Komi san wa komyushou desu 119

Korean Raws

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Short but cute chapter, only 9 pages.
Looking forward for White Day

thanks for the dump. TL when?

Cute. Thanks user.

Lurk more.

Rapist confronted, flees.

>Komi actually trying to talk

Read the last chapter.



What the hell did he say?

He threatened to go to the police.


Hello there

Oh god, and now begun the romantic drama

i hope komi stops running from her crimes. just look at the poor boys face when he found out, he deserves justice

Did you mean this? Last panel.
>Ah, for now, I should be thanking her for the chocolate.
>Um, yesterday's chocolate was delicious.
>Thank you for coming all the way to my house to give it to me.

I know what you did.

>actually I'm gay

Oh my...

will komi ever try this?

The cops on on their way.


>waiting for shitty korean raws
>not buying the jap raws directly online
you guys dont know what you're missing out on next chapter.

>komi's feet


>buying raws that are already out

Post more you beautiful man.

post more senpai

I want to give Komi lots of little brothers and sisters.

The lack of pantyhose feels weird.

P-please post more

At least tell us what's the chapter about

Oh shit

If his classmates overheard that he just became Japan's Most Wanted.

Komi-san has cute butt, not too small and not too big, shapely enough and fleshly enough to grab on, i guess

Komi fleeing the room is also not likely to help.

they all already accepted it, except Yamai, which is why they were daydreaming about the others girls and not Komi, and that they failed at thinking of anything with Komi

more chadano suffering, will make him stronger

Was the teacher always that busty? Goddamn

>April Fool's chapter
>Tadano pretends to date someone
>Does exactly this
How bad would Komi take it?



she refused to talk to anyone

You know how every time you see her get NTRed by Not Kanji her eyes pop up with only blank space?

If that happens the next page would be blank. And slowly will zoom out through the following pages to reveal it's her eye.

Since people are begging, I'm dumping the raws.

It's another teacher, not the usual one
He'd never do that. As much it will be a misunderstanding



hnmp, it's not that i want the raw that bad but since you are dumping on your will, i guess i will have a look, remind that i owe you nothing


thanks user, now we're only missing someone who can translate

Like you could ever defeat Komi-dad.
Man is a monster.




did I miss Najimi giving Tadano chocolate somehow?



Najimi never gave Tadano chocolate. Najimi only gave Komi one piece of chocolate.

now 120
It's a Yamai chapter.

>Hear police's siren




how cute





>ripped pantyhose

I can't believe I share the same taste with worst girl

New fetish acquired.


I actually don't hate Yamai. She's amusin in the way that you'd realize Tomoyo could have been like that to Sakura.

The whole lesbo stalker archetype anime does is really creepy and she at least shows that it could be so.

The author even shows it to be a negative trait even.

T-thanks, Yamai-san.


Okay, this actually made me laugh.


last page

Yamai confirmed brap poster.

It's Japan so you must mean Nevada

I admit, i laughed

Okay, that caught me off guard

You realize the chapters were just dumped right?

Thanks for the dump. Surprising to see Yamai have a decent chapter for once

>Yoku mita.
??? I/He saw?!

He took a good look at Komi's bare legs.

So she told her she got a rip in her pantyhose and went to the bath to change them?

Tadano got that poker face
Good man


I once told a girl she had a rip in her jeans crotch seam, she never took me to the bathroom to help her take them off

> this disgusting lesbian piece of shit

I hate this kind of character



Kek, didn't expected this. Fucking weirdo