Shows you immediatly forgot after watching


I could barely tell if their was a plot while I was watching it, and what ever it was I don't remember.

like half of toradora

Chain chronicle

guilty crown.

pretty much shitty code geass desu

came here to post this
>hey guys what if we made an anime where the main character is a hesitant bitch like shinji from eva
>hey guys what if we make the love interest ephemeral and disappear like nia from ttgl
>hey guys what if we wrap up the whole plot in a political thriller

If can't post them if I don't remember them.

H2O Footprints in the Sand
I can remember the premise but not any event that happened or character name.

Pretty much every seasonal trainwreck shilled on Sup Forums: code geass, valvrave, gargantia, recreators

>Isekai Shokudo
It wasn't terrible, just wasn't memorable.

I remember enjoying Flip Flappers, but I can't remember for the life of me what was actually about. Like they collected some stuff, and then everyone turned into grass at the end, but I don't know why

Flip Flappers. I don't even know why, since it has a couple episodes with extremely interesting settings.

All of those anime over the past couple of years that can be described as "ecchi action show with power armor with an oddly dark backstory"

I swear, there has been like 5 of them.

I can't remember any

That one where they made a battle royale out of the chinese zodiac

Chrome shelled reggios. All I know is felli.



all i remember is

>MC gets off to taking pics of dead people
>yandere ex that handcuffs him to bed and fucks him at gunpoint
>the ED was really good

I'm still waiting for the second season

I still remember best girl from that show, Uri-tan

How can you not remember the OP. It was girls on film.

All of monogatari

I swear something new just came out like that from a well known studio...

I watched this but didn't recognize any of the characters until I saw the girl. It was called something Famiglia? Yeah, definitely forgotten.