki
Didnt think he would be this popular

It's not a romcom.

Girl looks cute. Whats act age about?

>doubting our lord and savior

About an aspiring actress trying to join the showbiz with the tutorship of a genius yet eccentric director. It's like Soma or Bakuman with movies.

That's because he tries to stay in the middle to avoid notice

The art looks cute. It won't last right?

Togashit wouldn't even draw a good cover at gun point so expect the same old Gon shit front and center as usual.

>That hair and shirt color
God. Why

I give it a chance purely on bozebeats being bad

Lol, he is a hack

>Those lips
God, I wanna mouthfuck him.

>01 Dr. Stone ch.036
>02 Neverland ch.064
Oh baby, i love it
>08 No. 01 ch.054
Too based to die, how does he do it?
>15 Full Drive ch.005
>16 Golem Hearts ch.004
Death row, the axe is hanging in wait like the fucking sword of damocles

Spring Weapon is invincible

Today is wednesday, and usually, before onepiece-naruto was V& in semptember, we would have gotten the spoiler summary of a lot of series. I'm particularly interested in neverland. When can we expect the summary to be dropped? For One Piece the summary day is still wednesday

Neverland hasn't had summaries for s few months now. Chapters are usually out by Friday.

Golem hearts and Fulldrive are dead. Why won't Spring weapon die already?
Gintama is literally going to end within like 10-15 chapters, so maybe World Trigger will come back.
Boze is better than the Golem Hearts shit, but it is still questionable.
Anime announcements for Neverland, KnY and Dr stone when?

>World Trigger will come back.
Is the concern the space in the magazine or the fact that the author has been at death's door for the past year and a half?

>editorial push

Just getting it out if the way for the bingo.

yes, I know. I wanted to know why One Piece has the summary dropped on wednesday but other series of the same magazine don't, even if they did in the past. I probably know the answer, since OP is much more popular and the summary can come from different sources, but I wanted to ask anyway

Shueisha is probably looking for a studio which can pull off Neverland's artstyle. Plus, there's the issue of content and how graphic they want to be with the little kid's deaths.

> KnY
Honestly, any time soon. I wouldn't be surprised if the next series to have an anime is this.

>Dr stone
Still too soon, but maybe early next year.

I wish we knew what happened to him. Did he join the Yakuza with the Jump money? Is he on some sunny island jerking off? Is he ok, is he dying and suffering with pain?

Boku ben will get an anime before all of those. Fite me.

I wonder what he meant by that.
Neverland is doing pretty good and Jump had Death Note that even hit international levels.

Hope its good like that guy said.

WIT studio with the SNK staff, obviously. It has to be brutal as fuck, they can't censor out the flower deaths and disturbimg imagery.

Too soon. Kimetsu and Neverland were 2016, Bokuben and Stone 2017.

Reminder that a one cour bokuben anime would feature Uruka the most.

Meant for you.

Yuuna got one fast, so will this.

>It has to be brutal as fuck
The only really brutal parts would be Connie and sister Krone's deaths, since most of the other times we see someone wih a flower stuck in them are dreams or hallucinations. I guess you could also count the time Mama broke Emma's leg, but that one was quick.

>Why won't Spring weapon die already?
Dunno, but i'm glad since i do enjoy reading it, even if it does take me much longer to read moon than english

Don't sound as good as Bakuman nor Soma because everyone know, thanks to media, confessions and soap dramas, that the showbiz is pretty much about luck about sex for women.

The only way for the author to make it entertaining and enjoyable to read is make it magical and based on his own world not based the real world which is depressing and not shounen.

>Why do you want Boze axed? It's pretty alright for what it is.
It needs something to differentiate itself from the pack and demonstrate it brings something valuable to each issue. Many of the new wave failed because they tried to hit established genres that were already represented and failed, such as love comedies (love rush, hungry marie and cross account), sports (full drive and shudan) and the innumerable fucking battle shounens (golem hearts but more infamously demon plan, U19 and that one manga with flesh-things i can't for the life of me remember the name of [amalgam of distortion i think])
The only two that really managed to establish thier own unique identity were neverland (intrigue and world survival) and Dr stone (education and also world survival), both of which consistently hold top spots and sell respectably.
Boze NEEDS to do this if it wants to survive, because from my impressions of the first chapter it is decent but uninspired, which will guarantee it the axe. Stand tall or fall flat
Pic related is Neverland right now by the way, as it is currently and indisputably the most successful of the new wave.

maybe he upset the Don and is now sleeping with the fishes?
anyway, they'll never find the body

I still hope for a sci-fi like Gintama to replace it
if it's gone tehre won't be another sci-fi in SJ

It also happens to be in direct competition with Kimetsu as a demon hunting series, and Kimetsu has only been doing better as time goes on. Bozebeats would basically have to start going heavy on the sci-fi to carve its own niche in the magazine I think, otherwise it will just trail behind

They have to bring in the mecha monk gear to win the audience approval.
So far, jump have no mecha heavy scifi series yet.

I think Tomato Poodle and Spring Weapon will have a death match next month

if Tomato first volume sells better than SW#1 then it's bed time for SW#1

I don't see why jump would want to keep both since both are targeted at the same demographic and have similar comedy

>It also happens to be in direct competition with Kimetsu as a demon hunting series, and Kimetsu has only been doing better as time goes on.
Oh shit, i never even considered this, nice observation.
>Bozebeats would basically have to start going heavy on the sci-fi to carve its own niche in the magazine I think, otherwise it will just trail behind
Good idea, and really the more i think about it there really isn't much of any sci-fi in the magazine, so it would definitely help, especially since the art is quite nicely geared for just this kind of thing.
>So far, jump have no mecha heavy scifi series yet.
They really don't do they? yeah this sounds like what it might end up needing to do.

Will the BBEG be a Weinstein expy?

I'm ready for 5 minutes to pass over a full volume.

I don't even remember where we were before the hiatus, this is truly the HxH magic, that I have to reread the boat arc everytime