Save me some time Sup Forums

save me some time Sup Forums

does kaiji ever man the fuck up or is he crying on every single fucking challenge. I can't continue watching a protag who pisses his pants constantly.

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Kaiji is more of a man than you will ever be

>MC acts like a relatable human being for once
>this is bad

Kaiji may cry, but he never backs down, he puts his life on the line when he gambles. He is courageous even through his running tears, he is a true man.

so it gets better or no?

Maybe you should get some taste

Men don’t have to be emotionless robots.

>Kaiji defense mobilized within 30 seconds

This is what happens when you have such an offensively terrible opinion

Didn't mean to quote OP the retard

is crying every time something goes wrong relatable?

trying, you're not helping

they don't have to be crybabies either

Why don't you try being a little more empathetic and imagine being in his position?

Is season 2 worth watching? I found season 1 to be OK, but I was kind of bored by the end. The concept behind the mind games was great, but they started to drag after awhile.


>at risk of going so deep into debt that you became a lifelong slave
>>>>>>wtf why is this pussy crying

Didn’t even watch it.

A lot of people hate when male characters cry more than once in a show. I know the premise of the show so I’m going to assume he cries a decent amount.

>chance to eliminate debt but you have to run across busy traffic
>WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *30 minutes of talking about how scary it is to cross traffic*

meanwhile 500 mexicans would have done it and taken the money. kaiji is middle class white boy taking his first real risk "realistic" faggot anime

>Character for once doesn't acts like a genki retard or an emotionless generic robot when he puts his life on the line
>"WAHHH I can't watch this crybaby"
user, please

If the drag annoyed you then I dobut you'll be able to tolerate the second part of season 2.

so I either get "doesn't afraid of anything" unrealistic protag or "THAT BLADE OF GRASS LOOKED AT ME WRONG IT WANTS TO MURDER ME OH WHY DID I OFFEND THE GOD OF SOD" and no middle ground. is that how it is?

>crying is wrong
>crying is not manly
>why does this reasonably realistic and flawed human character suck so much compared to my usual self inserts?

Kaiji constantly gets into situations where his friends die, he thinks he's going to die, and where his life or livelihood depends on random chance.
Are you trying to tell me that you wouldn't cry if whether or not you ever see the outside world again hinged on whether or not a little metal ball lands in the right hole?

>anime girls cry constantly for the simplest and easiest shit
>otakus are totally cute with it and find it cute

>Man go through hell and beyond to be something at life
>fuking pussies why do they cry

I would eventually get numb and push forward after time 4x/5x

Kaiji has a separate mango for every arc. The current title has the info you need, feel free to spoiler yourself.

Instead of trying to watch something outside of your comfort zone, why not watch a shitty isekai harem for the 100th time?

if you're on the first arc (boat), then yes he's at his whimpiest there, but he changes at the end of it
he'll still cry every episode but he grows balls the size of skyscrapers

Crying while you bet your life is the manliest thing you can do. If you think crying isn't manly you've never really cried. You've just wept like a bitch.

You don't even deserve my (you), just go somewhere else to satisfy your shit taste.

Here, I want to try, let me post something horrible.

Kaiji's art-style is digusting, it looks like a fucking cartoon you'd see on Nickelodeon. The few women look like fucking trannies and the men don't even look human, it has legitimately shitty art that makes no attempt at all to look good or to fit in with the standard anime style. None of the characters are remotely appealing in any way. Anyone who claims to be able to stomach this retarded shit should go to Sup Forums with the rest of the hideous shit like Devilman Crybaby and Panty and Stocking.

>Hey guys, i hate this totally popular character
>I wonder why they try to defend him?

yes, in the mines

If you want the literal opposite of Kaiji, read Tobaku Haouden Rei (AKA: Gambling Emperor Legend Zero), same author as Kaiji.
It's if the protagonist were a smug, autistic asshole.

Kaiji is moe.

It's thugs, miserables and yakuzas, who wants them all dolly sparkly for the 100th time? Don't you have a dramatical murder to fap to, no homo?

Still a better art style then devilman

Who are you quoting

Don’t bring Dramatical Murder into this.
Why would someone want a normal artsy? It’s played out where as series with unique artstyles stand out and are memorable because of it. user saying it looks ugly is far but saying it doesn’t try to fit in is a negative isn’t going to fly.

