Dragon Ball Super

Manga leaks soon...... this time for real.

More than likely fake leaks but let's see how they compare to the real ones.

>Piccolo approaches Gohan and is shocked when Gohan reveals that he has, in fact, been training since the Frieza incident and goes Ultimate on the spot.

>Piccolo invites Gohan to come with him into the Room of Spirit and Time, and Gohan states he wants to achieve a form that no one has seen before.

>Caulifla and Cabba fight as Kale watches below. Caulifla is SS and Cabba is SS2. Caulifla lands a few hits, but loses. Cabba notes that she’s approaching Super Saiyan 2 level.

>Caulifla is impressed by Cabba’s strength and wants Kale to train with them too. Kale declines, but Cabba decides to fight her to get an idea of how strong she is.

>Kale doesn't want to fight, but Cabba goes on the offensive to force her to. He is shocked when, despite not hitting him back, base Kale is able to evade and react to SS2 Cabba's attacks. Caulifla and Cabba wonder what potential she holds.

>In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo watches as Gohan powers up and notes that his current ki is far different from when he fought Buu years ago.

Jose's "leaks" aren't real user.

Yeah I know I posted them as a joke

Please let this Kale thing actually happen.
That would actually make her seem like the type to have a different transformation.

Yeah but you know how stupid the average Superfag can be.

That's my girl.

Gohanfags btfo

Post the original fake leaks.

>spoilers for an episode describe something that happens in the last 3 minutes of it, or maybe even in the next episode


i'm gonna kill myself. i hate everyone

Show me the part where it says he falls out please

Gohan is fighting Jiren.
1v1 in fact, Goku and Vegeta got decimated.
Buckle up, this is what we've all been waiting for. The CHAD has just arrived.


Goku and Freeza will be the final 2.
Vegeta will be eliminated taking out Toppo
17 gets eliminated by Jiren
Goku and Freeza eliminate Jiren
It's so damn obvious


You're not him. Stop sullying her good name.

I actually liked Nice Vados-kun. He was a good friend and she replied favorably to me many times.

I'll have you know that you're not a nice person.

I’m too tired to shitpost; where are the leaks? And not some Pedro fanfiction. Toyo’s fanfiction.

You're a fucking retard.

It's obvious that Gohan will fight Jiren after Goku/Vegeta get bodied while 17 and Freeza duke it out with Toppo.

I feel really sick to my stomach at the moment. This feels like a gut punch, same feeling I had when we found out Buu was sleeping again. What a way to go. Amazing a good day can become a bad day in an instant.


Frieza needs Gohan's help just to beat Dyspo. DYSPO. We know this to be true regardless of what happens to Gohan.
How could Frieza possibly contribute when fighting Jiren?

>Caulifla goes SS to SS2 to SS3 to SS4 in the span of 3 panels.
>Cabba learns God Form
>Kale goes LSS2 immediately
>RiBrianne is Jiren level
>Gohan jobs to SS3 Goku
>Tien is recruited off panel and doesn't appear >until the beginning of the tournament
My dad works for Toyo.

>Soyhan failing again
Thanks Toei


Goten looks like he's about to freak

Fuck off with the forced meme Sup Forums

well at least Gohan will eliminate full power dyspo, right?

I just said I didn’t ask for Pedro fanspiction you fucking dullard. user said the leaks would be here within the hour over an hour ago.

ChiChi seems ok with this new marriage


>He's her problem now!

Poor Goten is dead though

>Sup Forums meme
Lurk more plebbitor

Why do people do thi

more like he is surprised to see bigger racks

Gohan would not be able to move Jiren's head if he punched him at full strength while Jiren lay in a hospital bed riddled with cancer and you know it.


>>In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo watches as Gohan powers up and notes that his current ki is far different from when he fought Buu years ago.

maybe he is meditating, you know, gohan blanco is happening

that's only because the cancer is holding back

Gohan jobs to toppo in a fair fight and can barely hold off dyspo. What makes you think he can take the gray?


Goddamnit user, where are the leaks? You lied.

does dicasty hates chichi or has some sort of reverse cuckolding fetish


Leaked image of newest episode

Because muh Spichan Blanco

id's habbening

wtf is this real?
>jiren accidentally kills goku
>gets dq'd
>zeno is pissed and deletes U11
>U7 wins


hola nena!

