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Would Hancock or Pudding make good additions to the crew?

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I don't see how they could you retard monkey dumbass since Flambé is the one who is joining.

>Luffy and Law; against Kaido
>Kid, Hawkins; against Shanks
>Drake, Apoo; allies with Kaido
>Bege; allied with Big Mom
>Bonney and Urouge; allegiance or target still unknown
Urouge is somewhere under Blackbeard. I'm calling it.

Probably neither. I rather have Reiju personally because she could be their scientist in conjunction with Chopper. Then again, I wonder what will be her interaction with the crew? She is really hot guys.

Would she actually lust after Zoro?

Hancock can only join if all the other Amazons die, its unlikely.

Probably gives her the Robin treatment at first. Then he eventually trust her.

>small old woman controlling big dumb strong guy
Is Oda a hack for reusing this same idea?

And we know Bonney hates blackbeard

I rather not have both of them. They both have overpowered Devil Fruits.

They would make good additions to my dick

Hancock, maybe. She's already good for combat, although since she's female, he'd probably be instantly nerfed as soon as she joined because Oda. And Luffy isn't returning her love, so it could just continue as fun and make for interesting crew interactions.

Pudding wouldn't work at all. Because Sanji, being Sanji with anything female, woul return her love and it would end up as a romance, which Oda has stated he isn't allowing on the crew.

Or she gets exiled/forced to leave after the shichibukai gets disbanded. Since she's wanted, her staying there endangers the island.

So does Robin, honestly. They'd just get nerfed like her.

Who knows, since Cobra might die for questioning the WG, Vivi might form a crew that will consist the people that Luffy has helped with Hancock.

The only way you can nerf Hancock is to have everyone's Haki from here on out counter her kicks, because they turn things to stone with or without lust.

Why isn't Luffy breeding with all those princesses that lust after his dick? He can become a pirate king in the literal sense if he spreads his seed

Pudding will join

>which Oda has stated he isn't allowing on the crew

Oda has never said that

Post woman that were good looking in their prime

I can't see Hancock, as she would intervene a lot in Luffy's way of life. Pudding on the other hand, I can see a running gag with Sanji's usual personality always "slipping" and she comming into scene either hurt or mad (and mad, I can see her even with knifes or shooting at Sanji). I also find really funny how anytime Sanji does something cool, she gets hearts and nosebleed. Is cute.

Who's the worst character in OP?

Unironically Law.

I really fucking dislike Spandam. Also the prick with blue hair who was with Bellamy back in the day.

Don't forget men as well


How would she get in the way of his life or the crew's antics?

Would Pudding nosebleed every time Sanji cooks dinner then?

Literally who non-character

I think we should asking what position they can fill first.

At least Carrot can fill the Lookout position.

Pudding would have a perfect role if Sanji or Robin didn't exist. Her 2 most defining traits, cooking and potential ability to read poneglyphs are already covered. Hancock could always be an ambassador/diplomat for the crew, since she can charm most people into doing what she wants. Not a typical pirate crew position, but neither is Robin's.

And lookout isn't some specialist position that requires a talent or anything. Anybody, including Pudding or Hancock, could technically take that role, unless they were blind or something. And with Haki, even then.


Why not have Pudding fill the Spy or Assassin role if Robin isn't doing either? Couldn't the ship be able to handle two cooks too?

People would complain about Vivi fitting the ambassador/diplomat role better.

The Strawhats aren't having an assassin. It doesn't fit with them at all. I don't think a spy fits their style either. If it did, Robin probably would be doing those things. And it could be fine, but I doubt they're doubling up on positions. I imagine Oda wants everyone to have a somewhat unique position in the crew.

Pudding would be the jailor/interrogator. She would also be a great battle support character.

I don’t think Oda made Robin weaker compared to the monster trio to make them shine more. It’s just not like her to be a fighting machine like them. Not saying that’s Oda does make a lot of powerful female characters though.

Hancock is literally already captain of a crew too, other than Jimbei no one has abandoned their crew in favour of Straw Hats.

Kinda makes you think when Flaky Jinbei will turn tails again and join a better crew when he sees the opportunity... Teach maybe...

