How lewd should Mahou shoujos be?

How lewd should Mahou shoujos be?

Not lewd at all jesus christ. They're supposed to be for kids.

>mahou shoujos
>for kids
Oh my sweet summer child. If only I could be innocent like you again.

>They're supposed to be for kids.


this is why anime is dead. it became in fashion for pedos to get their screentime. mahou shoujo was always supposed to be the compliment to boys shounen adventures but fucking otakus had to ruin the industry with their money.

Wrong faggot. The original magical girl series, Cutie Honey, was made for adult men.

>ruin the industry with their money
I don't know if you understand how retarded this sounds.

The Mahou Shoujo outfit should be as revealing as possible and it should completely disappear when they transform back.

>The original magical girl series, Cutie Honey


I don't know if you're retarded or just a newfag but you're probably both. I know devilman just got remade so you're all hot and bothered for go nagai but holy shit. Cutie Honey came out in the 70s. Mahou Shoujo has been around since the late 50s early 60s.

Look at the current state of anime. Even the retard above you can probably piece together that people only cared about cutie honey because she got naked. All any company cares about is BD pre-orders and the only people who pre-order are otaku and most otaku who care enough to buy anime only want it for the tits and ass.

Atleast after the first season of Nanoha they realized who their real target audience was and changed things to accommodate the 30ish neet men instead of thinking that the viewers would be 6-10 year old girls like intended

>he thinks Nanoha was EVER aimed at little kids
Look at this fucking retard


>Look at the current state of anime.
Oh no, it's one of these.

Just because you're a pedofaggot manchildren who likes to watch shit like OP's pic at your age doesn't change the fact mahou shoujo is genre made for kids, mostly girls.

A quick look at the wiki says that Sally the witch (1966) was the first show like this, a show made for childrens. So Cutie Honey or whatever it's just a perverted attempt to try to make mahou shoujos more appealing to virgins. Got you.

>tfw there will never be a Nahoha series as good as A's ever again
StrikerS was ok, but I just can't get into loliboxing.

Anime has been an arms race to see who can please which subset of otaku the most for awhile now. once they realized the potential of moe and how interested virgin males were in both little girls and lewd scenes that's all they made. they're so artistically bankrupt that they give anime to literal dogshit series based on web novels because it's popular. it's pretty fucking telling that the most popular series right now is literally a genre about resetting your life to become a god in another world. you walk down akihabara or ikebukuro and all is it is is lewd hs or ms anime girls plastered everywhere.

Yes, now go write an article for your blog about how Japan is shit and whatever.

You didn't have to bump the thread. Arguing with these people is impossible since they only care about their porn.

>replying to yourself

Whatever you said.

japan isn't shit otakus are shit. most of them anyway. the real shitters are publishers that ape on what they know will turn a profit. it's to the point that the government is literally trying to fight fire with fire to straighten their population out.

Look at the first series. It tried to appeal to both audiences but after that it was only aimed for older men otaku audience. Didn't have much to do with Triangle heart anyway

this shit isn't rocket science it's not like i'm the only one that can see what happened. it's easy when you fucking live through it.

What is this gay normalfaggotry? Why would anyone not want lewd mahou shoujo?

No, it's common sense. A bigger industry is going to keep looking for more audience the more it grows, and they want to appeal to the perverts cause is a more cheap and easy way to make money, instead of working harder and try to make something more unique and friendly. You don't have to be an anime connoisseur to undestand that, now stop bumping the thread.
Because I'm not gay.

>it should completely disappear when they transform back.
But what if they're in public? Do you know how horrible it would be for a young little girl to be helpless and naked in public?


They have to get naked almost every episode and they do get naked almost every episode.

Sup Forums is dead and full of normalfags now.

You know what to do, become normal too and enjoy a good life.

What are you even doing on this website?

Enjoying anime and other things, why?

>watching girls get naked
Pick one.

>normalfag opinions
>making sense
Pick one.

I was talking more about little girls like OP's pic, that's very fucking homo

I figure but I'm bored so I'm bumping the thread until it gets deleted.

>watching naked girls
>very fucking homo
Are you missing chunks of brain, user?


>not homos

>watching and liking naked girls
The fact that they may or may not be 18 or older has nothing to do with it.

Magical girls should be as lewd as they can get away with in a Sunday morning broadcast.

I hope you're not serious. You should help naked lolis in public.

If you said so, I still think you guys are homo af
Someone who hates mature bodies can't be hetero.

>I like apples
>lmao what a faggot, he doesn't like oranges
This is ahow retarded you sound.

>it's another literal faggot wishing everyone was a literal faggot like him episode
Faggots are probably the worst type of poster on Sup Forums these days.

>I love to suck bananas
And this is how you sound to me. Heh

How would you help an embarrassed naked young mahou shoujo if you come across one?

They aren't real, sorry user.

He's a good troll, user. I like him.
He's just the right amount of stupid.

Remind her she can transform back or take her home for some wholesome headpats.

I'm not trolling, tho I'm enjoying making those pedofaggots mad.

Like I said, just the right amount of stupid.

While he is wrong and retarded. Cutie honey has had an undeniable influence on magical girls

normal people don't have good lives

Normalfags on suicide watch.

>implying I'm not a genius
>implying I haven't realize your master plan of using me to keep you thread alive
No suck luck, I was using sage the entire time! Bye homo

I do tho?

>ban evading to keep shitposting when both the board and mods are against you
Literal autism.

I do whatever the hell I want, dad. Also I was just warned. No worries