>Who are you quoting
That guy, i quoted his irrational retarded thoughts

>I would eventually get numb
Ah okay, so you're a teenager. It all makes sense now

Teen exposed, go watch Sao.

>Dramatical Murder
The anime is pretty bad fap material though.

I'm gonna be honest with you, OP, I think you're too dumb for Kaiji.
It won't get "better", Kaiji is a bum until the very end. (He manages to at least clear his debt, tho)
Kaiji IMO is a character study, that's where the show's strengths lie.
He is a bum who can only ever function in situations where his life is in danger, whenever his life isn't threatened he's just sitting on his NEET ass being useless.
He's not supposed to be some kind of hero, far from it. If a show about a character like that doesn't sound interesting to you, you'll probably dislike the second season too.

>he doesn't know how greentexting and implications work
Lurk the fuck more.

you should go back and watch shonenshit

go back to watch your usual self-insert/waifu/harem garbage you underage shit

>is crying every time something goes wrong relatable?
It is when your life is on the line.

This guy gets it.


This. Kaiji is in need of psychological counseling because he's addicted to gambling and when he's not gambling he does nothing but NEET it up.

If you don't like Kaiji crying, Akagi will be more to your taste.
And if you like Akagi and want more, you can go back to Kaiji.
Win-win scenario.

Yeah Kaiji eventually stops crying and starts kicking everyones asses in the later manga parts when he starts cheating more

Kaiji stops crying when he goes Blanco

hes not courageous.
hes not a hero.
hes a hopeless gambling addict.
he cries because he knew the right thing to do but got in way too deep because he cannot help himself.


I had no idea the manga continued from where the anime ended. It was such a good point to end the series too.
Hoch much more material is there after the point where the anime ended ?

The anime ended at part 2, the manga just ended part 5 but this one is still being translated. Part 3 is one of the best although you have to understand a bit of mahjong to get everything so maybe watch Akagi first.

The first season of the anime covers all of Part 1. Second season covers all of Part 2. Part 3 and 4 are manga only, but are completely translated. We are currently in the middle of Part 5, which I quite enjoy.

This group (( )) has all the downloads on their page, and usually translates at a chapter or two every week.

Well, the mahjong explanations in Kaiji are actually pretty good, and did may more to help me understand Mahjong then watching Akagi (which blitzes through the basics so fast I gave up on following the strategies and just watched it for the tension).

oh ya

Ten is so wholesome and bittersweet. Even Kurosawa doesn't come close.

Anyone caught up with the new spoilers?It's sad that even though he won all that money he feels like his wish is unfulfilled, since Sakazaki didn't accept the money. Can't wait for the next chapter.

You have a link?
It's not actually fake money, r-right guys?

>he dislikes cute boys crying
What a fag. Disgusting

Teiai wouldn't give a shit about getting the money back if it was fake

Looks like Sakazaki told him to fuck off which I can understand. Everything about Kaiji is fishy now.

Hey at least Chang and Mario didn't betray him yet

>relatable human being
>buying Ishida's freedom for 16 million
>using your hard-earned 20 million to literally gamble and lose them and fingers too
>using your dungeonbux on beer

>Watching one episode of Kaiji a day
>Brother walks in on the Bog
>"Oh hey this seems pretty cool."
>1 week later
>Brother walks in again
>"Wait, user, didn't you already watch this episode?"

I will never get that time back.

>one episode of Kaiji a day
I've marathoned both season in a day and a night, I wasn't even planning to binge watch it but the suspense kept me constantly at the edge of my seat and I couldn't not see the whole thing through
fuck those were some fun 24 hours

>Is season 2 worth watching?
The Bog is Endless 8 tier shenanigans.

Pic related perfectly describes the feeling of watching it. It's something that you would enjoy immensely if it were quick and over with, but instead you are forcefully pulled through the sensation to the point that it is no longer enjoyable.

Nah it's really good when you marathon it. Very immersive.

They spend half of every episode explaining the previous episode.

Lmao kaijicukcolds are fucking pathetic
>lmao season 2 never ever
>kaiji is better then kakegurui I swear !
>kaiji is forgotten and considered a literally who of anime
>kakegurui is thriving and gets season 2
get FUCKED kaijiretards
they only reason anyone on this boards talks about this unpopular pile of garbage is because they watched some ironic weeb celeb on jewtube whos opinion is worthless





go read berserk