After watching this anime, i want an anime set in Mesoamerica

After watching this anime, i want an anime set in Mesoamerica

Rokka no yuusha is close enough


Show was shit though

It's too short and based on a incomplete LN.

>mfw I'm still waiting for S2 knowing it's never gonna come.

I want to suck on dem tiddies.

>lucuo is lill white (Japanese) and not actually central American

Dieties may or may not be white, many non white cultures have white deities.

>Jaguars aren't mauling her to death

>Central Americans


>central American

Yes no maybe I don't know, this is actually South American.

I want an anime were I'm sexually dominated by muscle dudes!


It's a really bad idea, mexicans have been trying to write several comics/cartoons/movies/pseudomanga about it over the years and it's always the same trainwreck.
As a mexican myself I'd suggest to simply do like japan and loosely adapt their gods to cute girls doing cute stuff like Lucoa but they are too stubborn and blind.

> As a mexican myself
Wth, who let you in?

What role would the conquistadors have in this anime?

What do you mean? the El Chavo del 8 was the greatest anime battle shounen ever.

I don't believe you.

Go fuck yourself.

Try this friend, it's like brazilian knockoff cowboy bebop

team rocket, but they keep murdering more incans and aztecs the more their increasingly ridiculous debt reduces their profit margin to peanuts

if they maul her, where'd they get their delicious dragon milk from?