Both Pudding and Carrot are more likely than Hancock. So is Vivi as a matter of fact. Although I believe Hancock will be endgame for Luffy since Pirate King eventually needs a bride

>Pudding uses both sides of herself to get info from enemies after Big Mom is taken out

Jinbei isn't flakey, he made his reasons clear and was honorable to both his crew and Big Mom about joining the Straw Hats.

No way around it. He “Honourably” abandoned his post. There’s absolutely no honour in what he did. Same with Ace joining whitebeards crew.

Flaky Fishman. Just watch he will either die or slip back into his treacherous ways. Bloody Fishmen...

Ace and his entire crew were forced into joining and grew to love it over time, they're not comparable.

You know. The more I think about it. The more I don't see the problem as in every scenario I think, there's chances for gags.

I want Luffy to have armpit hair

>growing to love your fathers arch nemesis and bad mouthing your real dad who seems to be top bloke and oh yeah king of the fucking sea

Reeeaaallll honourable of him.

Whatever Ace is still one of the best characters he’s just not honourable or at least he may be but he’s also a hypocrite. I guess they are Pirates after all so these things should be expected.

>growing to love your father's friendly rival and bad mouthing your real dad who actually did nothing for you compared to your mother who kept you in her womb for 20 months knowing she'd die after

Even if Roger asked Garp to take care of Ace, he still didn't do anything else for him.

You're also forgetting that Ace went after Blackbeard in the first place for Thatch's honor.


Go on. What kind of gags could happen?

But Franky and Sanji both filled the Helmsman position till Jinbei joined. Why not have a spare cook in case Sanji is out of commission like on the way to Whole Cake?

Even though I legit want Luffy to marry Hancock, after time skip or as a deal to get her Amazon crew to join the fleet or whatever, she will never and should not join the crew for several reasons.

Hancock is too strong. Petrification is one of the most powerful abilities you can get in fantasy and physically she should be as strong as Luffy, except maybe gear 4. So of course Oda would nerf her like mad because she's a girl.
Even without being as strong as luffy her power makes any army that would confront straw hats worthless because they would all get boners for her and turn to stone.
Her love for Luffy is funny but would become annoying gag like Sanji nosebleeds, so best to use it sparingly.
Hancock would not get along with anyone else in the crew.

hancock is has great character, prefer her to pudding. she will go domatrix on sanji.
Pudding is a puppy love story

The strawhats are so versatile as a crew that I dont think they have a "style"

Yeah I already said he was a hypocrite

But how is he a hypocrite?

Hancock is more puppy love than Pudding.

People said the same thing about Jinbei and he's already joined. Luffy and Zoro already stronger than her at this point.

Why would every single army want to bone her?

You can have her learn to interact with men besides Luffy through Usopp and Chopper and maybe grow up a bit because of it. Unless she kicks him.

Depending on if she gets jealous, Nami and Robin should be fine.

>is dishonourable by nature
>kicks up this huge fuss about honour

I still like him


You mean like all Pirates?

He's just a whale

Why would Chopper be a scientist?

What I meant to say is she is a scientist and Chopper is a doctor. They could share some info and they can work together to develop ways to heal the crew and extend luffy’s life.

Whats with waifufags wanting every single girl to join the crew?

We want 1 more waifu on the ship.

No, at least not part of the main crew. Obviously she's a part of Luffys grand fleet.
Potentially, depends how Oda would write her. But her and Danni could have a very funny dynamic so I'd say she could be a great addition.



But you do realize that there will likely be someone who looks cuter that comes along in the next arcs.

Sanji. Fucking autocorrect.

They are fucked in the head. I am a Hancockfag and just spelled out why she can't join without ruining everything about her character.

Would have to nerf her strength so she doesn't outshine Luffy, have to nerf her again because the worst character Zoro has to be #2, then to keep the status quo Sanji would have to be shown to kick harder or some shit.
Hancock isn't a goodie two shoe, she wouldn't give a fuck about 99% of the shit SH deal with.
Other than vengeance on royals and marrying luffy she has no dream.

Also I always had the impression Jinbe was weakest warlord.

Yeah, the kunoichi. She's my number 1 choice followed by Reiju.