>Even in Pedro fanspictions Vegeta is snubbed

w-why isn't Vegeta in UI too?

>cuckgeta in the background


>GoDs not allowed
>but you can turn GoD midfight, no problem

>Retards and neckbeards the Internet over think Gohan is getting eliminated because he wasn't mentioned in a summary

>the sheer amount of pissed off wiener boys complaining about this

so goku's wife's son gets BTFO by some goon while the U6 saijins get BTFO by THE bad guy of all bad guys and THE good guy of all good guys?

my sides are moving all on their way.

>Gohanspics frantically damage controlling
Kek. Out in 3 days

Well I'm done with the series then. Who's with me, CHADforce?

Where the fuck are the leaks this is ridiculous.

Zeno can change the rules whenever he wants.

So the series loses one autistic Mexican, I say this makes things better.

By that logic, Goku and Jiren should be eliminated in 124 too because they weren't mentioned in episode summaries or titles.

Muh hidden potential and toei needs for a new figure with different hair

>actually being this retarded
Gohanfaggotry, not even once.

Jiren is already stronger than a GoD

>why would a saiyan and a shinjin fight differently?
Geez I wonder, isn't like shinjin never ever used ki blast in the original manga but plenty of magical/psychic special hax moves, right? Teleporting? Magical materialization? Psychic paralisis? lol no just make him fight like a saiyan or any other fighter amirite?

>True Golden Frieza and Mystic Park Ranger 17 versus GoD Toppo

This fight better be good

Remember when Gohanfags said the exact same thing about Caulifla?

>Goku and Jiren should be eliminated in 124 too because they weren't mentioned in episode summaries or titles.
>124 summary mentions both Goku and Jiren
>Gohanspics are illiterate
Checks out.


People think Gohan will be eliminated in 124 since he is not in Episode 125's summary or Episode 126's title. Neither are Goku and Jiren. By that logic, Goku and Jiren should be eliminated in 124 too.

The Goku and Vegeta show, unfortunately. Off-topic, but this is why series like One Piece are so good since other characters aside from Luffy get significant attention.

>a fictional character getting knocked out of a tournament affects him this strongly
Why are Gohanspics so weak

Nice ad hom. Everyone thought 17 was going to be out too because of vague spoilers.
I'm sorry you didn't answer me yet.

Pack it up, guys. It's over.

Night night, Bejitababies

>Jobhan last stand
>next episode is 17 and Freeza vs Toppo
What did they mean by this?

FUCKhan isn't mentioned in either of the summaries, Pedro. Why is reading so difficult for you?


esto es el fin Gohan Blanco

>le reddit meme

>Frieza and 17 interacting and teaming up for the first time not only in Super, but in the whole series.
Sounds weird but count me in.

[citation needed]

I'm so happy for the 17fags.

>Gohanfags are actually getting legitimately defensive over this shit
I thought it was a fucking meme but apparently Gohan fans are literal babies.

>17 is SS3 Goku tier
>Gohan is AT LEAST SS3 Gotenks tier, being Gotenks several times stronger than non god Goku

>Gohan still jobs before 17

Gohan is in Episode 124's title. We know for a fact he will be in 124, as will Goku and Jiren. But people have already concluded that Gohan will be gone at the end of 124 because he isn't mentioned IN 125 OR IN 126. Again, by that logic, Goku and Jiren, who aren't mentioned either, should be eliminated in 124 too.

>Mfw Gohan is really eliminated in the next episode.

>w-well you c-can't prove I'm NOT right
If you're too retarded to understand that a character being left out of summaries after an episode involving them at this stage in the arc when there are so few characters left then you are genuinely autistic and I accept your concession.

fixed it for you

So that's why Gohan is missing in the leaks. Gohan got fed up of this shit tournament, killed his dad out of spite, and fucking murders grande padre to prove that he is the ultimate godly chad to be reckon with. Nice.

I wouldn't post it if you provided 100% undeniable proof that Gohan is out.
This means nothing to the discussion. Jumping to a conclusion based on these vague spoilers is foolish.

except gohan is a fodder while jiren goku and vegeta are the main characters in this tournament

It's such a strange team up, Frieza is probably impressed by how strong 17 is for an earthling while 17 doesn't know anything about Frieza other than he's a bad dude.

Enjoy your shitty animation, puto.

then who the fuck is in 125 and 6? what are those spoilers?