How do you feel that Devilman is now Go Nagai's most popular work and not Mazinger Z or Cutie Honey?

How do you feel that Devilman is now Go Nagai's most popular work and not Mazinger Z or Cutie Honey?

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But Devilman was always more popular.

Devilman was always more popular, at least on Sup Forums and in America.

but muh zinger!

It always was. I'm just baffled that they called it Kuraibebi.

Not really. Everyone knows Mazinger Z and Goldorak, who gave a shit about Devilman until Netflix?

I've never heard of Goldorak until this post.

that's cuz you're a pleb


Devilman was always more significant and more widely discussed when it came to the appreciation of Nagai's work and influence. Even for Sup Forums it was probably the most talked about.

Sup Forums is just even more casual than I thought, so Crybaby was the first run-in with Devilman for many people here.

>Some garbage netflix adaptation
>changing anything

Mazinger Z is still THE Go Nagai work. Upcoming movie looks great.

>Devilman is now Go Nagai's most popular work

Now? Like it wasn't already? Mazinger Z was never going to be popular because of how niche the mecha genre is. Cutie Honey I could see being really popular though.

>Now? Like it wasn't already?
Nope. Mazinger has been mainstay in super robot wars for years and is the face of the franchise. The Toei movie is doing fantastic in Japan. Spain is all over it. France and the Middle East are all over its sequel, Grendizer. Italy likes both. It's also the one with shitload of merchandise nearly every month with the chogokin brand at the forefront.

Even Go Nagai's website is named mazin go.
( Nagai's company twitter account has Mazinger Z as its profile.

It's only in America that people associate Go Nagai with Devilman and some weird shit he did like Kekkou Kamen. Everywhere else, he's known for his mecha. When he goes abroad to cons, nobody fucking asks him about Devilman. It's all either Mazinger or Grendizer or sometimes Koutetsu Jeeg shit.

It's called Grendizer.

Just read the original Devilman manga the other day. I liked it, but that ending kinda blew. How are you gonna give me cool fights with Silene and Jinmen, but then not have cool showdowns between Devilman and Xenon, or Devilman and Satan? What teh fuck, Uncle Go.

What about Tezuka? Astro Boy?

Read the later editions. Here. This is an unofficial complete edition based on the deluxe edition which added but also removed stuff.!RskDAYaS!q3mHWyNxYnk3PUXdHvbRAARwLsfsm_c1f2sFvut8AWQ

I know fuckall about Astro.

Go Nagai has considered Devilman his "Opus" since forever

It's simply another of those differences between countries, Americans never gave a shit about Mazinger.
This is why talking about a generic west is stupid, there are massive differences between USA, south america, and Europe. Even talking about Europe is wrong.

>First Revival in 45 years

well that's just an outright lie

>Shitters who've only seen Crybaby pretend like they've ever read Go's work and act like they have any authority to talk about it
Miki didn't die for this

>dolphin porn
color me shocked

>tfw have been listening to this, Judgement, Night Hawk, and others for weeks now

If nothing else Crybaby has OST of the year on fucking lock

>claims to be a Nagaifag
>giving a shit about Miki

>miki isn't the best thing nagai has ever made

Kys. Even Miko (the real one not Crybaby shit) is superior.
Your mother should have had that abortion.

Miki in the manga was just one of those teenage girls lusting for Akira's dick in Crybaby.

She prefers Amon by the way.


i prefer that to the miki with no personality

If you haven't read OG Devilman you don't belong here really.

I was thinking about getting into Nagai's works. Should I read Devilman or Getter Robo first?


It's not?

Ken Ishikawa.

No. Cutie Honey probably is.

Outside of /m/, Devilman was always more popular.

Devilman has always been his most popular least in Japan. Look how much of an outrage that horrible live action movie had now compared that to other terrible live action movies of iconic properties like Tomorrow's Joe which got no reaction and you'll see how much Japs give a shit about Devilman.
>The Toei movie is doing fantastic in Japan. Spain is all over it.
You're exaggerating

It did even worse in France and Spain.

No its right. Nobody cares about Shin

I hate mechas, so well.
Also, here you have the OST in FLAC, my friendos

Screw you Mazinger Z is popular in my country

>not liking all Nagai works
Plebs. All of you.

