Now what

Now what

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See you, space cowboy


Now you go read the previous dozen threads we've had about this over the last week, slowpoke.

Buy the domain and have idiots download a miner disguised as a client.

Not a single value is lost.

You look to the future because it is bright
this site was really shit if you think about it

Enduring the last year and a half of not being able to browse the previous chapters because I'm not signed in was pretty horrific. I visited other sites that let me read without registering.

>moralfag cancer sites kills itself after raising gratutious attention whoring drama

What is batoto?

Let it die.

Damn, having to sign in really makes a website absolutely unusable i hope they get cancer and die

>not having a fake twitter account just in case
so hard

>>moralfag cancer sites kills itself after raising gratutious attention whoring drama

They were moralfagging, because they deleted certain ecchi manga because it was "pedo" all while allowing literal gay porn with fugging on the site. Typical hypocrisy.

I thought the cartel wants to take it over.

it was fine until they locked off chapters unless you made an account, which was fucking bullshit

Why the hell would you need a twitter account?

My biggest question is why the owner just wants to throw the site away instead of handing it off to someone else. The post he made sounded like he just was sick of the work.

I guess he couldn't actually trust any of his moderators.

But why would he care? It really came off that he wants nothing to do with batoto anymore.

Buy it, one of you fucks.

Fishing for attention and drama. Some people thrive in things like this.

Same reason he said he wasn't going to release the "database", because people trusted him with their information.
He could have just wiped the db or released the source for the site though.

Domain is worthless on its own other than to trick people visiting there.

It happens pretty often.

Nothing of value is lost.
I just need to visit manga update more often.

so the ususal

I know a lot of people who've done shit like this. Usually they have commited a lot of time and work into something, and it has drained them a bit. Then suddenly just one day then just quit, burn everything they've built down and go into a fit saying people don't appreciate what you've done, you've sacrificed so much without anything in return etc.

In short it's usually something like personality issues or depression or something.

>Not today old friend
Then it actually died.

I like the reader. But it's still in development.