WataMote: A great manga

WataMote: A great manga

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that nobody likes anymore.

Nonsense. The latest chapter was cute as hell.

So it's opposite day? I'm not gonna take a crack at this.
>Sup Forums isn't shit
>asuka is best girl
>madoka is a deep and profound series
>trigger produces excellent anime

It's the best it's ever been. Man can you imagine if the series carried on where the only supporting characters were bottom of the barrel shit ones like Yuu and Komi-something instead of the actual good cast we have now?

This list is completely false

Its shit, I liked better when it was Tomoko suffering.

uchis scull



When's the next chapter?

Say gents, let's not be hasty. Perchance the new chapter will have some of that old-timey excruciating humiliation for good ol' Tomoko.

Reminder, only 2 days left before we get to see the next chapter. What are your predictions?
>Last chapter of the Disneyland arc.
>Emiri will ask Tomoko for her number.
>Nemo will probably ask for one as well.
>Heading home with Yuri awkwardly.
>Tomoko receives messages from Emiri and Nemo.

Yoshida will be cute.

Raws on Thursday, scanlation some point Friday or Saturday I'd assume.

though i wonder what happened to that supposedly extra chapter that was suppose to be released 2 weeks ago

user lied to us. Nowhere else did I know about that special, except here.



piss off you heathen, trigger has better animation than anything out now. They're story writing sucks though...

What was the twitter campaign about then? The one where people had to retweet it 1111 times?


Can't wait for UcchiMote

even she has friends. you know why? because she is a female

Fucking same

Her hugging the other girls after the Stitch show killed me.

Or because she was forced to interact with a few girls that were told by their teacher to try to be her friend, ending up with them being on friendly terms now.

also because she is a female

it's so easy to claim that something that you can't change about yourself is the reason why you don't have friends.
Instead of you just not wanting to have friends and don't want to admit that because society has brainwashed into you that you should have friends.

who said i want, i don't give a shit. just funny how easy it is for females even in anime/manga

They are the sociable sex. Of course it's easier for them to make friends.

Have you remembered to apologize to Ogino today?

>who said i want, i don't give a shit
> just funny how easy it is for females even in anime/manga
and for boys as well, count how many losers in anime/manga do not have friends. To not waste your time, let me help you with it: Zero(unless they are evil, which is another story).

whore pls

Not apologizing to a busy-body

I wish i was sensei's shota lover

>I wish i was sensei's loli lover
fixed that for you, she clearly munches the carpet

>implying her lover isn't a hung trap

>hung trap
Best kind

traps are for feminine penises and boypussies

For you

Is WataDad a good dad?

Hung traps aka the best kind are for older women and unsatisfied housewives so they drop their guard and get fucked so hard they pass out from cumming so much

>works hard for his family
>doesn't judge Tomoko when he sees her sleeping with eroge and a vibrator, simply tucks her into bed
>takes his kid fishing for some quality parent-child bonding time
He's a pretty good dad.

Perfect mix of parents. Mom is normalfag who worried that Tomoko can't be well rounded so it gives Tomoko considerations about the importance of being a more well rounded individual, while Dad knows but doesn't pressure her too much and just let her get through it in her own pace and ways

That sounds about right. Also:

>chapter will be centered around Emiri
>the weak should fear the strong

When Yuu gave her condoms for Christmas.

That in itself is not that funny, but that the theme of the christmas presents were "things you will never use" Because she knows Tomoko is a huge dyke

As long as Komishit doesn't show up, I'll be happy.

Agreed. It's gotten fucking awesome. Her growth through that second year was fun to watch.

The only thing I want to know is if they're planning on calling it quits when her character graduates, or if they're going to spin it off into her going to college.

le pic related, tho desu you're somewhat right that now isn't the time for komi
i reckon there will be an extended epilogue after graduation with how everyone turned out, like with colleges and stuff, esp. moko ofc, and maybe a reunion or something

In the end she just wanted attention. Do you think the people that like so much this show are the same?