Hancock's character got ruined the moment she fell in love with Luffy

Well, I can picture something like Carrot or another mink going "garchu" and she going jealous, quickly to "take her off" and keep herself around Luffy, all the while Luffy is talking to somebody giving zero fucks at what's happening around him.
I can also see them touring town and more like a visual gag, of them exploring but every time Hancock has on one frame a "bento" piece of meat, another is Luffy with a bone in his mouth, and then later on another piece of meat so and so.
Whenever Nami or Robin, or any female for that matter speak to Luffy, first frame is her doing something else, or not even in the picture, then Hancock sitting right next to him.
It would be cute and would add a bit of extra to the dynamics of the crew.

I fucking hate his stupid face

The only good thing, for me, that came out of this guy is Hajrudin's >10,000 ton punch.
Also that moment when he hitted the bird-cage was rather satisfactory.

Just want a silly logia user lads

>Sanji and Pudding held hands

If Pudding's singular obsession with Sanji, plot centric devil fruit and "combat ability" consisting of shooting people who aren't expecting it haven't dissuaded people from thinking she is a potential crew mate I don't know what would

Would Erina fall for Sanji if she saw her cooking?

No, Sanji's too creepy. She likes bad boys like Souma

I think Sanji just does the non-crazy perfectionist cooking that Soma is always mocking her about so probably not. That's why she liked his dad so much.

Sanji's style has nothing to do with perfectionism. His whole thing is making use of what's around him and not wasting ingredients and food. In the exaggerated world of One Piece this is taken to an extreme and he is absurdly good at it, that's all.



Wtf??? This is not how they met!!!

She was supposed to be the first crewmate. This is just the anime team throwing a nod to that.

But.. but.. I thought muh Zoro is the first mate and vice captain. This is a lie, hack!

>So does Robin, honestly. They'd just get nerfed like her.
I never got why people fellate robins power so much.
Even if she knew haki and summoned a thousand arms onto some enemy, she would never be able to subdue a physical powerhouse like Luffy, Garp, the Admirals, etc.

Sure, if you have the power to summon thousands of arms to someone who is naturally strong like WB or BM, that would be quite a devastating power, but thats not the case.

She could crush their balls and it'd be instant death.

>Crushing luffy rubber kintama
Impossible. They probably like stress balls

You're not lying

>super secret criminal organization which members don't even know each other's real identies and refer to each other only with a number or a name of a festivity
>its boss somehow didn't notice that the daughter of the kingdom he's trying to take cover joined his own organization
>as soon as she's found out, two other members not even related to the kingdom try to defend her in the name of some sorta friendship or camaraderie even if at that point we have been pretty much told that they are merely business partners
man, i really enjoyed whiskey peak but you can tell that oda didn't really plan through vivi being a princess of a remote kingdom
also baroque works vivi is best vivi, i love that outfit of hers

She is her prime, you tasteless fag.

She still in her young 141 user.

Yes, she could fit in well. She'd take Luffy's orders well but she'd always manage to make them about his 'love' for her in every situation, no matter what. Plus it'd be interesting to see how she interacts with the rest of the crew. Not to mention she'd add a powerful new member, and would be the second Warlord on the crew.
No, she adds nothing to the crew whatsoever, and her personality boils down to "HAHA, I'M SO EVIL, I TRICKED SANJI INTO THINKING I LOVE HIM, HOW DASTARDLY....he's so dreamy!". Hancock at least has the air of a proud warrior princess and excellent combat skills. Pudding has nothing.

Pudding has the meme meme fruit and she is an excellent pastry chef. She could be a good sous chef.

i don't know dog, at least pudding's evil persona is entertaining

have we seen a ship with a design worse than the sunny? or is it the worst?

I don't know user. What would you'd like as the flagship that also fits the aesthetics of the crew?

it could've been less childish?
>paws for anchors
the whole thing looks like a child's toy


>implying the entire One Piece world isn't childish

Back to Naruto threads you go

I get you, but the crew is pretty childish.
A more serious ship would either be too plain, or too mature for them.
I think pic related is childish, but it suits the crew.

>>implying the entire One Piece world isn't childish
i don't mind childish in a humorous manner, but the ship looks too silly to impress the reader