Just what the flying fuck is the appeal here?

Just what the flying fuck is the appeal here?


It's for heterosexual men, you wouldn't get it.


lolifags seething

expansion of the fate universe

Why are those hearts making an arrow pointing directly at Ilya's womb?


And you're what, faggots? Sucks to be you.

them vagina bones.

I read Prisma for the plot

It actually has a good story and likeable characters, but without all the pretentious bullshit of other fate anime.

Is this the only Fate series where "mana transfer = sex" is still canon?

just say lolicon you retard

>thick birthing hips
smells kikey in here

>mana transfer = sex

You're looking at it.

It's ironic, really - pedophiles are noted for having low testosterone and lower IQs compared to normal men, which essentially makes their sexuality similar to that of an underage boy. They're attracted to little girls (or boys if homo) because their undeveloped libido and mind recognizes an underdeveloped child as a peer and appropriate sexual partner.

Believing that everyone is (or should be) secretly attracted to children is another example of their lack of maturity. Like a child, they struggle to see things from someone elses perspective.


You know, giving someone else your magical power through exchanging bodily fluids.
In the main Fate continuity they changed it to weird ass rituals but Prisma still does it the old-fashioned way.

Kuro. That's literally it.

What does your armchair psychology say about someone who's attracted to both curvy women and flat girls?

i see Sup Forums is as retarded as ever and applies 3d standards to 2d still, 2d loli is just a fetish my dude

No standards.

>That Geiger Counter guy who went around raping little girls based on ideas he got from them
>All the lolicons who get busted for real CP

>Those columbine kids who made levels based on their school in DOOM
>All those shooters who played violent video games

>can't appreciate both the fine curves of a woman and the subtle curves of a loli
I feel sorry for you

This scene was so pure.


This series is truly a miracle.

Gap moe.

Also gay stuff.

Man I love lewd lolis.

Literally killed the series.

People who are genuinely anti-lolicon, what has Sup Forums come to?

I really want to see Kuro and Miyu meet Kiritsugu before the series is over.

>prismas look like they are between 13-15

It's the normies and Sup Forumsturds, user.

>This is a Japanese 11-year-old

Neat lore and sexy maids.

It's kind of confusing that prisma illya looks older than stay night illya but is actually 7 or so years younger.
..I prefer the old yet younger looking loliya


Me with the pink hair

God I wish I was that bath water.


the art from the anime is sort of shit


I would drink that bath water

That's pretty gay.

I would pay good money to drink Kuro's bath water, tbqh.

you're a rich guy

You can come over to my house and drink mine if you want.


Age 11

I don't think it's bad, but it can't come close to competing with the manga.

Are you a cute Brown loli?

I can be.

The only reason why anyone would ever hate loli, what is quite evident on that retard's post, is if they associate it with 3DPG, what is the most normalfag thing one can do, so there is your answer.
Sup Forums is full of normalfaggots now and it's going to become Sup Forumseddit 2.0 in just a few more years.

I don't think user wants your blackface washing off while trying to drink the bathwater


This tbqh. Because they're mentally incapable of separating reality from fiction, they try to force their rules on everyone else.

>one crossboarder newfag
>Sup Forums

>that midriff
good lord


If you're not a gay little girl then you don't belong on Sup Forums.

Bath water owner didn't say he is a little girl, hje said he can be.

loli mana transfer.

>responding seriously to shitposters
A "fuck off" and a report is all you need, newfriend.

I want to fill these cups.

I want to feed them my meat.

What's so special about yours compared to any other cow or chicken?

I want to forceful stack those cup against their will until they can't be stacked anymore

It's from the rare trouser snake.

>against their will
But they already stack themselves willfully.

Gay whores.

They are not whores.

Can you imagine how soft those thighs are?
I just want to blow raspberries on them

>that doujin where Kuro is rimming fat old men and drinking their piss
Jesus Christ i can't count how many times i fapped to this.

I'm not familiar with it. Where does it the animal originate from?

I'd kill to manhandle Kuro's little body.

You need to be a madman to truly understand it.....

>You have to be an artist and a madman, a creature of infinite melancholy, with a bubble of hot poison in your loins and a super-voluptuous flame permanently aglow in your subtle spine (oh, how you have to cringe and hide!), in order to discern at once, by ineffable signs―the slightly feline outline of a cheekbone, the slenderness of a downy limbs, and other indices which despair and shame and tears of tenderness forbid me to tabulate―the little deadly demon among the wholesome children; she stands unrecognized by them and unconscious herself of her fantastic power.

>tfw there will never be perfection like this in reality

VR here I come.

Miyu's bear pajamas are fucking adorable
Reminds me of Lain


>ywn be Kuro rimming fat old men
Its not fair

Damn, these thread always give me a boner

>all this super sexual designs and scenes
>wasted on underdeveloped little girls



Deconstruction of the magical girl trope without using forced despair like Madoka Magica, or making it excessively violence for a poor shock factor like that one about the girls dying all the time. It's a light-hearted action series with compelling characters, intense drama, and a load of really good fanart on pixiv.

Yes they are.

More like absolute perfection.

Also, what the fuck is up with captcha making me solve 30 fucking puzzles in a row?

You can't be a whore if you do it for free.

Deep dark fantasies.

Man who cares about fanart when the official art is so good?

Don't you mean developed just right?

I'm not interested in fat ugly people


Official art doesn't have Illya dress up as a tenga.

This. You don't even need doujins, you can just watch the OVAs.


I want Kuro to lick my asshole.