It's fun, but I just want it to be over at this point.
Volume 10 was just terrible.
Don't stain my memories of this manga with half assed efforts.


I can't wait for her to get a boyfriend to finish of her journey toward normalfagness and watch all the yurifags cry.

Wasn't that obvious from the beginning?

New chapter in literally 13 hours, lads!

Isn't Emiri just supposed to be Yuu without the pretty face?

Disneyland will continue for at least a couple more chapters. Nothing big has really happened yet, it's just been all set-up.

Yeah, the yuri elements are inserted for cheap laughs. People who are expecting Tomoko to get a serious coming out of the closet moment are going to be disappoint.

I just hope they don't go the entire series without introducing her to some kind of romantic interest

Eh, I always kinda thought the point of the series was for her to learn it's fine not to have one.

an allusion to the possibility of tomoko having a boyfriend would be nice. if she's gotten that far, i'll be satisfied.

and when the fuck is ki-chan coming back?


there aren't any more breaks for them to do that, are there? she's already a third year and her last summer was covered very briefly iirc, in that chapter with her and her dad

I think that was a short break in the spring between second and third year. They're still in the first semester of third year.

When watamote is over. Motivate yourselves. Find something happy and heartwarming to watch, instead of licking your own wounds. Step by step you will become a better person.

is there a summer break between now and the last semester? not entirely sure how japanese schools work


>can you imagine if the series carried on where the only supporting characters were bottom of the barrel shit ones like Yuu and Komi-something instead of the actual good cast we have now?

True. The interactions between Yuu, Komisomething and Tomoko are much more superficial compared to those between Tomoko and her new palls. My guess is that this is because Yuu and Komisomething were developed when Watamote was more a gag manga than anything else. However, with the gradual shift from being a gag manga to a more serious manga about personal growth, Yuu and Komisomething simply don't suffice anymore. The new cast is obviously designed to flesh out the MC.

Not him but Komi-something is pretty pointless with Tomoko having better characters around her now. The occasional farce chapter with her and Akari is good but that's about what it should be limited to.

I'm just waiting to see what happens next time Kii-chan shows and sees Tomoko has friends. I'm guessing she's too far gone and she'll be full sexual degenerate so it won't matter.

I kind of agree, but also they never really attempted to expand on Yuu or Komi-something once Watamote moved away from the joke manga thing.

How much do we actually know about Yuu currently? Not a lot. Post-Kyoto we've mostly seen Komi-something being hungry for Tomoki's dick.

Also whenever volume 12 comes out I'm assuming it's going up to like 118 which means the Graduation Ceremony chapters, the Valentine's chapters and the Okada chapter which are all great.

>I'm guessing she's too far gone and she'll be full sexual degenerate so it won't matter.
Tomoko just brings out the worse in everyone, doesn't she?

She completely mindfucked Kii-chan, Ucchi and Akari. She's a force of nature.

How long before she corrupts an adult?

Final Boss Nemo vs Abusive Sociopath? Who wins?

Nemo plays the long game, but Yuri strikes when the opportunity presents itself.

The only adults she really interacts with are her mom and Ogino. One's used to her shit, the other's too obtuse to be mindfucked.

So you disagree, Trigger does make the best anime in the world.

Neither, Yoshida distracts both of them with some off-topic comment about the seasons changing and Ki-chan swoops Tomoko away.


Nemo meets Pineapple and Katou.

They make up and everyone joins Tomoko's group.

Awkward for Fang, who everyone either dislikes or doesn't care about. Mako will pick Yuri when forced to choose, and Minami was trying to avoid her for that.

Poor Minami. I'll bet she has more in common with Tomoko than any of the other characters and doesn't know it.

>implying Kibako won't join the Reject Posse too

Too many normalfags and weirdos things would get awkward real quick.

Can we really call it the Reject Posse if half the girls in class are in it?

They're rejecting society's demands to "go with the flow" and faking themselves socially or something.