Squealer literally did nothing wrong. His actions and methods were completely justifiable...

Squealer literally did nothing wrong. His actions and methods were completely justifiable. Why can't people understand this? Griffithfags can fuck off.

He was. Cantus users are the actual sub-humans, dooming more then 99% of the human race to death and slavery. Not only regressing to a state far inferior to that of the golden age but having such an unstable society that a sociopath can kill everyone. The queer rats are the true humans of the story

Survival of the fittest faggots..

inferiors deserve to die

>the "superior" race is filled with homos who have to resort to killing off problematic children and live in a shitty feudal society
>they almost get wiped out because of one mole person and his keikaku and only survive because of a race traitor

>can't breed like rabbits / need to keep low population draconian society killing most of the offspring because one fuck up can actually destroy their whole species
Sorry buddy 'walking nuke' kind of powerful doesn't mean 'fittest' when your population is volatile as fuck and single mistake can destroy it.
It's only a matter of time till cantus users wipe themselves up.

Don't lose a war you started.

>lots of homos
>legal abortion
>easy wipe
this shit's too realistic

I love the ending. I don't know how to express it, just the way the series ended is perfect. Depressing, bleak, with a glimmer of hope.

incorrect. he sacrificed the moral highground when he responded to living under limited autonomy with attempted extermination.

>way the series ended is perfect
>with a glimmer of hope.
Nah fuck this shit. Nothing happened, the "humans" and Saki remain the same and they genocided all the Queerats aside from a single clan.

Even after Saki discovers that the Queerats were human they just brush that shit off with "nah, they probably aren't". I would've liked the ending if Saki died from death feedback after mercy killing Squealer.

The Queerats automatically have the higher moral high ground because they aren't the subhumans sentencing people to an eternity of suffering.

How were the queer rats able to genetically engineer those explosive fish mosquitoes that were pumping the gas out

The only not disgusting Queerat was Kiroumaru and they got what they deserved.

Fuck Squealer.

Maria's volatile child.

And Squealer planned on fucking raising more of those kids with Queerats taking newborns to be weapons. There was no way such a plan wouldn't have backfired either because you raise kids to be weapons and voila! You got an army of nukes also waiting to happen.

Squealer is a piece of shit

I literally wanted a nuclear holocaust to shower the world this series takes place in after it ended. Holy fuck.

>betrays his own kind like a cuck, just to save his own hide

Squealer might've had reasonable motive for his actions once he discovered queerats are human but it doesn't change the fact that he was a cowardly, lying, manipulative asshole from the very beginning.

name ONE(1) thing he lied about

You're talking about Squealer right? The one that started slaughtering other querrats because they didnt agree with him and would have done the same to Kiroumaru's clan. Actually, he did do the same.

>he was a cowardly, lying, manipulative asshole from the very beginning.

How else would you go about fighting cantus users? I am listening.

Kiroumaru literally got his entire race genocided aside from his own clan.

he didn't betray his own race since all the survivors were made up of his own race

Pretty much everything surrounding Maria and Mamoru running away, dying and then having their child raised as a cantus using queerat.

Even before he started fighting them he was like that. It has nothing to do with him doing whatever it takes to win and everything to do with him being an irredeemably unpleasant individual.

Squealer did do something wrong; he lost. He admitted this himself, don't bother him about it.

>Pretty much everything surrounding Maria and Mamoru running away, dying and then having their child raised as a cantus using queerat.
He didn't lie. They actually died, he was right.

Wrong, most of the clans survived. If any clans got killed is because of following Squealer and his stupid plan, whether by force or choice.
All because of Squealer.

Kiroumaru is the biggest cuck in that universe. One day his clan will be annihilated by those psychopaths or his own people that'll retaliate because of the monarchy. It's inevitable.

after two years

Kiroumaru acts on logic.

The weapon made for killing psychics was impractical so he stopped trying to use it.

He saw how retarded Sqeaulers plan was. Even in the end Sqeauler destroyed only one village and a few points of infrastructure but they could easily recover from that. And he planned on raising more child weapons.

Kiroumaru choose his people as a colony over someone he actively hated as a person. Considering his colony was also big and rich he probably had a mother who lived in comfort and wasn't a huge bitch like Sqeaulers momqueen.

Kiroumaru said that the ""ogre"" killed off his army in the war against Squealer's army before the human town was invaded, as evidenced by the traces of no weapons or whatever they said, but how didn't Messiah die from karmic death by killing all those ratmen?

He believes he is one of them. Which is why seeing his face freaks him out. Probably taught him he was ugly and deformed like the evil tall people compared to them.

No I mean he killed a bunch of ratmen while thinking he's a ratman. Sure it makes sense when it comes to killing humans, but it's like they forget that he killed ratmen beforehand.

Yes but he didnt lie, he answered all the questions directed at him.

Lying by omission is still lying.

Or maybe it was a sign he was becoming those paychos that revel in killing and starting to see Ratmen as things to kill? He just hadn't fully reached his conplete breaking point when facing Kiroumaru.

wasnt it that all she did was take all their weapons?

>Kiroumaru acts on logic
>The weapon made for killing psychics was impractical so he stopped trying to use it.
He never found any weapon, they went on an expedition but came back with nothing.

beaver people gtfo, new world not for subhuman scum like you

The only thing he did wrong was losing.