Mazinger Z is more popular anywhere that is conservative. Here in the Middle East we never got Devilman (blasphemy and sexual content) or Cutey Honey (sexual content).

>It did even worse in France and Spain.
Nope, it already raked in more money.

Trolling. Movie is not even out in Spain.

I couldn't care less but thanks for asking

/m/ here, you're full of shit. Mazinger will always be his most popular work and he'll always be salty about it.

I love Miki, that is all.

Is Devilman G Miki the best Miki?

Is Akira dead in this timeline?


Mazinger Z is again the more popular in Japan and Europe.

All stuff by Nagai has its own charm.

I'm okay with this.

I love Devilman, who is Go Nagai?


>or Cutie Honey?
Until the new Cutie Honey anime comes out anyway

satan is a dickgirl and thats all i care about

Satan is a futa.


Because nobody gives a shit about mecha anymore, go away /m/


futa = raised women who magically grew dicks

satan was raised male and later grew boobs therefore not a futa

Why is there so much devilman? Where do i start?

Can you repeat the question?

give cutie honey a few months

I don't think Cutie Honey has normalfag appeal

What if new Cutie Honey meets Deviman


Dony care
Rocket punch is still the best attack

Stop making up definitions. Futanari literally means 'two/both forms'.

Breast fire is better

Nobody has ever given a shit about the latter two except for spics.

Why do you think Shin Mazinger bombed

And yet Mazinger is constantly getting merch unlike Devilman which has been a financially dead franchise for years.

>Children buy toys
What a shocking revelation.

Do you have any idea just how big of a deal those series are? Mazinger Z invented the concept of super robots and Cutie Honey is widely cited as being responsible for how fanservice-heavy anime is today. Those are two of the first things that comes to anyone's mind when they think of anime today. Devilman was horribly, horribly overshadowed by Nagai's other works at the time, which greatly upset him because he thought the work would be his magnum opus. A lot of people think that his anger toward the series' lukewarm reception was what caused it to become so damn violent in the last half.

It really was shown in spain, in Gijon Film Festival on November. I actually went there to watch the film, since it was pretty close to where i live.
And when i watched the film the theater was more crowded than one would expect.

And pretty much no one knows what Devilman is in Spain

>Mazinger Z invented the concept of super robots
Which hasn't been relevant in what, two decades? Mecha is a dead genre because it has no substance that even kids today are repulse and now only admire by manchildren.

>Those are two of the first things that comes to anyone's mind when they think of anime today
I ensure you nobody think about those shows when they think about anime today.

Only people in France know about Goldorak. The rest of the world has never heard of it. Even in Japan, it seems burried under Nagai's other works.

Devilman is a super hero though. Super heros are infinitely more popular and iconic than super robots in any country.

>giving a shit about Miki

>claims to be a Nagai-scholar
>not giving a shit about Miki

Are there any Virgin/Chad images based on Devilman?

>a literal soyboy destroys the world

How fitting.

He's not the main mind of the body anymore, but he seems to be influencing and sometimes controlling Amon. Amon cannot attack humans, wants to protect them, and has special feelings for Miki that he can't understand.

>claims to be a nagai scholar
>somehow misses all the pre-crybaby threads shitting on her
Can't fool me, newfag.


He's dead. It's the same as Devilman tv show, Amon gets humanized because of Akira's lingering feelings, but he's the owner of the body now. LIke how Akira gets more demonic influenced by Amon after merging if Amon died.
Trivia: Devilman used to be Amon's original name. It had nothing to do with the chuuni nonsense spin Akira gave it. Amon, not Akira, was the main character.

Reading the original works, it's clear he kind of half-assed Mazinger and it was always meant to be a light-hearted series. He clearly put way more effort into Devilman.

proper scans of kyomu senki when

Tell me when children can get their parents to buy platinum mazingers. All the Mazinger merchandise that gets made today is for an adult audience.

>Only people in France know about Goldorak
That's a lie. Wasim knows.

I would totally buy this if I was rich enough

Kek, you really told him.

>mecha is dead
>What is Darling in Franxx the AOTY

Nah. In countries that had broadcasts of Mazinger or Koutetsu Jeeg, anyone that was a kid back then knows them. Though for the later, most people probably don't know it was a Go Nagai creation.

Yeah, we called those who don't know a newfag.