The rats are the humans though. They got enslaved and mutated by evil homo bonobo.

I dont know why but the fact that concealing the truth or parts of it is called "lying by omission" and is generally classified as a lie despite not being one is triggering me to no end.

Maybe i have autism.

Because it is a lie when it is used to lead someone into believing something which you know not to be true.

Yeah and Hitler did nothing wrong right? Fuck off back to Sup Forums.

Shitskin detected.

It's justifiable in the sense that his own people were being oppressed by the humans.
In the end it comes down to the question of whether an injustice justifies a bigger injustice in retaliation.
The whole setting was pretty whack tho, don't think arguing about SSY's morals makes a lot of sense.

OP's statement is not Sup Forums, you dipshit. I fucking hate Sup Forums and he has a legitimate point. It all depends on who you identify with. If you identify with the queerats, squealer is justified in throwing off the yoke of borderline gods. The cantus users can be almost be equated to even shittier Greek deities. Why would you want to live in constant servitude, praying that your clan wouldn't get wiped off the face of the earth for any perceived slight?

I'm a squealerfag and I hate Sup Forums, don't bring that shit board up please
Squealer was justified in retaliation against a race that enslaved the queerats and who would use any excuse to genocide entire colonies

I can't even remember anymore. I thought Shinsekai Yori was great when I watched the anime but I haven't been able to rewatch it because the art is so god-awful (thanks to SAO). Is it worth reading the light novels instead?

How is this even a debate when Cantus users literally mutated humans into Queerats? That’s unforgivable on every level.

>Is it worth reading the light novels instead?
It's an actual novel not LN, but yes it's good.

What the cantus users did was evil as fuck but it was also done out of the need for survival. They needed a reliable way to get rid of other cantus users who went out of control.
Only questionable part was if it was really necessary to turn them into horrible monsters and then oppress them and murder entire clans at a whim. Can argue that it was necessary to treat them like shit in order to dehumanize them though.

It's been years since I watched Shinsekai yori but I'm pretty sure Squealer used the Messiah to steal Kiroumaru's weapons or something like that, not to directly kill them

You are wrong, since they mutated normal people into rats, not cantus users. It was not done for the survival of humanity, it was done for the survival of cantus users.

Well if cantus user goes out of control he kills everyone anyways.

Squealer did nothing wrong in the sense that a subhuman would want to come to a flourishing country and leech on the welfare there. That subhuman did nothing wrong by leeching because the country invited him in. No one does anything wrong if all he did was to survive.

>comparing the queerrats to subhumans
spotted the actual subhuman cantus user

Except it's not a flourishing country, it's a dystopia, and the worst kind of dystopia too.

What I want to say is that if you think fighting for your own survival at the expense of others is not wrong, then Squealer did nothing wrong.

>It was not done for the survival of humanity, it was done for the survival of cantus users.

If they only care about the cantus users, they would've just outright kill the plebs than turning them into rats.

That would have been the far more humane thing to do.

The problem is that cantus users were danger not just to queerats, but to themselves. They would eventually wipe themselves out anyway, and before that, they would live in misery, deception and fear just like they have already been doing for hundreds of years.

While Squealer may or may not have considered that, he was definitely doing shit for the greater good.

> fighting for your own survival at the expense of others
Well, this... people are doing it ever since humanity started, it's in our nature. Whether it's right or wrong.

>being dead is far more humane

His biggest fault was killing only straight couple and brainwashing their child. Squealer should suffer eternally.

>They would eventually wipe themselves out anyway
That is not the case though. They are also trying to work out a way to survive with those immense power. So far they are on the right direction.

I don't believe killing people is "saving" them.

Maria was hardly straight.

You'd rather live your life as a disgusting brainless Queerat that eats shit 24/7 than be dead?

Just as Kiroumaru said: "complain to the grave worms when you are lying next to them".

As long as you live in this world, you have a chance.

At the end her choice was straight.

That's debatable, weren't they programmed to have sex in stressful situations?

She chose to stay with that fucking weakling.

If only she is not that idiotic. As least the weakling has a reason to leave.

She did what she did out of pity for the guy though. It was not her preference.

That's impying that they were naturally Queerats to begin with. Knowing that others robbed your entire species of what they had on a genetic level is very different.

Nice falseflag, Sup Forums.

Don't try to undermine my hater for what Squealer did to them. They were happy couple on the run from mad homo society. After all child is the fruit of love or something.

Maria was the biggest homo of them all.

Squealer lobotomized Maria and forced her to have children, just like he did to the queen of his colony.

This anime was a giant waste of time

I'm not sure, but on the other hand why would you have children when you're on the run. Of course it is also possible it was an "accident".

I enjoy discussions of it on Sup Forums.


>Knowing that others robbed your entire species of what they had on a genetic level is very different.

We don't know how it feels yet since there is no real case for it yet. However I would assume that being alive is always better than being dead in most cases. They are essentially slaves but the cantus users don't seem to be torturing them. They did kill them on a few occasions but they don't eliminate them entirely.

Pretty sure they killed those 2 for real. The bones they found matches with the dental records, and iirc, DNA records too.